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November 27/08 10:46 am - Steve Smith Goes Evil

Posted by Editoress on 11/27/08

Steve Smith Goes Evil

Thomas Vanderham welcomes Steve Smith to the Evil Bikes Team

On behalf of Evil Bikes I am stoked to announce the signing of World Cup downhill racer Steve Smith. I first started hearing Steve's name about four or five years ago when I was still racing BC and Canada Cups. It was always murmured along with phrases like "the next big Canadian racer" and "has the potential to do well at a World Cup level".

This year Steve took big steps to reaching that potential with a break out season, which saw him claim the US Open title, post a 10th place finish at the Andorra World Cup, and debut in the film Seasons. As a fellow rider I am excited to have Stevie as a teammate, we have always had a great time hanging together and I like the confident approach he brings to his riding. The generally soft spoken 18 year old usually lets his riding do the talking, but I forced him to sit down and answer some questions so that all of you could get to know him better.

Thomas Vanderham: Stevie, congratulations on your new deal with Evil Bikes. First off, you are from Cassidy, a small town on Vancouver Island, BC. How did you first get into mountain biking?

Steve Smith: I started on a BMX doing some races here and there. Then a guy from my local bike shop got me a North Shore Extreme video and I was pumped. I started riding on the mountains and was instantly hooked on how much more terrain I could access. I started taking it seriously after my first race, the BC Cup Finals in Hemlock. I won the under 15 category and my time was second in the pro class.

TV: What do you do in Cassidy other than ride your bike?

SS: Not much, I ride my bike a lot. I guess when I'm not I go fishing, ride a bit of moto, and maybe even hit the driving range. Cassidy is pretty mellow.

TV: Do you have a specific off-season training regime?

SS: Yes, last winter Red Bull hooked me up with a trainer and a strict program. I'm in the gym six days a week mixed in with a bit XC riding.

TV: I hear that you are a wizard on your Blackberry, how many text messages would you say you send a month?

SS: Ahh, probably a couple thousand, I don't know exactly but it's a lot.

TV: What is your go-to subway order?

SS: Ha ha, I alternate between two subs for the last eight years. Roast Chicken or Italian BMT both on Honey Oat bread, with lots of chipotle sauce, and all the veggies. I'd say I eat Subway four times week.

TV: What are your thoughts on skin suits? [Note: There has been a lot of discussion about whether skinsuits should be allowed in DH racing]

SS: Oh man, they are the worst things ever. I only wear one at Worlds because you sort of have to, but I get out of it as soon as I can.

TV: This year you were featured in the film Seasons and really were a standout story with your mom shuttling you in the Tracker. People all over the world became familiar with you for the first time, have you noticed any increased attention?

SS: Ya actually, crazy amounts. I had a lot of people recognizing me at events and I'd say I get 15 friend requests on Facebook everyday. I really enjoy it, it's cool to see how many young kids are into the sport these days.

T V: Speaking of the Tracker I hear it has now been retired, what happened?

SS: Touchy subject, we wont go into it.

TV: What is the biggest thing you learned from your first full year racing as a pro?

SS: I'd say I got a lot more comfortable at big races. The experience was huge. I also saw good results from the work I put in during the off season; you really get out what you put in.

In 2009 Stevie will once again be racing the full World Cup circuit, as well as the US Open, Canadian Nationals, and Crankworks. His new ride will be the Revolt, the first downhill bike from Evil, featuring the Delta System by Dave Weagle.

TV: Tells us why you decided to ride for Evil?

SS: A lot of reasons. I am really stoked to ride a good bike, so working with Dave Weagle is a big motivation. Gabe Fox is also someone that I've been working with for five years, and he's helped me out a lot. I also liked the feel of the company; it's a small group with a family atmosphere, so I think it's a good fit for me.

TV: What are your goals for next year and beyond?

SS: I'd like to podium at World Cup races. I'm going to work hard in the off-season to try avoid injuries, and of course have fun!

TV: Anyone you would like to thank?

SS: Everyone that has gotten me to this point. Red Bull, Gabe Fox, Matty my mechanic and, of course, my Mom for the shuttles.

For updates on Stevie and Evil Bikes, visit www.evil


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