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October 22/08 10:08 am - Southern and Eastern Cross Series Challenge results

Posted by Editoress on 10/22/08

Southern and Eastern Cross Series ChallengeOctober 19th, Kingston ON

Senior Men
1 Osmond Bakker (EMD Serono/Stevens)1:00:33
2 Derrick St. John (Stevens Cross)at 0:11
3 Andrew Watson (Norco - Evolution Team)0:45
4 Steve Proulx (EMD Serono/Stevens)2:06
5 Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club)2:41
6 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee)2:45
7 Warren MacDonald (EMD Serono/Stevens)2:48
8 Craig C Hawkes (EMD Serono/Stevens)3:36
9 David Munden (EMD Serono/Stevens)5:09
10 Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)5:15
11 Imad Elghazal (Norco - Evolution Team)5:24
12 Douglas Van Den (Ottawa Bicycle Club)5:37
13 Marco Li (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s)5:56
14 Paul Ignatiuk (Ind)6:10
15 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles)6:25
16 Geoff Sanz (J & J Cycle)6:27
17 Tim Carleton (Trek Bicycle Store Team)6:34
18 Isaac Smith (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif)6:42
19 Michael Nash (Ride With Rendall)7:23
20 Duncan Beard (West Of Québec Wheelers)7:51
21 Alexander Fulton (Eva-Devinci)8:47
22 Marc Lapointe (EMD Serono/Stevens)9:05
23 Andrew Willing (J & J Cycle)-1 lap
24 Matthew Knight (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s)-1 lap
25 Mark Brusso (Lapdogs Cycling Club)-1 lap
26 Sylvain Jean (Espresso Sports - Québec)-1 lap
27 Andrew Robinson (Impala Bicycles)-1 lap
28 Wai-Ben Wong (Tall Tree Cycles)-1 lap
29 Cliff Worden-Rogers (Radical Edge - NB)-1 lap
30 Patrick Dennis (Trek Bicycle Store Team)-1 lap
31 Nicholas Vipond (Ride With Rendall)-1 lap
32 Ian Turner (NCCH)-1 lap
33 Warren Taylor (Ottawa Bicycle Club)-1 lap
34 Darren Cope (Sport X)-1 lap
35 patrick twoney (Ind)-1 lap
36 Peter Tregunno (Ottawa Bicycle Club)-1 lap
37 Adam Eikenberry ( / Foodery Cycling)laps to go
DNF Greg Zuliani (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Joel Sidhu (Team Ultralink)
DNF Casey Roth (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNS Scott Luscombe (from Uxbridge)
1 Natasha Elliott (EMD Serono/Stevens)1:07:37
2 Tricia K. Spooner (EMD Serono/Stevens/The Cyclery)-1 lap
3 Jennifer Stephenson (Team Ultralink)-1 lap
4 Anita Lagler (Chain Reaction)-1 lap
5 Briana Illingworth (Sweet Pete`s)-1 lap
6 Christina Bouchard (The Hub Bicycle / Devinci)-1 lap
7 Joanne Thomson (Ride With Rendall)-1 lap
8 Melissa Bunn (The Hub Bicycle Club)-1 lap
9 Anna O`Brien (Tall Tree Cycles)-1 lap
10 Carolyne Haill (Chain Reaction)-2 laps
Junior Men
1 Evan McNeely (J & J Cycle)57:20
2 Conor O`Brien (Ride With Rendall)at 1:07
3 Michael Miller (Ride With Rendall)1:38
4 Matt Polson (Ride With Rendall)4:56
5 Stefan Ruksys (J & J Cycle)7:21
6 Christopher McKinnon -1 lap
DNF Trevor Damen ( / Foodery Cycling Team)
Master 1 Men
1 Marc Boudreau (Ride With Rendall)1:03:23
2 David Dermont (True North Cycles)at 0:42
3 John Fee (The Cyclery)2:39
4 Charles Plamondon (Ride With Rendall)2:53
5 Justin Varney (The Cyclepath Thunder Bay)3:35
6 Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg)3:49
7 Paul Skafel (The Cyclery)3:59
8 Jay Heins (The Cyclery)4:42
9 Simon Smith (TI Cycle Racing)5:19
10 David Martin (Ottawa Bicycle Club)-1 lap
11 Robert Parniak (Tall Tree Cycles)-1 lap
12 Paul Chedore (Team Ultralink)-1 lap
13 Don Gain (Barrie Cycling Club)-1 lap
14 Kristijan Wallner (Ottawa Bicycle Club)-1 lap
15 Marc Dubuc (Cornwall CC)-1 lap
16 Stephan Bowman (from Ottawa)-1 lap
17 Andrew McRae (Coach / Ted Velikonja)-1 lap
18 Jean-Christophe Vialaret ( / Foodery Cycling Team)-1 lap
19 Jeff Moustgaard (Ind)-1 lap
20 James Layfield (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg)-1 lap
21 Peter Schuck (Ottawa Bicycle Club)-1 lap
22 Jamie McManus (Cornwall CC)-1 lap
23 Martin Charron (Ride With Rendall)-1 lap
24 Charles Bougie (Les Rouleurs de l`Outaouais)-1 lap
25 Martin Deschamps (Ind)-1 lap
DNF Robert Kerr (The Cyclery)
DNS Alistair Scott (Team Ultralink)

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