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October 28/08 9:08 am - Local Ride's Pumpkin 'Cross a Howling Success

Posted by Editoress on 10/28/08

Local Ride's Pumpkin 'Cross a Howling Success October 27th, Maple Ridge, B.C.
Courtesy Barry Lyster, Local Ride Bike Shop


Sunday 113 competitors took to the 2.3km track at Albion Park in Maple Ridge for Local Ride's second annual Pumpkin 'Cross BC Cup cyclocross race. Many local cyclists were cheered all the way to the podium as they represented the community at this provincial event, including Local Ride Racing's Mike Berkenpas (Maple Ridge), who placed second in the Men's B race and won the costume contest with his hilarious carrot getup.

Local Ride Racing's Maggie Coles-Lyster (Maple Ridge) and Peter Whalen (Pitt Meadows) took the victories in the U18 Women's and Men's categories, respectively, while Sue Weston (Pitt Meadows) of the Natural Earth Racing Team grabbed third spot in the Master Women's competition, and Danika Schroeter (Maple Ridge) placed third in the Women's B race.

The Halloween themed event was a huge success, with dozens of competitors and fans getting into the festive spirit by dressing up. Riders challenged themselves and each other on the multi-surface race, which included grass, mud, mulch, roots, gravel, pavement, and a very long run-up section and two sets of barriers. Several of the elite men were even bunny hopping the single barrier before the finish line. The crowd was kept entertained by the announcers and music, and kept fed by the Alouette Pony Club's selection of drinks, baked goods, and hot dogs.

Other notable Local Ride Racing Team results, include Carsten Ivany's 13th place in Men's A, Sandra Walter's 5th in Women's A, Ken Alger's 11th and Alan Young's 20th in Beginner Men's, Jeanine Ball's 5th place in Women's B, Ryan Newsome's 4th and Andrew Kerr's 20th in Men's B, and Roy McBeth's 8th in the Master Men's competition.

Other Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows results: Brian Griffin (Maple Ridge) 11th and Paul Craig (Pitt Meadows) 25th in the Master Men's category.

Thanks to Local Ride Bike Shop, the District of Maple Ridge, the Alouette Pony Club, Cycles Lambert, and Pedal Magazine, and all the volunteers for helping to make this event possible.

Men A
1. Drew Mackenzie (Island Racing Club)1:00:3
2. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Bikes)1:00:5
3. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck)1:01:3
4. Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck)1:02:1
5. Zach Garland (Kona-Adobe)1:02:3
6. Kris Sneddon (KONA)1:02:4
7. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders)1:03:1
8. Sven Sturm (Trek Red Truck)1:03:4
9. Dan MacDonald (Kona-Adobe)1:04:4
10. Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes)1:05:3
11. Rob Gosselin (Independent)1:06:3
12. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)1:06:4
13. Carsten Ivany (Local Ride Racing)1 lap down
14. Basse Clement (Kona-Adobe)1 lap down
15. Kevin Thorpe (Trek Red Truck)1 lap down
DNF Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing)
DNF Pascal Wehr (Sugoi)
Women A
1. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes/Everti) 0:38:31
2. Kelly Jones aka Harley Quinn (Sugoi) 0:39:26
3. Joele Guynup (Island Racing Club p/b RW Cameron) 0:39:35
4. Melanie Vaughan (Steed Cycles) 0:39:45
5. Sandra Walter (Local Ride Racing) 0:41:39
6. Christy Love (West Coast Racing/Mighty Riders) 0:42:41
Beginner Men
1. Michael Dolling (Peninsula Cycles/Rocky Mtn Bikes) 0:31:29
3. Alexis Doucet (Brunelle)
4. Armand Hurford (Republic Bicycles)
5. Jeff Ker (Independent)
6. William Riley (Vancouver Velo Vets)
7. Geoff Agnew (Atomic Racing)
8. Dan Spry (Escape Velocity)
9. Joe Purves-Smith (Independent)
10. Randy Laurie (Independent)
11. Ken Alger (Local Ride Racing)
12. John Starcevic (Independent)
13. Todd Allison (Team Whistler)
14. Andrew Houston (Independent)
15. Matthew Smith (Obsession Bikes)
16. Matt Barber (MIghty Cycling)
17. Kevin Watt (Independent)
18. Scott Wotherspoon (Independent)
19. Brian Burke (Java Junkies)
20. Alan Young (Local Ride Racing)
21. Karl Bridge (Obsession Bikes)
22. Geoff Wherrett (Independent)
23. Martin Richardson (Independent)
24. Miles Coleman (Independent)
Women B
1. Kelsey Miller (Wedgewood) 0:25:27
2. Karen Todd (Different Bikes)
3. Danika Schroeter (Independent)
4. Sarah Mcmillan (Independent)
5. Jeanine Ball (Local Ride Racing)
6. Anne Mcculloch (Independent)1 lap down
Men B
1. Mike Sidic (Super Champion) 0:36:09
2. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing)
3. Matt Drown West Coast Racing
4. Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing)
5. Paul Sales (Independent)
6. Jak New (Escape Velocity)
7. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
8. Ben Jackson (Independent)
9. Scott Mulder (Steed Cycles)
10. Matt Law (Peninsula Cycles / RMB)
11. Joshua Weiss (Peninsula Cycles / RMB)
12. Gordon Ross (Escape Velocity)
13. Erik Mulder (Steed Cycles)
14. Graham Garrison (Natural Earth Racing)
15. Craig Falische (Cyclepath)
16. Pascal Teste (Independent )
17. Jeff Hanninen (Peninsula Cycles / RMB)
18. Mike Rauch (Independent)
19. Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
20. Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing)
21. JP Baron (Independent)
22. Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity)1 lap down
Master Women
1. Heather King (activelife multisport) 0:26:02
2. Lesley Trivett (Wedgewood Cycling)
3. Sue Weston (Natural Earth Racing)
Master Men
1. Graeme Martindale (Trek Red Truck) 0:36:22
2. Sean Howie (Independent)
3. Scott McGregor Steed Cycles / SRAM
4. Brad Collins (Sugoi)
5. Graham Tutti (Independent)
6. Colin Campbell (Escape Velocity)
7. Steven Murray (team squamish)
8. Roy McBeth (Local Ride Racing)
9. Patrick Love (Wedgewood Cycling Team)
10. Rick Rodland (TEAM ALLIANCE/ NORCO)
11. Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling)
12. Jay Murray (Trek Red Truck)
13. Dave Cressman (Wedgewood Cycling Team)
14. Bob Chew (Escape Velocity)
15. Bryon Enns (Steed Cycles)
16. Brent Hambleton (Sugoi)
17. Iain Mant (Independent)
18. Andy Ennson (Independent)
19. Jay Loder (Independent)
20. Kalle Karu (Independent)
21. Ray Lachance (Glotman Simpson)
22. Urs Bleuler (Independent)
23. Kenny James (Escape Velocity)
24. James Thompson (CVC Racing)
25. Paul Craig (Natural Earth Racing)
26. Mark Walker (Java Junkies)
27. Doug Kranenburg (Lower Mainalnd Ceramics)
28. Christian Hansen (Independent)
29. Bruce Wenting (Wentings Cycle)
30. Patrick Cafferty (Independent)
DNF Stephen Cork (Independent)
DNF Patrick Backstead (Ambleside/Mighty Riders)
U18 Women
1. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing)
2. Theresa Riley (Independent)
U18 Men
1. Peter Whalen (Local Ride Racing)


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