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November 4/08 11:47 am - Cross on the Rock: Races 4 & 5 results and Standings

Posted by Editoress on 11/4/08

Cross on the Rock
Courtesy Normon Thibault, Multi-Sport Promotions:

Results from Saturday's (November 1st) Coal Cross in Cumberland B.C., race #4 of the 2008 Cross on the Rock Series

Beginner Women (4 Laps)
1 Amanda Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts, Courtney)0:29:53
2 Nikki Light (Fig Rolls Racing, Courtney)at 0:47
3 Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits)3:21
4 Kerrii Brownie (Cycrowski Sisters)4:05
5 Amy Grue (Experience Cycling Club)6:27
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Amanda Wakeling (Given to Dad)
Beginner Men (4 Laps)
1 Jordan Duncan (Comox Valley Cycle)0:28:43
2 Duane Drobot (Courtenay)at 0:13
3 Brodie Hay (Harbour City Flyers,) -1 Lap
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Jordan Duncan (Given to Parents)
Intermediate Men (7 Laps)
1 Matt Dawes (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo)0:42:27
2 Jamie Emery (Action Motorcycles)at 1:14
3 Michael Harvey (Simon's Cycles)1:15
4 Brent Stubbs (Schwalbe)2:07
5 Craig Fabishe (Overtime)2:09
6 Mike Pollock (Everti-Experience Cycle Club)2:11
7 Roland Rabien (Dr Walker)2:45
8 Ian Beveridge (Victoria)2:46
9 Glen Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts)3:19
10 Shepard Stewart (Nanaimo)3:33
11 Kevin Knock (Everti-Experience Cycle Club)4:00
12 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete)5:10
13 Derek Brain (Experience Cycling Club)5:44
14 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith Mountainbike Club)6:11
15 Paul Kane (Cyclocross Boyz)6:20
16 Frank Holatko (Comox Valley Cycling Club)7:22
17 David Huntley (Experience Cycling Club) -1 Lap
18 Derek Prout (Victoria) -1 Lap
DNF Chris George (Performance Training)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Matt Dawes
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Jamie Emery
Masters Men (8 Laps)
1 Sean Lunny (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo)0:48:25
2 Sean Cruickshank (Aviawest)at 0:07
3 Aaron Desseault (Russ Hays)0:10
4 Steve Bachop (IRC/Cameron Law)0:25
5 Paul Brend (IRC/Cameron Law)3:07
6 Barry Rempel (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)3:07
7 Trevor Perkins (Favorit Cycles, )3:14
8 David Holden (Aviawest)3:27
9 Rick Thiessen (UROC)3:31
10 Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club)3:36
11 Derek Tripp (IRC/Cameron Law)4:40
12 Kurt Knock (Everti Bikes)5:38
13 Paul Thompson (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)6:58
DNF David Watt (Trek Red Truck Racing)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Sean Lunny
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Steve Bachop
Women (8 Laps)
1 Lisa Ludwig (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)0:53:07
2 Dawn Anderson (Everti-OBB)at 0:02
3 Kristen Magnusson (Arrowsmith Cycling Club,)1:50
4 Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) 7 Laps Not lapped by Women's Leader
5 Tara Pollock (Everti-Experience Cycle Club) 7 Laps Not lapped by Women's Leader
6 Liz Flawze (U ROC) 7 Laps Not lapped by Women's Leader
7 Jen Erlendson (Cycrowski Sisters) 7 Laps Not lapped by Women's Leader
8 Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) -2 Laps
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Dawn Anderson
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Jaymie McGowan
Expert (10 Laps)
1 Jonathan Fokkema (Aviawest)0:58:40
2 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes-Everti)at 0:04
3 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)1:42
4 Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)1:55
5 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes)4:21
6 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling Club)5:02
DNF Graeme Martindale (Trek Red Truck Racing)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Russel Anderson

Results from Sunday's (November 2nd) Jungle Cross at Fletcher's Farm in Errington. B.C., race #5 of the 2008 Cross on the Rock Series

Photos by Dave

Beginner Women (3 Laps)
1 Amanda Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts)0:29:30
2 Michelle Lantainge (Parksville)1:41
3 Laurie Kalf (Arrowsmith Bike Club)3:55
4 Jackie Allen (Arrowsmith Bike Club)7:12
5 Judy Richardson (Arrowsmith Bike Club)8:11
6 Amy Grue (Experience Cycling Club)-1 Lap
DNF Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits)
Beginner Men (3 Laps)
1 Taylor Smith (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)0:27:45
2 Roy Kregosky (Arrowsmith Bike Club)0:40
3 Jordan Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club)0:55
4 Hugh Fletcher (Arrowsmith Bike Club)1:16
5 Emmanuel Lint (Lantzville)2:36
6 Daniel Grant (Arrowsmith Bike Club)-1 Lap
7 Brodie Hay (Harbour City Flyers)-1 Lap
The KIDS Race (2 Laps - short)
Place Name (Club)Time Back
1 Liam Dowrey (Arrowsmith Bike Club)0:08:40
2 Brodie Hay (Harbour City Flyers)0:24
3 Jordan Trill (Arrowsmith Bike Club)0:25
4 Blair Tarnovski (Arrowsmith Bike Club)-1 Lap
Intermediate Men (5 Laps)
1 Matt Dawes (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)0:39:33
2 David Huntley (Experience Cycling Club)1:12
3 Mike Pollock (Everti-Experience CC)1:30
4 Michael Harvey (Simons Cycles)1:30
5 Jamie Emery (Action Motorcycles)1:31
6 Ian Beveridge (Victoria)2:06
7 Roland Rabien (Dr. Walker)2:24
8 Derek Stubbs (Schwalbe)2:24
9 Glen Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts)2:25
10 Kevin Knock (Everti-Experience CC)3:22
11 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete)3:37
12 Ron Hewitson (Arrowsmith Bike Club)4:22
13 Chris George (Performance Training)5:17
14 Derek Brain (Experience Cycling Club)5:32
15 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith Bike Club)5:32
16 Derek Prout (Cross Boyz)6:59
17 Paul Kane (Cross Boyz)8:09
18 Nicholas Cowan (Victoria)8:30
19 Hugh Fletcher (Arrowsmith Bike Club)8:50
20 Hicham Elamri (Frontrunners)9:57
Converse Chuck Taylor LeMans Start: Matt Dawes
Masters Men ( 6 Laps)
1 Steve Bachop (Island Racing Club)0:44:56
2 Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hayes)0:34
3 Sean Lunny (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo)0:34
4 Sean Cruckshank (Aviawest)1:26
5 Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners)1:37
6 John Lowen (Arrowsmith Bike Club)2:19
7 Dave Holden (Aviawest)2:32
8 Paul Brend (IRC/Cameron Law)3:01
9 Barry Rempel (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)3:39
10 Rick Thiessen (UROC)4:17
11 Chris Birtch (Fat Daddy Racing)4:49
12 Jim Pearson (Aviawest)4:49
13 Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club)5:59
14 Derek Tripp (Island Racing Club)7:08
15 Ken Jones (Frontrunners)- 1 Lap
DNF Hugh Fletcher (Arrowsmith Bike Club)
Converse Chuck Taylor LeMans Start: Sean Lunny
Women ( 6 Laps)
1 Dawn Anderson (Everti-Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)0:48:11
2 Lisa Ludwig (OakBay Bikes Victoria)1:50
3 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)3:49
4 Joele Guynup (Island Racing Club)5:07
5 Glenowyn Carlson (Riders Cycles)7:44
6 Tara Pollock (Everti-Experience Cycling Club)-1 Lap
7 Jen Erlendson (Cycrowski Sisters)-1 Lap
8 Liz Flawse (UROC)-2 Laps
9 Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits)-2 Laps
10 Katie Duncan Rabien (OBB-Wheelers)-2 Laps
DNF Jaymie McGowan (OakBay Bikes Victoria)
Converse Chuck Taylor LeMans Start: Dawn Anderson
Expert (7 Laps)
1 Drew McKenzie (Island Racing Club)0:49:30
2 John Fokkema (Aviawest)0:37
3 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes-Everti)1:08
4 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)4:02
5 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling Club)5:02
6 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bicycles)6:10
7 Vaughn Hildebrand (Island Racing Club)6:43
8 Fred Hodgson (Marin)7:15
9 Jeff Reimer (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)-1 Lap
10 Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)-1 Lap
11 Dharma Fontaine (E-Town)-1 Lap

A huge thanks to both organizing clubs over the weekend: UROC in Cumberland and Arrowsmith Mountainbike Club for Jungle Cross.

Also a major thanks to our local supporting shops from the Double Cross weekend: Trail Bikes and Arrowsmith Bikes

Next and last race on Vancouver Island - Island Championships at Beban Park Nanaimo

November 22nd. Double Points. Series Final! HUGE draw prize table. Last chance to

Race cross for a full 10 months in Canada!!!!! Free Beginners Race (with GRMBA License).

Kids race. Oldest venue on Vancouver Island.

Standings after 5 races

Intermediate Men
1 Michael Harvey 59pts
2 Matt Dawes (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo)41
3 Jamie Emery (Action Motorcycles)35
4 Kevin Knock (Everti-Experience CC)33
5 Nick Holatko (CVCC)33
6 Roland Rabien (Dr. Walker)31
7 Brent Stubbs (Schwalbe)29
8 Raymond Tse (Victoria)29
9 David Huntley (Experience Cycling Club)27
10 Mike Pollock (Everti-Experience CC)23
11 Ian Beveridge (Victoria)21
12 Derek Brain (Experience Cycling Club)18
13 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete)14
14 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith)14
15 Glen Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts)12
16 Derek McMaster (Victoria)12
17 Tony Zarsadias (Victoria)11
18 Tony Winter (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)11
19 Craig Fabishe (Overtime)10
20 Daryl Chase (Heathy Habbits-Ozzie)9
21 Guy Gensey (Victoria)9
22 Kenyan Campbell 9
23 Frank Holatko (Comox)7
24 Hugh Thompson (Victoria)7
25 Chris George (PT Performing)5
26 Nicholas Cowan (Victoria)5
27 Shepard Stewart (Nanaimo)5
28 Morgan Harker (Courtenay)5
29 Patrick Burnham (Nanaimo)5
30 Derek Prout (Cross Boyzs)4
31 Paul Kane (Cross Boyzs)4
32 Brian Khun (Experience Cycling Club)4
33 Ron Hewitson (Arrowsmith Bike Club)3
34 Hugh Fletcher (Arrowsmith Bike Club)2
35 Hicham Elamri (Frontrunners)2
36 Len Miller (Nanaimo)2
37 Matt Dilay (IRC-Cameron Law)2
38 Andrew Pitre (Me)2
39 Dave Stevenson (Experience Cycling Club)2
40 Colin Anderson (Shawnigan Lake)2
41 Niels Steines (Kelowna)2
42 Mike Sevcov (Nanaimo Bicycle Club)2
43 Aaron Thomas (IRC-NTC)2
44 Jeff Hunford (Shawnigan Lake)2
45 Glen Morris (Everti-Experience CC)2
Masters Men
1 Sean Lunny (OBB Nanaimo)65pts
2 Steve Bachop (IRC-Cameron Law)56
3 Sean Cruckshank (Aviawest)50
4 Aaron Desseault (Russ Hays)47
5 Rick Theissen (Uroc)31
6 Paul Brend (IRC/Cameron Law)26
7 Barry Remple (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)23
8 Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners)22
9 John Lowen (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)22
10 Peter Wellsman (Riders Cycling Club)22
11 Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club)21
12 Dave Nowak (CVCC )21
13 Jason Eagles (IRC-Cameron Law)20
14 Chris Birtch (Fat Daddy)18
15 Derek Tripp (Island Racing Club)18
16 David Holden (Aviawest)15
17 Andrew McLaren (Nanaimo)14
18 Jim Pearson (Aviawest)12
19 Brad Collins (BSP-Sugoi)12
20 Trevor Perkins (Favorit Cycles)10
21 Lee Blais (Ozzies Cycles)10
22 Kurt Knock (Everti Bikes)7
23 Tony Wakelin (Victoria)5
24 Matt Dilay (IRC/Cameron Law)5
25 Michael Addis Cott (AMBC)4
26 Paul Thompson (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)3
27 Raymond Wagner (CVCC )3
28 Colin Sim (Alberni Valley Riders)3
29 Aaron Amar (IRC)3
30 Ken Jones (Frontrunners)2
31 Menno Jongsma (IRC)2
32 Norm Barnmeiver (Vancouver)2
33 Bryn Shapperd (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)2
1 Dawn Anderson (Everti-OBB)73pts
2 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)57
3 Jaymie McGowan (OakBay Bikes Victoria)44
4 Lisa Ludwig (OakBay Bikes Victoria)39
5 Liz Flawse (UROC)32
6 Katie Duncan Rabien (OBB-Wheelers)31
7 Jen Erlendson (Cycrowski Sisters)24
8 Joele Guynup (IRC)22
9 Glenowyn Carlson (Riders Cycles)20
10 Bobbie Taylor (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)20
11 Tara Pollock (Everti-Experience Cycling Club)19
12 Kelly Jones (Sugoi)13
13 Errine Willock (Webcor Cycling)13
14 Tanya Berg (OakBay Bikes Victoria)12
15 Carey Sather (Steed Cycles)8
16 Kyla Hartnell (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)7
17 Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits)6
1 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes)65pts
2 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)56
3 John Fokkema (Avia West)35
4 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bicycles)34
5 Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)29
6 Andrew Brown (CVCC)27
7 Drew McKenzie (Island Racing Club)25
8 Jeff Reimer (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)23
9 Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC-Cameron Law)22
10 Simon Tremblay (Giant-Summit Cycles)21
11 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling Club)19
12 Rob Britton (Trek Red Truck)15
13 Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)15
14 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck)13
15 Wendy Simms (KONA)13
16 Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck)11
17 Jonathan Braunstein (Aviawest)11
18 Jonathan Benskin (Hardcore Cycling)10
19 Fred Hodgson (Island Cycle)10
20 Stephen Kilshaw (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)9
21 Zack Corland (Kona Adobe)8
22 Kevin Knock (Everti)5
23 Terry McKall (Victoria)4
24 Tony Zarsadias (Victoria)4
25 Dharma Fontaine (E-Town)4
26 Justin Mark (Steed Cycles-Helly Hansen)2


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