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November 14/08 5:30 am - La Ruta de los Conquistadores: Stage 3 photos and report

Posted by Editoress on 11/14/08

La Ruta de los Conquistadores Costa Rica


After briefly faltering yesterday at La Ruta in stage 2, 'Lico' Ramirez (BCR-Pizza Hut) firmly regained control today in stage 3. Ramirez added another six minutes to his lead over rival Paolo Montoya (Economy Rent A Car), who is now nearly 14 minutes down with one stage remaining. Third place Enrique Artavia (Economy-Super Pro) is distant 59:12 behind, with Thomas Dietsch a further 1:08 back. Roberto Heras (Giant), the former road superstar, suffered multiple broken chains and dropped to sixth overall behind Manny Prado (Sho Air-Rock N' Road), after finishing tenth in the stage. Adriana Rojas (Bemosa/PQ) took her third consecutive stage win in the women's category, ahead of Lisa Pleyer and Sandra Walter (Felt-X.O.). Walter remains in second overall, but is 74 minutes behind.

Stage 3 can be described simply: climb for 35 kilometres and descend for 30 kilometres. Oh yes, surpass 3000 metres in altitude as well. The only technical aspect to the stage is the descent, which is almost entirely off road, much of it extremely rough washboard and loose gravel. The lack of the usual rain and mud was a mixed blessing, since it meant the trail was even rougher than usual.

When Montoya won stage 2 on the final descent, it opened the door for an attack on Ramirez's yellow jersey, if Montoya could reach the summit within shouting distance of the leader. Ramirez was clearly aware of this fact, and chose to address it on the first steep part of the climb out of San Jose by attacking with his team mate Alexander Sanchez.

"This was our strategy, to get away from Paolo. Alexander worked very hard at the front for me on the first part of the climb, and then i was able to attack and get a gap."

Ramirez crested the summit on the Irazu volcano some four minutes in front of Montoya, which meant he could conceivably be caught by a superior descender. However, Montoya inexplicably lost another two minutes in the descent.

"I did hope to do better, yes," agreed Montoya "but the altitude was a problem for me."

"With it so dry, it made the descent better for me," explained Ramirez. "The top part has some rolling up and down parts, so i think I was able to gain more time there as well.

Behind the front two was a group with Dietsch, Heras, Sanchez, Prado, Marvin Campos (Super Pro - Economy)and Artavia. Dietsch and Prado gapped Artavia on the descent for third and fourth, while Heras fell further and further back each time he stopped to deal with his damaged chain. The Spaniard could have potentially finished higher, since Dietsch commented that Heras was descending well with them until his mechanical problems.

The conclusion of La Ruta tomorrow is unlikely to have any effect on the top two spots, but the race for third is still quite open, since Dietsch is only 68 seconds behind Artavia. Dietsch won the final stage last year, so there should be some action from the tall French rider.

1 Federico Ramírez Méndez (CRc) Bcr-Pizza Hut3:20:23
2 Paolo Montoya Cantillo (CRc) Economy Rent A Car - Seven Capitalat 6:18
3 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Gewiss-Bianchi27:05
4 Manuel Prado (CRc) Sho-Air/Rock N'road27:52
5 Enrique Artavia Cedeño (CRc) Super Pro - Economy32:36
6 Alexander Sánchez Calderón (CRc) Bcr-Pizza Hut36:13
7 Cory Wallace (Can) Freewheel Cycle / Sp40:13
8 Harlan Price (USA) Independent Fabricat40:47
9 Marvin Campos Suazo (CRc) Super Pro - Economy43:15
10 Roberto Heras Hernandez (Esp)43:16
11 Dennis Porras Murillo (CRc) Super Pro - Economy45:27
12 Brian Cooke (Can) Bicyclecafe46:19
13 Daniel Abellán Ossenbach (CRc)46:28
14 Thomas Turner (USA) Van Michael Salon /47:06
15 Diego Rogel Gonzalez Leonardo (Mex) Alubike47:10
16 Milton Ramos Gamez (Esp) Biciaccion.com53:25
17 Fred Dreier (USA) Velo News Magazine53:50
18 Jimenez Sequeira Juan (CRc) Fiesta Total55:11
19 Melvin Rojas Alfaro (CRc) Citi - Litespeed55:19
20 Radoslav Sibl (Cze) Bikezone.Cz/Mrx55:34
21 Diego Leiva Araya (CRc) Turrialbeño Independ56:28
22 Carlos Salazar Solórzano (CRc) Rios Tropicales-Mawa56:54
23 Diego Chaverri Madden Luis (CRc) Guanaride58:09
24 Santos Corea Gutierrez (CRc) Citi - Litespeed1:04:14
25 Peter Stevenson (Can) Experience Cycling1:04:56
26 Sam Humphrey (Gbr) Charge Bikes1:05:11
27 Angel Beltran Bernal Jose (Mex) Turbo1:05:26
28 Mike Charuk (Can) Team Whistler/Ryders1:09:08
29 Luis Sibaja Monge (CRc) Ciclo Gully - Powera1:09:12
30 Randall Aguilar Quesada (CRc) Taller Rj Paraiso1:09:20
31 Andrew Handford (Can) Different Bikes1:09:23
32 Emilio Brenes Jimenez (CRc) Xerox1:09:39
33 Dain Zaffke (USA) Bike Magazine/Wtb1:11:26
34 Kristian Silseth Ole (Nor) Centra Junglemen1:11:57
35 William Valverde Barquero (CRc) Vedova Y Obando / Hu1:13:24
36 Matthew Luhn (USA) Gopher Gulch Dirt Al1:14:31
37 Miguel Rojas Arguello (CRc) Cisa Seguridad1:17:35
38 Pere Sanchez Mula (Esp) C.C. Bicis Esteve1:18:19
39 Doug Andrews (USA) / Geol1:19:08
40 Kuypers Leon (Hol) Akkermans1:19:46
41 Craig Stappler (Can)1:20:06
42 Jan Kopka (Cze) Toi Toi Czech R.1:22:06
43 Stefano Maran (Ita) Bici Da Trodi1:22:10
44 Patrick Mosler (Ger) Rhoenraketen Fulda G1:23:25
45 Jhonny Madrigal Zumbado (CRc) Xerox1:24:18
46 Reed Melton (USA) Bike Race1:24:42
47 Pascal Mueller (Sui) Hammermann Racing1:24:58
48 Alec Petro (USA) Team Psycho1:25:04
49 Alberto Valverde Sánchez (CRc) Erres - 2nners1:25:17
50 Erik Bakke (USA) Deadgoat Racing1:25:18
51 Javier Ruiz Arias (CRc) Xerox1:25:20
52 Fabricio Loaiza Granados (CRc) Hospira Cr1:26:34
53 Fernando Salazar (CRc) Ampm1:28:01
54 Arjan Planting (Ned) Team Bikelane Hollan1:29:47
55 Paulo Valle (CRc) Bicycle Cafe-Kona1:30:54
56 Luigi Lutterotti (Ita) Euroscaf Bikbike1:31:09
57 Dax Jaikel (CRc) Seven Capital Ltd.1:31:21
58 John Warnock (GBr) Www.Performancecycle1:34:01
59 Craig Fabische (Ba) Overtime Sports Coqu1:37:32
60 Federico Amador León (CRc) Ampm1:38:02
61 Tony Routley (Can) Team Whistler/Ryders1:38:05
62 Lukas Mraz (Cze) Sports1:39:05
63 Daniel Perez (USA) Jensonusa/First Endu1:43:17
64 Matthew Handford (Can) Different Bikes1:43:56
65 Adriana Rojas Cubero (CRc) Bemosa / Pq1:44:28
66 Jose Herrera Herrera (CRc) Hospira Cr1:44:42
67 Orion Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter1:45:31
68 Eric Long (USA)1:46:39
69 Roberto Ballesteros Villalobos (CRc) KHS Bicicletas1:46:48
70 Gian Malaer (Sui)1:47:38
71 Greivin Ortiz Umaña (CRc) Salva Bicicletas1:47:54
72 Fermín Torres Torres (Mex) Diamond Adventure1:48:21
73 Sergio Montagni (Ita) Euroscaf Bikbike1:48:32
74 Stabell Eriksen Christian (Nor) Centra Junglemen1:48:51
75 Raymond Lavoie (Can) La Vie Sportive1:49:01
76 Jose Miguel Chacon Araya (CRc) Www.Avventa.com1:49:10
77 Arnoldo Loaiza Duran (CRc) Puro Mtb. Com1:50:41
78 Matthew Barton (GBr) North Hampshire Road1:50:43
79 Erick Rodriguez Solis (CRc) Rojas Y Rojas Constr1:50:47
80 Ronald Jimenez Rodriguez (CRc) Caida Libre1:52:38
81 Lisa Pleyer (Aut)1:53:14
82 Sandra Walter (Can) Pedal Magazine1:55:14
83 Jairo Garita Hernandez (CRc) Nitidos - KHS1:55:15
84 Bruce Young Nearing (CRc) Coyotes De Escazu1:55:17
85 Paul Miers (USA) Reno Wheelmen1:56:14
86 Bryan Liles (USA) Villagebike.com1:57:02
87 Edward Philip (USA) Team Psycho1:57:08
88 Berthold Schwarz (Ger) Quick & Dirty1:57:08
89 Luis Fernando Mora Hidalgo (CRc)1:57:49
90 Jean-Arthur Tremblay (Can) La Vie Sportive2:00:07
91 Paulo Martins (Prt) Trilhos Da Maria/Ss2:00:11
92 Dave Howells (Can) Bc Bike Race2:01:07
93 Mario Roma (Prt) Brasil Soul Mtb2:01:11
94 Claude Laberge (Can) Team Marty's2:01:25
95 Steve Walsh (Can) Zimtek/Schmoe Racing2:03:38
96 Walter Astua Ulloa (CRc) Gpi Consultores2:04:08
97 Bacardit Sergi Bernet (Esp) Pc Cervera2:04:14
98 Dan Mccarthy (USA)2:04:34
99 Carlos Manuel García Dobles (CRc) Pik2 Mountain Bike2:05:39
100 Gonzalo Ceballos Cortes (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri2:05:40
101 Pedro Vernis De Prats (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri2:05:41
102 Javier Benet Fábregas (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri2:05:43
103 Christopher Lang Arce (CRc) Thunderson Brothers-2:06:00
104 Luis Eduardo Díaz Barquero (CRc) Gold's Gym2:06:07
105 Chris Jezek (USA) Clickfox2:06:22
106 Javier Lerma (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes2:06:33
107 Ricardo Vela Del Valle (Esp) Cc Santa Eulalia/2:06:37
108 Jose Santos Miranda Blandon (CRc) Grupo San Alberto2:06:38
109 Marco Chinchilla Vaglio (CRc) Mani La Guaria2:06:40
110 Milton Fallas Barboza (CRc) Xerox2:06:41
111 Raul Quintanilla (CRc) Retodelosvolcanes.2:07:05
112 Tamara Goeppel (Can) Leki Bikextreme2:08:38
113 Thomas Tetz (Ger) Leki Bikextreme2:08:45
114 Victor Manuel Garcia Montoro (Esp) Bidones Roma Team2:08:49
115 Victor Alonso Araya Pereira (CRc) Xerox2:09:41
116 Jason Sandquist (Can) Frontrunners / Exper2:10:00
117 Alvaro Lang (CRc) Crn22:11:16
118 Eduardo Rodriguez Alvarado (CRc) Hotel Cortezazul2:11:28
119 Rafael Bosch Alsina (Esp) Arsenal-Autotequip2:12:44
120 Paulo Arce Brenes (CRc) Paraiso2:14:56
121 Fabricio Meneses Madriz (CRc) Ampm2:15:10
122 Erick Matamoros (CRc) Agromec - Komatsu2:15:49
123 Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Pedalpowercoaching.2:16:18
124 Ricardo Valverde Sánchez (CRc) 3 Erres - 2nners2:17:20
125 Manuel Vizcaino Hernandez (Esp) Pc Cervera2:18:36
126 René Quesada Morales (CRc) Asocaci2:19:14
127 Timothy Zimmerman (USA) Village Bike Shop2:20:52
128 Alejandro Muniz (USA) Economy Rent A Car2:21:44
129 Ismael Peraza Chvarria (CRc) Nica Express / Muscl2:22:36
130 Andres La Vega Gomez (CRc) Elibyke2:22:43
131 Charly Meier (Sui) Rrc Nordwest2:23:48
132 Javier Gurdián Astúa (CRc)2:25:49
133 Octavio Vega (Mex) Urbak2:27:18
134 Francisco Oviedo Rojas (CRc)2:28:07
135 Alejandro Nietzen Herrera (CRc) Arenatrek Gym2:28:09
136 Nelson Franquiz (USA) Ciclo Mundo2:28:41
137 Alexander Torres Solano (CRc) Cafetalera Aquiares2:29:14
138 Alberto Gamboa Pacheco (CRc) Caribbean Bikers/Sev2:29:50
139 Walter Blanco (CRc)2:29:51
140 Javier Pascual (Pri) Money House2:29:56
141 Eric Mellegers (USA) Fox Racing Shox2:30:50
142 Abby Richmond (USA) Team Solar Eclipse2:32:30
143 Arnaldo Brenes Rojas (CRc) Constructora Brenes2:33:28
144 Andreu Sanchez Perez (Esp) C.C. Pla De L'estany2:34:17
145 Frederick Lang Arce (CRc) Thunderson Brothers2:34:26
146 Ronald Fernández García (CRc) Asocaci2:34:50
147 Ricardo Mata Brenes (CRc) Comite Cantonal Depo2:35:56
148 Guillermo Gómez Sequeira (CRc) Atm Comercial S.A.2:36:17
149 Gustavo Manzur Orozco (CRc) Atm Comercial S.A.2:36:17
150 Marcel Donoso Chamorro (CRc) Crn22:36:19
151 César Alcázar Méndez (CRc) Superficies De Centr2:36:52
152 Aramis Chinchilla Luna (CRc) El Colono - Scp Atel2:37:15
153 Roy Soto (CRc) Tortugas Mtb Team2:38:33
154 Gabriel Gazu Zuñiga Flores (CRc) Gazu Challenge2:39:06
155 Rodrigo Monroy (Mex)2:39:42
156 Oscar Manuel Gomez Martinez (Esp) Cc Riazor-La Coruña2:39:42
157 Alejandro Arias Victory (CRc)2:40:46
158 Emilio Font San Miguel (Esp) Pc Cervera2:40:48
159 Carlos Manuel Vazquez Carulla (Esp) Pc Cervera2:41:27
160 Bohuslav Babor (Cze) X-Sports2:41:28
161 David Gamboa Barquero (CRc) Ciclo Paraiso2:42:34
162 Daniel Hausmann Spielmann (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri2:43:47
163 Mario Turgeon (Can) Lessard Bicycles2:46:09
164 Urtiaga Iker Maiz (Esp) Bici Y Montaña2:46:13
165 Gervais Levesque (Can)2:48:22
166 Miguel Angel Mejia Zaragoza (Mex) Estado De Mexico2:48:55
167 Jim Gibson (USA) Absolute Bikes2:49:39
168 Gregory Brown (Aus) Nebc/Cycle Loft/Devo2:49:41
169 Leonel Gómez Navarro (CRc) Super S-Gulf-Const.2:49:51
170 Santiago Besteiro Hermida (Esp) Cc Riazor-La Coruña2:50:17
171 Freddy Manuel Rodriguez Rojas (CRc) Templo Biblico2:50:33
172 Ronald Arias (CRc) Pik22:51:47
173 Alejandro Wong Campos (CRc)2:52:07
174 Ryan Schellenberg (Can)2:53:27
175 Michael Zocchi (USA) Pedalpowercoaching.2:53:53
176 Esteban Vargas Ovares (CRc)2:54:06
177 Piedra Abraham Brenes (CRc) Asocaci2:54:20
178 Thomas Yip (Can) Motion Chiropractic2:54:21
179 Esteban Bejarano Bazo (CRc) Bemosa / Pq2:55:21
180 Johnny Rojas Sánchez (CRc) Asocaci2:55:48
181 Geovanny Gómez Navarro (CRc) Super S-Gulf-Const.2:58:29
182 Federico Escalante (CRc) Bosi / Scott2:59:38
183 Adolfo Echeverria Bonilla (CRc) Perro Loco Team2:59:45
184 Javier Perez Gonzales (Esp)3:00:27
185 Matthew Knight (GBr) Southdownsbikes.com3:00:45
186 Francisco Balma Calderon (CRc) Pik23:00:55
187 Jeannie Batán Solera (CRc)3:01:08
188 Eduardo Bertheau Oros (CRc)3:01:16
189 Janel Demeter (USA) Guy's Racing3:02:19
190 Natalia Alvarado Segura (CRc) Powerade3:02:19
191 Van Council (USA) Van Michael Salon3:03:20
192 Tom Hipsz (Can)3:03:32
193 José Maria López Morales (CRc) Puro Mtb3:05:21
194 Rodrigo Moya Campos (CRc) Asocaci3:05:45
195 Jorge Solano Salas (CRc) Asocaci3:06:10
196 Rafael Gonzalez Arce (CRc)3:07:46
197 Marvin Avila Vindas (CRc) Planet Gym3:11:18
198 Eduardo Quesada González (CRc) Amigos De Cartago3:11:36
199 Stephan Ludewig (Ger) Velo-Team Racers3:12:22
200 Carles Bach Puértolas (Esp) Revista Solo Bici-3:13:17
201 Mark Janisse (USA)3:13:21
202 Klariza Araya Quesada (CRc) Na'lakalú3:14:34
203 Monte Hewett (USA)3:15:14
204 Benjamin Macinnis (Can)3:17:48
205 James Montiel García (CRc) Clinica Drs. Montiel3:18:05
206 Rene Lopez Espaillat (Dom)3:18:34
207 Alvaro Pinto (CRc) Disexport3:18:54
208 John Janisse (USA)3:19:17
209 Luis Ml. Gonzalez Lefeld (Dom)3:19:21
210 Manuel Enriqu Murrieta Manilla (Mex) Africam-Tejonesmtb3:20:06
211 Francisco J. Moreno Chaves (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:22:54
212 Pablo Ferrara (Mex) Trainer3:23:15
213 Hans Frei (Mex)3:25:56
214 Joe Semple (USA)3:26:40
215 Travis Underwood (USA) The Alpineer3:29:15
216 Lisa Cramton (USA) The Alpineer3:29:19
217 Alvaro Sáenz Orozco (CRc) Economy Rent A Car3:29:37
218 Mikel Vivar Del Barrio (Esp) Castrobtt.com3:29:37
219 Felipe Castro Barquero (CRc) The Bike Tech3:29:56
220 Roberto Jaeckle (Sui)3:31:52
221 Pablo Andrés Velásquez Rivas (CRc) Its-Bicimania3:33:36
222 Alejandro Abellan (CRc) Crn23:36:35
223 Armando Gonzalez Jimenez (CRc) Ampm3:36:55
224 Melissa Pace (Can) Bc Bike Race3:37:38
225 Oriol Baldrich Coll (Esp)3:37:41
226 Fabio Villalobos Benavides (CRc) Ternium3:37:45
227 Alpizar Pablo Mora (CRc)3:39:36
228 Andreas Eisenberger (Ger) Team Marty's3:41:04
229 Jorge Turon Villa (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:41:26
230 Francesc Bargallo (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:41:27
231 Fouad Tannous Artigas (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:41:28
232 Cathy Zeglinski (Can) Northlands Medical3:41:31
233 Luis Miguel Urteaga (Mex) Diamond Adventure3:43:48
234 Jeff Wolfson (USA)3:43:49
235 Shea Tritter (Can)3:44:11
236 Jan Hnizdo (Zaf) Undertrained Polluka3:44:11
237 Alejandro Barrios Gomez (Mex) Cingles Mexico3:45:21
238 Gerry McCuaig (Can) Deadgoat Racing3:45:49
239 Ernst Weel (Ned) Team Bikelane Hollan3:46:05
240 Mauricio Garro Carvajal (CRc) Quantica Systems3:46:32
241 Simon Fisher (GBr) Www.Fastandlight.Co.3:46:52
242 Jason Willems (USA) Village Bike / Clubs3:47:46
243 Jason Luque (USA) Champion Cycling3:52:27
244 Fernando Parrodi (Mex) Cadelga Costa Rica3:57:25
245 Matt Clark (NZl) Los Chiles Del Feugo4:01:23
246 Marco Taylor Garino (CRc) Ciclo Mobi - Heredia4:01:52
247 Gloriana Arce Clachar (CRc) Alpina4:02:45
248 Terence Gill (USA)4:04:53
249 Brett Bauer (USA) Fanatik Bike4:07:02
250 Tc Crawford (USA) Team Marty's4:07:10
251 Wayne Brunyee (Zaf) Undertrained Polluka4:07:13
252 Mark Smith (Ggy) Bvi Mountain Bike Cl4:08:25
253 Javier Clares Lázaro (Esp) A.C.El Prat4:09:20
254 Servise Albert Mitja (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri4:11:11
255 Bondarenko Jorge Vidart (Ury)4:11:32
256 Montero Oscar Vargas (CRc)4:15:12
257 Marc Brummelhuis (Ant) Kooyman Techniek4:16:34
258 Benjamin Zimmerman (USA) Villagebike.com4:20:13
259 Troy Zimmerman (USA) Village Bike Shop4:20:13
260 Navarro Hugo Gómez (CRc) Super S-Gulf-Const.4:20:52
261 Matthew Blacker (USA)4:21:10
262 Douglas Lee (USA)4:21:25
263 Gerardo Felgueres (Mex) Cingles Mexico4:21:45
264 Bill Mooz (USA)4:22:37
265 Yolanda Saro De Ferrara (Mex) Trainer4:24:25
266 Mestre Jordi Solé (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri4:24:26
267 Maureen Jende (USA) Team Marty's4:24:31
268 Francisco Javier Gomez Rojas (Esp) Pc Cervera4:25:15
269 Jorge Luis Ramirez (CRc)4:25:34
270 Ivannia Segura Alvarez (CRc) Alpine4:25:37
271 Jorge Arturo Valverde Sáenz (CRc) Elibyke4:27:55
272 Elisa Fallas Coto (CRc) Elibyke4:27:57
273 Luis Mariano Oreamuno Ramos (CRc) Planet Gym4:28:51
274 Sandro Bongiorno (Ita) Solobike.It / Cicli4:29:45
275 Jorge Luis Campos Sanabria (CRc)4:30:14
276 Constance Bazos (USA)4:30:49
277 Mark Rhode (Bel) Fairhaven Bicycle Ra4:30:49
278 Shawn Gillis (USA) Absolute Bikes4:30:59
279 Norman Rojas Campos (CRc)4:32:27
280 Jennifer Riley (NZl)4:33:46
281 Max Araya Orozco (CRc)4:34:42
282 Heart Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter4:38:22
283 Julio Molina Arias (CRc)4:40:13
284 Jose Cabral Luis (Dom)4:44:08
285 Ibrahim Mustafa (Pri) Money House4:45:05
286 H Gustavo Solis (CRc) Inviertacr4:45:08
287 Brecht Heuchan (USA)4:45:09
288 Adrian Cespedes Alvarez (CRc) Instrumentos La Voz4:46:22
289 Gilbert Cayouette (Can)4:46:54
290 Tori Fahey (Can) Deadgoat Racing4:47:56
291 Marco Ovalles (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes4:53:11
292 Michael Montgomery (USA)4:53:14
293 Ian Randall (Can)4:53:43
294 Roger Herrera (USA) Mbs Home Improvement4:55:03
295 Nicholas Cooper (GBr) Shanghai Flying Hair4:55:45
296 Roberto Gonzalez (Mex) Ferrominio4:59:01
297 Juan Carlos Zumbado Montero (CRc)5:00:45
298 Tracy Kubas (USA) Bicycle Johns5:01:15
299 Manuel Pardo Rodriguez (Esp) Cc Riazor-La Coruña5:01:20
300 Paul Reinbach (USA) Rock & Road Cyclery5:04:43
301 Matt Sjoberg (USA)5:04:45
302 Luis Alberto Rivera (USA)5:04:52
303 Jorge Maroto (CRc)5:06:38
304 Clademilson Santos (Brs) Sabrico / Fox Adven5:11:48
305 Rodriguez Ignacio Pardo (Esp) Cc Riazor-La Coruña5:18:24
306 Cabanas Antonio Abuin (Esp) Cc Riazor-La Coruña5:18:24
307 José Pablo González Crespo (CRc)5:21:01
308 Solano Enrique Valverde (CRc)5:27:16
309 Jimmy Martin (USA) IMBA5:27:34
310 Zak Hill (GBr) X Insurance.com5:34:25
311 Justin Tweedie (GBr) X Insurance.com5:34:26
312 Kieron Joy (GBr) X Insurance.com5:34:26
313 Ian Mann (GBr) Forbes Hare5:36:59
314 Idelfonso Alejand Oporta Reyes (CRc) Land Rover/Higher Gr5:39:14
315 David Fernandez (Dom)5:41:07
316 Jose Diaz (Pri)5:42:21
317 Andrés Ruiz Sahagun (Mex) Diamond Adventure5:42:39
318 Sandino Antonio Morales (CRc) Bike Racing5:44:01
319 Gilberto Ioshiaqui Hamamoto (Bra)5:49:04
320 Sergio A. Maldonado Castillo (Mex)5:51:16
321 Carlos Rosado (Pri) Ciclo Mundo5:53:27
322 Jeroen Roodenburg (Ned) No_Limits5:57:11
323 Henry Perez Lopez (CRc) Retodelosvolcanes.Co6:00:09
324 Daniel Puig Guasch (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri6:05:11
325 Mariona Julià Rich (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri6:05:12
326 Jorge Schiller (Mex) Global Niches6:05:34
327 Franklin Lopez González (CRc)6:15:06
328 Kim Hoffman (USA)6:46:00
329 Stephen Hannon (USA)7:21:21


1 Federico Ramírez Méndez (CRc) Bcr-Pizza Hut13:09:51
2 Paolo Montoya Cantillo (CRc) Economy Rent A Car -at 13:45
3 Enrique Artavia Cedeño (CRc) Super Pro - Economy59:11
4 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Gewiss-Bianchi1:00:19
5 Manuel Prado (CRc) Sho-Air/Rock N'road1:04:13
6 Roberto Heras Hernandez (Esp)1:13:40
7 Alexander Sánchez Calderón (CRc) Bcr-Pizza Hut1:22:31
8 Marvin Campos Suazo (CRc) Super Pro - Economy1:31:07
9 Dennis Porras Murillo (CRc) Super Pro - Economy1:49:26
10 Radoslav Sibl (Cze) Bikezone.Cz/Mrx2:00:37
11 Cory Wallace (Can) Freewheel Cycle / Sp2:06:25
12 Brian Cooke (Can) Bicyclecafe2:11:03
13 Harlan Price (USA) Independent Fabricat2:12:17
14 Thomas Turner (USA) Van Michael Salon /2:13:30
15 Milton Ramos Gamez (Esp) Biciaccion.com2:16:24
16 Daniel Abellán Ossenbach (CRc)2:25:15
17 Diego Rogel Gonzalez Leonardo (Mex) Alubike2:34:27
18 Diego Leiva Araya (CRc) Turrialbeño Independ2:55:31
19 Jimenez Sequeira Juan (CRc) Fiesta Total3:02:16
20 Luis Sibaja Monge (CRc) Ciclo Gully - Powera3:05:45
21 Frederick Dreier (USA) Velo News Magazine3:33:55
22 Dain Zaffke (USA) Bike Magazine/Wtb3:54:42
23 Emilio Brenes Jimenez (CRc) Xerox3:55:25
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25 Javier Lerma (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes4:26:51
26 Alberto Valverde Sánchez (CRc) 3 Erres - 2Nners4:45:01
27 Arjan Planting (Hol) Team Bikelane Hollan4:56:24
28 Fabricio Loaiza Granados (Lit) Hospira Cr5:12:55
29 Miguel Rojas Arguello (CRc) Cisa Seguridad5:47:20
30 Kuypers Leon (Hol) Akkermans5:50:47
31 Arnoldo Loaiza Duran (CRc) Puro Mtb. Com5:56:56
32 Carlos Salazar Solórzano (CRc) Rios Tropicales-Mawa6:02:40
33 Miguel Chacon Araya Jose (CRc) www.Avventa.com6:03:15
34 Mraz Lukas (Cze) X-Sports6:21:09
35 Greivin Ortiz Umaña (CRc) Salva Bicicletas Y A6:41:02
36 Erik Bakke (USA) Deadgoat Racing6:48:01
37 Sergi Bernet Bacardit (Esp) Pc Cervera7:08:19
38 Erick Rodriguez Solis (CRc) Rojas Y Rojas Constr7:26:22
39 Andres De La Vega Gomez (CRc) Elibyke7:30:37
40 César Alcázar Méndez (CRc) Superficies De Centr7:47:30
41 Francisco Oviedo Rojas (CRc)7:52:02
42 René Quesada Morales (CRc) Asocaci7:53:21
43 Alejandro Nietzen Herrera (CRc) Arenatrek Gym7:54:23
44 Raul Quintanilla (CRc) Retodelosvolcanes.Co8:04:14
45 Alberto Gamboa Pacheco (CRc) Caribbean Bikers/Sev8:29:58
46 Esteban Bejarano Bazo (CRc) Bemosa / Pq9:09:11
Master A
1 Santos Corea Gutierrez (CRc) Citi - Litespeed15:42:34
2 Angel Beltran Bernal Jose (Mex) Turboat 32:53
3 Diego Chaverri Madden Luis (CRc) Guanaride45:48
4 Sam Humphrey (Gbr) Charge Bikes52:52
5 Randall Aguilar Quesada (CRc) Taller Rj Paraiso1:05:27
6 Javier Ruiz Arias (CRc) Xerox1:17:33
7 Pere Sanchez Mula (Esp) C.C. Bicis Esteve1:18:19
8 William Valverde Barquero (CRc) Vedova Y Obando / Hu1:21:11
9 Patrick Mosler (Ger) Rhoenraketen Fulda G1:41:22
10 Paulo Valle (CRc) Bicycle Cafe-Kona1:44:54
11 Pascal Mueller (Sui) Hammermann Racing2:07:36
12 John Warnock (Gbr) www.Performancecycle2:36:26
13 Dax Jaikel (CRc) Seven Capital Ltd. -3:00:51
14 Craig Stappler (Can)3:07:04
15 Daniel Perez (USA) Jensonusa/First Endu3:12:58
16 Craig Fabische ( Ba) Overtime Sports Coqu3:20:12
17 Jose Herrera Herrera ( Lt) Hospira Cr3:23:44
18 Fermín Torres Torres (Mex) Diamond Adventure3:36:08
19 Fernando Mora Hidalgo Luis (CRc)3:57:10
20 Eduardo Rodriguez Alvarado (CRc) Hotel Cortezazul3:58:42
21 Alonso Araya Pereira Victor (CRc) Xerox4:19:16
22 Ismael Peraza Chvarria (CRc) Nica Express / Muscl4:19:52
23 Bryan Liles (USA) Villagebike.com4:28:29
24 Paulo Martins (Prt) Trilhos Da Maria/Ss4:31:37
25 Marco Chinchilla Vaglio (CRc) Mani La Guaria4:44:39
26 Ronald Jimenez Rodriguez (CRc) Caida Libre4:52:17
27 Fabricio Meneses Madriz (CRc) Ampm4:53:06
28 Manuel García Dobles Carlos (CRc) Pik2 Mountain Bike T4:59:16
29 Erick Matamoros (CRc) Agromec - Komatsu -5:00:14
30 Jairo Garita Hernandez (CRc) Nitidos - Khs5:14:18
31 Milton Fallas Barboza (CRc) Xerox5:19:10
32 Matthew Barton (Gbr) North Hampshire Road5:19:12
33 Walter Astua Ulloa (CRc) Gpi Consultores5:34:08
34 Andreu Sanchez Perez (Esp) C.C. Pla De L'estany5:35:10
35 Roy Soto (CRc) Tortugas Mtb Team5:47:47
36 Manuel Vizcaino Hernandez (Esp) Pc Cervera5:48:41
37 Christopher Lang Arce (CRc) Thunderson Brothers-5:56:02
38 Eric Mellegers (USA) Fox Racing Shox6:11:18
39 Jason Sandquist (Can) Frontrunners / Exper6:16:59
40 Maria López Morales José (CRc) Puro Mtb6:23:35
41 Guillermo Gómez Sequeira (CRc) Atm Comercial S.A. R6:23:46
42 Gustavo Manzur Orozco (CRc) Atm Comercial S.A. R
43 Alexander Torres Solano (CRc) Cafetalera Aquiares6:30:13
44 Alejandro Muniz (USA) Economy Rent A Car6:30:23
45 Javier Perez Gonzales (Esp)6:30:29
46 Aramis Chinchilla Luna (CRc) El Colono - Scp Atel6:40:48
Master B
1 Mike Charuk (Can) Team Whistler/Ryders16:23:45
2 Melvin Rojas Alfaro (CRc) Citi - Litespeedat 29:42
3 Andrew Handford (Can) Different Bikes35:56
4 Jan Kopka (Cze) Toi Toi Czech R.50:49
5 Peter Stevenson (Can) Experience Cycling52:41
6 Doug Andrews (USA) / Geol1:05:56
7 Alec Petro (USA) Team Psycho1:42:21
8 Luigi Lutterotti (Ita) Euroscaf Bikbike1:59:18
9 Stabell Eriksen Christian (Nor) Centra Junglemen2:05:48
10 Fernando Salazar (CRc) Ampm2:15:16
11 Reed Melton (USA) Bc Bike Race2:28:20
12 Matthew Luhn (USA) Gopher Gulch Dirt Al2:30:14
13 Bruce Young Nearing (CRc) Coyotes De Escazu2:42:05
14 Rafael Bosch Alsina (Esp) Arsenal-Autotequip2:56:41
15 Mario Roma (Prt) Brasil Soul Mtb3:15:52
16 Federico Amador León (CRc) Ampm3:23:41
17 Stefano Maran (Ita) Bici Da Trodi4:00:36
18 Alvaro Lang (CRc) Crn24:08:02
19 Berthold Schwarz (Ger) Quick & Dirty4:08:13
20 Thomas Tetz (Ger) Leki Bikextreme4:08:59
21 Claude Laberge (Can) Team Marty's4:16:40
22 Steve Walsh (Can) Zimtek/Schmoe Racing4:30:36
23 Dan Mccarthy (USA)4:30:44
24 Nelson Franquiz (USA) Ciclo Mundo4:32:27
25 Sergio Montagni (Ita) Euroscaf Bikbike4:35:06
26 Eric Long (USA)4:36:29
27 Paul Miers (USA) Reno Wheelmen4:40:07
28 Pedro Vernis De Prats (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri5:07:03
29 Dave Howells (Can) Bc Bike Race5:10:56
30 Leonel Gómez Navarro (CRc) Super S-Gulf-Const.5:15:43
31 Timothy Zimmerman (USA) Village Bike Shop5:40:05
32 Bohuslav Babor (Cze) X-Sports5:46:31
33 Edward Philip (USA) Team Psycho6:01:45
34 Chris Jezek (USA) Clickfox6:14:30
35 Rojas Brenes Arnaldo (CRc) Constructora Brenes6:16:25
36 Eduardo Bertheau Oros (CRc)6:17:59
37 Javier Gurdián Astúa (CRc)6:52:18
38 Monte Hewett (USA)6:53:11
39 Daniel Hausmann Spielmann (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri6:55:37
40 Adolfo Echeverria Bonilla (CRc) Perro Loco Team7:16:08
41 Ronald Fernández García (CRc) Asocaci7:17:10
42 Mario Turgeon (Can) Lessard Bicycles7:19:57
43 Gervais Levesque (Can)7:38:52
1 Roberto Ballesteros Villalobos (CRc) KHS Bicicletas18:17:34
2 Tony Routley (Can) Team Whistler/Rydersat 0:25
3 Kristian Silseth Ole (Nor) Centra Junglemen1:26
4 Raymond Lavoie (Can) La Vie Sportive1:30:51
5 Jean-Arthur Tremblay (Can) La Vie Sportive1:42:50
6 Ricardo Vela Del Valle (Esp) Cc Santa Eulalia/ Bi1:47:32
7 Walter Blanco (CRc)3:02:52
8 Gonzalo Ceballos Cortes (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:13:13
9 Javier Benet Fábregas (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri3:18:44
10 Ricardo Mata Brenes (CRc) Comite Cantonal Depo3:37:17
11 Charly Meier (Sui) Rrc Nordwest3:53:03
12 Van Council (USA) Van Michael Salon4:21:53
13 Jim Gibson (USA) Absolute Bikes5:42:22
14 Jorge Solano Salas (CRc) Asocaci5:48:20
15 Marvin Avila Vindas (CRc) Planet Gym6:49:34
16 Mark Janisse (USA)7:06:51
17 John Janisse (USA)7:13:15
18 Alvaro Pinto (CRc) Disexport7:46:24
19 Hugo Gómez Navarro (CRc) Super S-Gulf-Const.8:04:43
20 Gerry McCuaig (Can) Deadgoat Racing8:05:58
21 Fernando Parrodi (Mex) Cadelga Costa Rica -9:09:56
22 Albert Mitja Servise (Esp) Arsenal Santiveri9:31:01
1 Adriana Rojas Cubero (CRc) Bemosa / Pq18:45:50
2 Sandra Walter (Can) Pedal Magazineat 1:14:41
3 Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Pedalpowercoaching.1:28:58
4 Tamara Goeppel (Can) Leki Bikextreme1:46:46
5 Lisa Pleyer (Aut)2:07:26
6 Janel Demeter (USA) Guy's Racing4:00:09
7 Natalia Alvarado Segura (CRc) Powerade4:02:33
8 Klariza Araya Quesada (CRc) Na'lakalú4:04:31
9 Abby Richmond (USA) Team Solar Eclipse4:58:08
10 Cathy Zeglinski (Can) Northlands Medical5:36:59
11 Melissa Pace (Can) Bc Bike Race6:19:52
12 Jeannie Batán Solera (CRc)6:26:06
13 Lisa Cramton (USA) The Alpineer6:32:42
14 Gloriana Arce Clachar (CRc) Alpina7:58:38
15 Yolanda Saro De Ferrara (Mex) Trainer10:01:52


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