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January 31/09 8:45 am - Cyclocross World Championships: U23 Men's Updates

Posted by Editoress on 01/31/09

It is a cold sunny day in Hoogerheide, Netherlands. 1 degree celsius but a stiff breeze off the coast makes it feel much colder. Huge crowds of Dutch and Belgian fans are out to cheer on the riders and estimates are about 10,000 are in attendance... tomorrow should double or triple that!

A large field of 56 on the line and they will race for 50 minutes (approx. 8 laps).

As they head out for lap 1, it is the French contingent at the front of a long line. Canadians, courtesy of their start position near the back are at the back of the bunch and will have their work cut out moving up.

8:45 - Warming up.. now 2 degrees C

Lap 2 8:55am - Andrew Thomas is the top Canuck followed by Brian Robinson and Kyle Fry, but they are well back at the tail end.

Lap 3 Andrew Thomas is making some progreess, moving up through the bunch.

Lap 4 9 am EDT: At the front there has been an attack by Philipp Walsleben (Germany), and Arnaud Jouffroy (France), Pawel Szczepaniak (Poland), Aurelien Duval (France) have responded. There are 2 chasers at 7 seconds.

Lap 5 9:10am EDT - The lead group is still away, but only 1 chaser remains, the other being caught by the bunch that is now at 12 seconds

Lap 6 9:15am EDT - Lead group still away. ClŽment Bourgoin (France) and Quentin Bertholet (Belgium) have taken up the chase and are at 10 seconds. Bunch ~ 21 riders, is at 18 seconds. The cold conditions have made this a very fast track - near road race style. I t will come down to a group sprint.



1 Philipp Walsleben (Germany)


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