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June 19/99 8:18 am - Criterium St-Georges won by David Clinger of Navigators

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/99

Criterium St-Georges

61 km, 38 laps

For the first 22 laps there were plenty of attacks, but nothing really serious. The speed being pushed by the major teams prevented anyone from getting away.

After 22 laps though, there was a break by Mark McCormack (Saturn), David Clinger (Mercury) and Paul Martin (Navigators) that looked to have some promise. Promising yes, but successful no. ZVVZ chased hard and brought the 3 back into the pack. But, just as this attack was put to rest, Gord Fraser (Mercury) rocketed quickly off the front, and has put 15 seconds between himself an the group.

Question is ... can he sustain it?

Gord Fraser went off the front with 12 laps remaining of this 38 lap race. But, with 4 laps to go, the Die Continentale team decided enough was enough and upped the already blistering pace to catch Fraser with just 1.5 laps to go. The Die Continentale team was hoping to set up their sprinter Andreas Biekirch who has beaten Fraser in sprints in earlier stages. But it was not to be.

On the back straight Levis Leipheimer (GC leader) was a the front, Clinger on his wheel, and had a small gap on the field. Making the final left corner he took the corner badly (lost his confidence briefly?) allowing Clinger and the pack to catch and pass him.

Matt Anand (Saturn) said that Saturn was concentrating on controlling the pack and protecting their position(s) in GC. Tonights result make no change in GC.

1. David Clinger (Mercury)
2. Andreas Biekirch (Die Continentale)
3. Mark McCormack (Saturn)


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