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November 11/08 10:29 am - 19th Annual The Iceman Cometh Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 11/11/08

19th Annual The Iceman Cometh Challenge November 9th, Traverse City, Michigan

The Iceman Cometh Challenge is a 27 mile point-to-point mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City, Michigan. Held traditionally on the first Saturday of November (except for years when the first Saturday of November is the 1st)

A few Canadians fared well this year with Harrow Ontario's Susan Stephens finishing 2nd in the Pro Women's category, Windsor's Stu Alp 12th in teh Pro Men and our own Mike Badyk and Natalie Sahl 2nd in the Beginner tandem.

Pro Women
1 Amanda Carey (USA) Kenda1:45:45
2 Susan Stephens (Can) Brodie Bikes1:47:45
3 Heather Irmiger (USA) Gary Fisher - Subaru1:47:46
4 Lulibelle Webb (USA) Hagerty1:50:51
5 Erin Vicary (USA) Bell's Beer / Quirin1:51:41
6 Susan Schubel (USA)1:51:54
7 Amanda Sproat (USA) Gary Fisher 29er 1:52:35
8 Nicole Borem (USA) Drt Racing1:52:42
9 Danielle Musto (USA) Kenda1:52:43
10 Karey Collins (USA) Team Giant - Michiga1:55:17
11 Shari Versluis (USA) Founders Racing1:56:55
12 Marne Smiley (USA) Scott Bikes1:58:09
13 Susan Vigland (USA) Hagerty Cycling1:58:40
14 Jennifer Tilley (USA) Velo Bella2:02:03
15 Tara Tasma (USA)2:02:14
16 Kiersta Tucker (USA) River City Cannondal2:03:56
17 Cristina Frentiu (USA) Gary Fisher / Rays M2:07:39
18 Gabriela Baranova (USA) Zoot, Teva, Profile2:08:26
19 Kelly Paterson (USA) Wolverine Sports Club2:09:27
20 Sarah Lukas (USA) Gear Gridder/hyundai2:10:58
21 Jamie Galambos (USA) Team Awesome2:17:13
22 Kelly Emich (USA) Co-Motion2:19:36
23 Sarah Manning (USA) City Bike Shop2:28:55
Pro Men
1 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/volkswagen1:28:31
2 Brian Matter (USA) Gear Grinder1:28:38
3 Mike Anderson (USA) Bell's Beer1:28:44
4 Colin Cares (USA) Kenda1:28:50
5 Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda - Titus - Hayes1:28:53
6 Marko Lalonde (USA) Gary Fisher 29er Cre1:29:01
7 Michael Simonson (USA) Trek/volkswagen1:29:26
8 John Doyle (USA) Priority Health1:30:58
9 Jason Lummis (USA) Bells Brewery/ Quiri1:31:05
10 Chris Peariso (USA) Adventure 212 /titus1:31:06
11 Jacob Rytlewski (USA) Rite Aid1:31:09
12 Stu Alp (Can) Norco Evolution1:31:11
13 Sam Schultz (USA) Gary Fisher - Subaru1:31:12
14 Carey Grumelot (USA) Speedway Cycles - An1:31:12
15 Travis Brown (USA) Trek Bicycles1:31:13
16 Mike Phillips (USA) Adventure 2121:32:56
17 Travis Woodruff (USA) Gear Grinder/bmc1:33:09
18 Derek Graham (USA) Bissell1:33:12
19 Joseph Brzuchanski (USA) Bell's Beer / Quirin1:33:16
20 Steve Twining (USA) Trek/ohio Valley1:33:53
21 Sven Baumann (USA) Bell's Beer/quiring1:33:54
22 Vince Roberge (USA) South Lyon Cycle1:34:01
23 Randy Laprairie (USA) Lees-Mcrae College1:34:37
24 Thomas Burke (USA) West Mi Coast Riders1:35:04
25 Scott Stewart (USA)1:35:25
26 Mark Parmelee (USA) Cycletherapy1:36:05
27 Zach McBride (USA) Priority Health1:36:09
28 Graham Howard (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling1:36:18
29 Ben Ortt (USA)1:36:19
30 Travis Saeler (USA) Gary Fisher 29er Cre1:36:19
31 Tim Finkel (USA) Wolverine Sports Clu1:36:21
32 Christopher Bogedin (USA) Ac&f / Wsc1:36:22
33 Tony Torrance (USA) Pearl Izumi1:36:37
34 Andy Messer (USA) Drt Racing1:36:41
35 Jody Proctor (USA) Excel Sports Boulder1:36:42
36 Peter Ehmann (Can) Team Giant - Michiga1:37:01
37 Dallas Fowler (USA)1:37:15
38 Nate Versluis (USA) Founders Racing1:37:44
39 Ben Richardson (USA) Humana / Cyclers Caf1:38:24
40 Dave Hall (USA)1:38:47
41 Eric Muehl (USA) Cyclefit Multisport/1:38:48
42 Dan Kotwicki (USA) Fisher Bikes1:38:50
43 Michael Cody (USA) Bikereg.Com1:39:12
44 Dan Jansen (USA) Niner1:39:31
45 Derek Prechtl (USA)1:40:31
46 Greg Christian (USA) Trun/barker & Nestor1:40:34
47 Eric Tompkin (USA) Tree Fort1:40:39
48 Joe Slonecki (USA) Founders Ale/ Alger1:42:35
49 Steven Howard (USA) Priority Health1:42:46
50 Chris Uberti (USA) Turin1:42:55
51 Aaron Swanson (USA)1:44:48
52 Jeff Jacobi (USA) Founderale/velocity1:45:06
53 Chad Wells (USA) Gary Fisher Bicycles1:45:13
54 Paul Trout (USA)1:45:36
55 Thomas Kachelmeyer (USA) Team Giant - Michiga1:45:39
56 Brad Wilhelm (USA) Gary Fisher / Rays M1:48:47
57 James Huang (USA) Cyclingnews.Com1:51:00
58 Steve Bartzen (USA) Founders Ales Racing1:54:34
Beginner Tandem
1 Jesse Tripp & Lewis Tr Milford (USA) Flying Rhinos2:27:53
2 Mike & Natalie Badyk (Can) Wizard Of Wheels2:48:04
3 Dennis & Barbar Willya (USA)2:57:39

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