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November 17/08 10:50 am - Bare Bones Track Race

Posted by Editoress on 11/17/08

Bare Bones Track Race Nov 14 - 16, Burnaby Velodrome, Burnaby BC
Courtesy Rob McMurtry

Sunday concluded a successful weekend of Bare Bones racing for 63 racers in five categories representing Ontario, BC, Alberta and Washington.

A summer's Learn To Rides stacked the C field so qualifiers had to be run to create separate cats. Seeing so many new racers out there was great and both categories put on good shows.Thankfully the B's had a full field but didn't duplicate May's double-size class...if B's and C's had both need qualifiers the schedule would have been even more "exciting".

Sunday's roster of love-it-or-hate-it Unknown Distance races covered all the endurance categories and created some excitement with pack-shattering primes donated by Bellingham's Fanatic club and BVC member Julian Base. I'm not sure if the prize matters...T-shirt, tube or patch kit, there's something about PRIME! and the bell that gets everyone charging.

In Sprints the final Keirin field provided very tight action with Boris Martin pushing Stewart Bowmer and Monique Sullivan right to the line. Monique's Keirin win cemented her B Sprint overall while Stewart took second.

In a bad news/good news story, Doug Preston fell in a two-rider tangle in Sunday's C2 Tempo race, then remounted to finish 2nd in that event. Doug finished third in his category by eight points so getting back in the saddle made a difference.

Basic results are below, we'll have a link to a spreadsheet with all the positions and points by cat and event shortly.

The BV would like to thank all our sponsors, the volunteers who made the event possible and a special shout out to the Cowburn family who organized, did results, raced, fixed up the track and repaired the office ceiling tile (again).

1 Cody Campbell104
2 Stephen Meyer91
3 Mark Macdonald66
4 Daniele Defranceci58
5 Jacob Schwingboth54
6 Mike Sidic53
7 Chris Reid38
8 Tim Sherstobitoff30
9 Mike Rothengatter17
10 Julian Base10
11 Curt Jung9
12 Bruce Denis8
13 Boris Martin8
14 Scott Laliberte7
1 Stuart Lynne107
2 Dave Gerth106
3 Steph Roorda93
4 Nick Smit70
5 Jenny Trew60
6 Mike Laxdal53
7 Stewart Bowmer48
8 Ben Cowburn45
9 Christopher J. Anstey30
10 Alex Pope30
11 Scott Vigliotti22
12 Scott Jutson19
13 Andy George12
14 Laura Brown5
15 Rachel Canning3
16 Dave Kosik2
17 Anselmo Rossiello1
B Sprint
1 Monique Sullivan19
2 Stewart Bowmer17
3 Michael Cooper14
4 Scott Vigliotti5
5 Andy George4
6 Matt Deluco3
7 Scott Jutson3
8 Boris Martin3
9 Jacob Schwingboth2
10 Joe Jamison1
11 Alex Pope1
1 Michael Brennan103
2 Matt Deluco88
3 Brandon Edwards74
4 Chris Kliem73
5 Adam Barlev60
6 Mike Fellows58
7 Bryan Gallant37
8 Alan Bransdon35
9 Ross Greenwood18
10 Travis Jutson12
11 Sarah Stewart7
12 Colin Hale5
13 Savy Spada4
14 Ryan Rickerts3
1 Roman Torn92
2 Joe Jamison79
3 Doug Preston72
4 Mo Lawrence60
5 Kristine Brynjolfson57
6 Ted Battison41
7 Timothy Hubner40
8 Noe Cooper25
9 Jenny Gerth25
10 Mark Boothroyd21
11 Edward Quinlan20

Full results (all events) are posted Here click on links at bottom of page for categories


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