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December 2/08 1:24 am - Tanya Dubnicoff Moves to LA Track

Posted by Editoress on 12/2/08

Tanya Dubnicoff Moves to LA Track

Canadian coach Tanya Dubnicoff - the 1993 Sprint World Champion - is leaving the Calgary Oval after seven years to take a position at the Home Depot Velodrome in Los Angeles, where she will head up the club program. We spoke with Tanya in Calgary, where she is preparing for her move.

Canadian Cyclist: Why are you leaving Calgary?

Tanya Dubnicoff: Well, it was a couple of things - I've been at the Oval for seven years, and I think it was time for a change to re-motivate myself.

CC: So how did the Home Depot spot come about?

TD: It just sprung up, really. Connie [Paraskevin, 4-time Sprint World Champion] would say 'come down, do something with us.' And it was time for me to try something new, something creative. As a coach you need to move on, to build your skills and re-invent yourself.

CC: What will your role be at the Home Depot Center?

TD: I will be the club coach, working on the Connie Paraskevin cycling program. I'll be working with riders as young as 12 years old.

CC: So will you continue to work with the CCA; can we expect to see more Canadian track camps in Los Angeles?

TD: Of course! I hope that it will become sort of like a satellite centre for Canada. This opens the door for more warm weather stuff. There will be a camp down here in J anuary, and Monique [Sullivan, Canada's top sprinter that Tanya coaches] is moving down here. She need to be on the track more now, to develop her skills.

CC: What about Calgary; how's your leaving going to impact on the cycling programs there?

TD: There are five coaches here [Calgary], so the program is very sustainable. Steve Burke has taken over as the head coach; I think they are going to be fine. They are working with lots of young riders, this is where Zach [Bell] and Monique came from, starting with the young riders, getting them into the sport. At the end of the day, this is what will get them on the podium.


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