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July 29/97 22:42 pm - Tour Feminin, Ontario Track Results

Posted by Editor on 07/29/97

National Team for Tour Feminin The National women‚s team for the Tour Feminin has been announced, and has a couple of interesting twists. The team consists of: Linda Jackson Alison Sydor Kim Langton Annie Gariepy Anne Samplonius Leigh Hobson Both Clara Hughes and Sue Palmer are missing due to injury (Hughes) and team commitments (Palmer). Also, Alison Sydor has decided to do the Tour, since her World Cup schedule was shot to pieces with the shoulder injury she suffered prior to the Vail World Cup. Alison is now competing in the Tour de ŒToona road stage race, followed by the Mountain Bike Nationals at Hardwood (north of Barrie, Ontario), and then the Tour. This actually makes a lot of sense, since the road racing will add fitness and set her up well for the World Cup final and her World Championship title defense. The Tour starts on August 12th and ends August 24th (13 stages), covering 1,218.3 kilometres. Who Is That Racer? If you are at the Mountain Bike Nationals you may do a double take when you see the Volvo-Cannondale rider go by. It seems that Alison has opted for a makeover. Gone is the ponytail, in is short hair and (are you ready) it is now BLONDE. Shades of Paola Pezzo... Marcel Thysman Memorial Track Meet, Ontario (courtesy Val Davidge) 200 m. TT 1.Keith Thorarinson 13.81 2.Hans Loeffelholz 13.50 3.Brooks Rapley 14.37 4.Kerry Chapman 14.40 5.Terry Rice 14.49 6.Gerald Locke 14.72 7.Scott Bushlen 14.74 8.Sean Noonen 14.82 9.Rob Cheskey 14.95 10.Mark Foreshaw 15.35 11.Jennifer Pilzecker 15.40 12.Allyson Fox 15.46 13.Julia Bradley 15.47 14.Steve Karpick 15.70 15.Darren Rac 16.10 16.Sarah Heisman 16.44 17.John Consalati 16.50 18.Moagosha Pyjor 16.50 19.Deborah McCoy 17.25 Women's Miss and Out 1. Kim Langton 2. Jennifer Pilzecker 3. Kerry Chapman 4. Allyson Fox 5. Sarah Heisman 6. Moagosha Pyjor MenVet Miss and Out 1. Hans Loeffelholz 2. Scott Bushlen 3. Keith Thorarinson 4. Rob Cheskey 5. Terry Rice 6. Gerald Locke. Ken Pew Memorial Sprints Women 1. Kerry Chapman 2. Kim Langton 3. Allyson Fox Men/Vet 1. Hans Leoffelholz 2. Keith Thorarinson 3. Terry Rice. Women's Snowball 1. Kim Langton 2. Jennifer Pilzecker 3. Julia Bradley 4. Allyson Fox 5. Moagosha Pyjor Men/Vet Snowball 1. Keith Thorarinson 2. Hans Loeffelholz 3. Terry Rice 4. Scott Buschlen 5. Sean Noonen Olympic Sprint 1. Hans Loeffelholz/ Moagosha Pyjor/ Gerald Locke 2. Rob Cheskey/ Keith Thorarinson/ Deborah McCoy 3. Sean Noonen/ Terry Rice/ Allyson Fox 4. Brooks Rapley/ Steve Karpick/ Julia Bradley 5. Kim Langton/ Kerry Chapman/ Jennifer Pilzecker 6. Mark Foreshaw/ Scott Bushlen/ Sarah Heisman Women 20 lap Points Race 1. Kim Langton 2. Allyson Fox 3. Jennifer Pilzecker 4. Julia Bradley 5. Sarah Heisman Men's/Vet 20 lap Points Race 1. Hans Loeffelholz 2. Scott Buschlen 3. Gerald Locke 4. Rob Cheskey 5. Keith Thorarison Top Notch Handicap Sprint 1. Keith Thorarison 2. Hans Loeffelhoz 3. Terry Rice 4. Rob Cheskey 5. Allyson Fox Marcel Thysman Memorial Madison 1. Gerald Locke/Scott Buschlen 2. Keith Thorarison/Jennifer Pilzecker 3. Hans Loeffelholz/Deborah McCoy 4. Rob Cheskey/Moagosha Pyjor 5. Keith Davidge/Kim Langton 6. Rhys Bateman/Julia Bradley 7. Sean Noonen/Sarah Heisman


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