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November 18/08 4:39 am - Gord Fraser Interview

Posted by Editor on 11/18/08

Gord Fraser Interview
by Matt Hansen

Gord Fraser( a.k.a Flash Gordon) was one of North America's winningest riders, dominating the NRC circuit as well as a stint in Europe, winning, among others, a stage of the Criterium Internationale and riding the Tour de France. Although retired, Gord still rides nearly every day and has split his time with his training camps, as well as involvment in the revamped Health Net squad (now Team Ouch). We caught up with him recently to see what he's been up to.

Canadian Cyclist - What are you up to these days?

Gord Fraser - Coaching primarily. We are busy with 'camp' season at CTS Tucson.

CC - Race any local stuff?

GF - Not yet.

CC - Shootout every Saturday still? (The Tucson local ride)

GF - Pretty much every chance I get, but I miss the occasional Saturday.

CC - Talk about involvement with OUCH.

GF - Not as much as previously anticipated.

CC - What do you think of Cam [Evans] and Pinner [Andrew Pinfold] coming to the team?

GF - Awesome. Ouch would have picked up more Symmetrics guys if they had the means. They will both enjoy racing a full year on the NRC, and both riders have tons of potential yet untapped.

CC - What is your take on the state of cycling right now?

GF - In the US, it's pretty good all things considered.

CC - Is Lance coming back to cycling a good thing?

GF - Absolutely. Well, it's pretty obvious that the exposure he brings to the sport in general is very positive. I'm personally very interested to see the big reunion of sorts when California rolls around next year. Lance, Basso, Levi, Christian [Vandevelde], maybe Contador too? Ouch will have Floyd [Landis], Rory [Sutherland] and Cam so I like where we stand and I'm hoping the team will end the drought of wins in the US version of the 'grand tours'.

CC - What is it like for you to make this role transition - why did you decide to go back on the road.

GF - I'll continue coaching full time w CTS, and make occasional directing appearances with Ouch and perhaps other teams as well.

CC - Is the roster finalized, or are you still looking to pick up some riders?

GF - As far as I know, OUCH is finalized.

CC - Speaking of OUCH riders, the Floyd signing is bound to be controversial, why did the team do it, have you spoken to Floyd, what are the expectations?

GF - I talk to Floyd occasionally. I think he's very excited to make his return to racing.

CC - And what do you say/think about the the inevitable complaints from some quarters about working with such a high profile rider, Floyd Landis, who is coming off a doping suspension?

GF - I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whatever stance you may have taken, the facts are that Floyd exposed some serious flaws in the testing protocol and hopefully these have been addressed to safeguard the athletes as much as possible in the future. I've never doubted Floyd's sincerity in this matter, unlike a lot of other riders, and he's served his suspension - deservedly or not. I really look forward to the possibility of working with Floyd again, albeit from a director's standpoint and not a teammate's.


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