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June 28/99 11:29 am - Shep's Report, Melanie Dorion Report

Posted by Editor on 06/28/99

The Shep Report

Ahhhhhh, nothing like killing a week by living in the town where time stood still! Big Bear is definitely the city from the ski bum movie Hot Dog circa 1983....all the condos, and houses painted different shades of brown and beige with gold and green carpet, mack tack wood wall paneling and T-roof camaros lining the drive ways are usual sights. My week of exile consisted of riding around the lake about 15 times, and counting mullet hair cuts...oh the thrill but it was more exciting than riding around the course!

Race day! Sunny, hot, and extremely dusty conditions are the order for the day. The course is a gravel version of the St Wendel World Cup: wide track, and a general lack of originality. From the gun the big boys did battle over 6 laps with the duo of Saucer and Evans establishing a pace that would launch them into first and second by the end of it. The rest of us had to settle into the war of attrition due to the 7300 ft. Shamoe (Haro) had a great start and worked up to around 15th half way through then eventually fell back to the 24 spot by the end. Roland (GT) also had a quick start but the big problem us lowlanders have is altitude shock (not a problem for the dredded one). That lovely topic is the death of many of us.....body feels good so you go hard not realizing that you are putting yourself in oxygen debt...then the hammer falls about half way through! Rolli faded hard on the fourth, while I chugged along losing a few spots each lap due to crashing and thinking that people would start to fade. Where was my rejuvenation? It briefly showed up with two laps left. Sitting in the 33 spot I hooked onto the back of a large group that would have vaulted me in and around 20th. Key words "would have"!

As we started our 5th lap, the group powered away leaving me (and some of the others) gasping in the dust. Actually the real reason I faded was that I was concerned with the amount of squirrels that were gathering on the back side of the course (remember the squirrel incident during the Big Bear NORBA?).....I think they were planning a little revenge for "Chris the squirrel slayer"! I made it though and finished up 43rd. So it is off to Canmore on Thursday and hopefully the home crowds help the Canadians with a little redemption...I know the course and the medium altitude should do wonders...over and out!


Team Catera/Klein/DKNY

PS: Our Quebec connection Matt Toulouse (Ford/Devinci) once again had a flat on the opening lap! He fixed it and then from last position worked himself into the 59th spot before being pulled. Matt has now flatted in 4 of 5 world cups, but thankfully his luck is going well in Canada so look for a strong ride next week! Rolli 53rd, Dre was 62nd, and Ryder pulled.


Shamoe - Seamus McGrath
Rollie - Roland Green
Dre - Andreas Hestler
Ryder - Ryder Hesjedal

Melanie Dorion Report (in French)

Dorion frappe un mur à Big Bear

Big Bear, Californie-Mélanie Dorion a vécu sa pire compétition de vélo de montagne en quatre ans lors de la Coupe du Monde de Big Bear, en Californie. Victime de l'altitude de 8 000 pieds, Dorion a dû s'arrêter à trois reprises pour reprendre son souffle à l'aide de son broncho-dilatateur. " Dès que je poussais, je devais m'arrêter, ça n'avait pas de sens, a expliqué Dorion. " Je suis complètement vidée. J'ai l'impression que ça va me prendre une semaine pour me remettre de cette course-là. " Dorion a terminé au 38e rang.

Loin devant elle, Alison Sydor, de Victoria, a obtenu sa deuxième victoire de la saison sur le circuit de la Coupe du Monde de vélo de montagnes. Sydor a complété le parcours de Big Bear en une heure 43 minutes et 57 secondes. L'Italienne Annabella Stropparo a terminé au deuxième rang à 53 secondes de Sydor, et la Britannique Caroline Alexander a complété le podium avec un retard de deux minutes et 9 secondes.

La saison de la Coupe du Monde de vélo de montagne se poursuivra la semaine prochaine à Canmore, en Alberta.

Des extraits sonores de Mélanie Dorion sont disponibles à L'Agence DIAPO.

Mélanie Dorion est boursière Sac Magique de la Fondation de l'Athlète d'Excellence du Québec. Elle est également commanditée par la Clinique Synergie. Voyez un profil de Mélanie Dorion à la page web


Daniel Aucoin
L'Agence DIAPO
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