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February 19/09 22:00 pm - Cycling News of the World

Posted by Editoress on 02/19/09

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy

Road to Excellence Supports Strong Pan Am Games Bid
The Road to Excellence Initiative expressed its full support today for the proposed Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games venue plan.

The venue plan addresses all of the sport legacy needs identified by the Canadian Olympic Committee at the very beginning of the bid process:

The proposed velodrome in Hamilton will house the only indoor 250m cycling track in Canada. We expect Hamilton to become a centre of high
performance cycling in Canada.
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Cycling is model for cleaning up a sports culture
Cheating in sports is nothing new. Levels of cheating range from something as innocuous as using a corked bat or doctoring a baseball to something as potentially harmful as injecting one's body with performance enhancers. Either way, cheating has been going on in one form or another for longer than most sports fans care to remember or players care to admit.

But only in recent years has this tendency towards foul play been brought to light in most professional sports, with one exception: cycling.

For years now, cycling has been laden with a stigma as a dirty sport. Starting especially in the 1990s, when doping scandals became far more frequent and highly publicized than ever before, the public opinion of the sport began to deteriorate rapidly. Fans assumed, and many still do, that the majority of the professionals they once admired were nothing more than cheaters and liars. All of those great accomplishments that once awed cycling fans were cast under a pall of doubt.
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Lance is back, and still the star
Yellow was the dominant color at the start of Wednesday's fourth stage, just as it has been the dominant color at this race, just as it was the dominant color at last month's Tour Down Under, where Lance Armstrong kicked off his comeback after nearly three years out of the sport.
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Fahey advises Lance to re-test samples


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