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April 1/09 13:29 pm - Did You Get Fished?

Posted by Editor on 04/1/09

Well, it appears that our annual April Fools news items caught a fair number of readers... So, just to clarify: Sport Canada is NOT forcing the CCA to transfer funds from Track to BMX, Andreas Hestler is NOT auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance Canada (so far as we know - thanks to the Rocky people for the additional great Dre photo!), and Emily Batty is NOT going to be the new Mattel spokesperson (again, so far as we know).

The federal funds transfer seems to have struck a nerve, with nearly 100 readers signing our online petition to reverse the plan (and the CCA telling us they have had to calm a number of anxious supporters). 44 also left comments - some of them quite impassioned and eloquent pleas to continue to support track. I think this will go down as one of our more 'successful' April Fools. Below are a few of the comments people made.

By the way, just so that everyone is perfectly clear: any news after this message is the real deal.

The decision to re-allocate funding from track cycling to BMX is a poor judgement call by people who have a lack of understanding about the world of cycling. Track cycling is not only an exciting olympic support, but the Canadian program has been providing excellent support to young athletes that has recently reulted in World Championship medals for both men and women. Track cycling also improves the performance of these same athletes on the road. Just look at the benefits of the British cycling program that integrates the road and track programs very succesfully. BMX provides a strong base for younger cyclists to eventually jump into track or road cycling (and MTB) in the future. MP's and Sport Ministry Staff, please make informed decisions when it comes to making funding decisions on cycling. Keep funding for Track cycling, while also provinding increased support for BMX. This will increase exposure to the sport on all levels and I guarantee will improve Canada's medal count at future olympics and world championships in all disciplines. Wed, 4/1/09 9:37 AM

You Bastards!! I think you got me!!! (damn you april fools day...) - Adam Krupper Wed, 4/1/09 9:36 AM

BMX great. I agree with the reasons but making it one or the other and not both is stupid and short sighted. There is a cross over in all cycling disciplines that should not be ignored. Completely canceling one hurts all cycling. Wed, 4/1/09 9:32 AM

Re: Cutting Track Funding This shortsighted move is aimed at grabbing a few petty votes. It actively disregards the years of effort put into the development of a strong and successful Canadian Track program. With Canada's recent success at the World's, we are finally seeing the benefits of years of hard work and dedication to this sport. To cut this funding now utterly discredits Canada as a nation which supports its athletes, less on a local level, but internationally, as governments world-wide are increasing funds for their track programs. During the Olympics last year, Brittan showed the world what a well-funded, highly developed track program can result in. Now all other countries with promising track athletes are following suit, in pursuit of international recognition for both their athletes and government. By destroying this track program, in favour of appealing to the latest trend, this government is doing an injustice to our athletes and our country. There is a fundamental difference between creating a few sparse and standard BMX trails, and establishing a world-class track racing facility that will attract competitions worldwide and with them: athletes, press, sponsors, and international recognition that will put Canada on par with all the other developed nations who have, and continue to, support this historic sport. Canada's politicians need to get their heads out of their asses and look at what leading nations are doing, and they should respect the hard work and dedication our athletes and their support staff have put in to help Canada become competitive in track racing. Thank you, Adam Krupper Wed, 4/1/09 9:31 AM

this is cutting a developing program from grass roots to Olympics. MURDERING athlete dreams, you @#$%^&* murderer, worse than the 1980 boycott Wed, 4/1/09 8:59 AM

hhhahahahaha Wed, 4/1/09 8:58 AM

Il y a tr`s bon athlète en cyclisme sur piste malgré le peu d'aide et d'outils qu'ils ont pour s'améliorer. Deux médailles d'argent viennent d'être gagné au Championnats de monde et ce n'est pas assez... vous voulez vraiment tuer ce sport ? malgré le peu d'argent et soutien qu'il y a présentement des athlètes grace à leur volonté et leur ténacité qui réussissent à gagner des médailles. Savent vous ou ses athlètes s'entrainent puisque comme vous dite il n'y a pas vraiment de piste bien sur un 3 rouleaux et un computrainer et ils réussissent quand meme à performer parmi des gens qui s'entrainent à l'année longue sur un vélodrome. Votre décision de ne pas investir dans la piste est vraiment illogique, les athlètes ne naissent pas champion ils le deviennent...Vous tenez tellement à gagner des médaillles aux jeux que vous oubliez un principe : pour avoir des champions dans un sport il faut investir mais il semble que vous ne l'ayez pas compris...Que dites-vous à toutes ses athlètes qui pratiquent se sport ? et qu'année après année essaient de se débrouiller avec les moyens qu'ils ont, abandonner ca ne vaut pas la peine nous ne croyons pas en vous ???? changez de sport, il n'y a pas d'espoir dans celui là puisque nous ne vous aiderons pas ???? Votre décision de bureaucrate affecte des milliers de personne qui pratique se sport... y avez vous pensez ? surement pas. D'une cycliste qui adorent la piste Wed, 4/1/09 8:57 AM

Yeap, a minister of science who is not sure about Darwin and thinking that creationism is the way... a minister of culture who don't realy know Felix Leclerc and Atom Egoyan (as seen at radio-canada, sunday mid-mars) and now this one who think he know something about sport.... not so sure for me.... GET THEM OUT FAST Wed, 4/1/09 8:34 AM

Completely agree with this decision, just hope they put a road or mtn bike coach in place, track coaches have very difficult time with the fact that BMX has both left and right hand turns. Wed, 4/1/09 8:29 AM

that's an april fools joke.....right? Wed, 4/1/09 8:22 AM


This is a perfect example of the wrong people put in places to make important decisions. I am not saying don't spend money on BMX, but track is an Olympic sport with many medals at stake and Canada has made great improvements in track. Now is the time to put $$$ into track, not take it away. Instead of learning from countries like Australia, we continue to make uneducated (diplomatic way of saying stupid) decisions like this one. This is definitely a sad day for cycling. Wed, 4/1/09 5:18 AM

This is crazy!!! Stupid Harperites Wed, 4/1/09 4:36 AM


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