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November 30/08 11:24 am - 2008 CCA AGM & Elections

Posted by Editor on 11/30/08

2008 CCA AGM

The 2008 Annual General Meeting for the Canadian Cycling Association has just finished in Quebec City. In addition to the usual agenda items, such as receiving of reports from the provincial sports organizations, CCA President, Committee Chairs, etc.,elections were held for Board and Committee positions.

This year, the positions up for election included President, three Board of Director spots and various Committee Chair and Member spots. Below is a list of the election outcomes:

President - John Tolkamp (BC) was acclaimed for the three year term, and takes over from Pierre Blanchard (Quebec), who chose not to run for another term.

Director at Large - Five candidates for three positions (two year term):

Bill Kinash (Saskatchewan) - Elected
Daniel Manibal (Quebec) - Elected
Michael Sarnecki (Alberta) - Elected
Andrew Feenstra (Nova Scotia) - Defeated
Leon Organ (Newfoundland and Labrador) - Defeated

Chair, High Performance Committee - Luc Arseneau (New Brunswick), Acclaimed (two years)

Chair, Events Committee - Kevin MacCuish (BC), Acclaimed (two years)

HP Committee Development Team Program Rep - Dominique Perras (Quebec), Acclaimed (two years)

Events Committee Road & Track Rep - Sylvain Richard (Quebec), Acclaimed (two years)

Officials Committee Road & Track Rep - Louise Lalonde (Quebec), Acclaimed (two years)

Officials Committee BMX Rep - Martin Sharpe (Ontario) defeated Jason Howard (BC) for a two year term

Other Business

The CCA has managed to remove the deficit position it faced in the previous few years (as of year-end March 31, 2008) and show a small surplus. At the end of 2006-2007 there was an operating deficit of $135,000 because projected revenue estimates were not attained. In the past fiscal year the CCA based expenditures on 'guaranteeed' revenues, and was able to meet this goal, while removing the operating deficit from the previous year ($9000 operating surplus, accumulated surplus of $8000). The current CCA budget is approximately $3.3 million.

However, the challenge now is to rebuild the reserve of funds for contingencies ($50,000) so that the Association does not have to use its line of credit. It was also noted that the improved financial position came at the cost of significant administrative cuts (nearly 50%). Fortunately, the CCA was able to avoid any significant cuts to athlete programs.

Canada continues to be the only country to be awarded two MTB World Cups, and has many other international level events. However, both Canada and the U.S. are at a clear disadvantage under the current Continental system that includes both North and South America for country ranking in Worlds and Olympics selection criteria.

As previously announced, CEO Lorraine Lafreniere will be leaving the CCA no later than March 31st of next year, and a search for a new CEO will commence shortly. Lafreniere leaves after two years with the CCA, and oversaw the return to financial viability and the administrative restructuring of the Association.

The CCA has completed its administrative restructuring plan. The revised structure has the CEO-Secretary General reporting to the Board. Reporting to the CEO are the Director of Finance & Administration, and the Chief Technical Officer (recently hired Jacques Landry).

Reporting to the CTO will be a Development Director and five departments for each of the core sport areas - BMX, Mountain Bike, Para-cycling, Road and Track. Each area will have an associated national coach and a coordinator. The CTO has held meetings with national coaches, athletes and other stakeholders, and will begin filling these positions in the coming months.

There was a proposal to change the President's term of office from three years to four or two so that it matches up better with the Board member and UCI President terms of office.

A Task Force reported back on a Human Rights case that was brought against the CCA regarding participation in National Championships. Basically, CCA rules did not allow non-Canadian citizens to participate in National Championships. The CCA, in response to the Human Rights complaint, struck a Task Force to research the issue and determine practices in other sports communities. The recommendations of the Task Force are that non-Canadian citizens should be allowed to participate in national championships. They will be eligible to win prize monies, but not to win national titles or represent Canada on the national team.

The site of the 2009 has not been decided, because there were a number of proposals from across the country that the Board would like to review, for a decision in January. There is also a suggestion that the AGM date be moved to line up with another existing cycling event. The members did vote to hold the 2010 AGM in Mont Ste Anne, in conjunction with the Mountain Bike Worlds.


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