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April 3/09 9:40 am - Good Friday Road Races, Ontario Cup # 1

Posted by Editor on 04/3/09

Hamilton Cycling Club, Race Director's Update

It is with great pleasure that I release the final details for the 57th Good Friday Road Ontario tradition the Hamilton Cycling Club calls its own. The course boasts an 18.5 km road circuit selective to riders who can find the ebb and flow of the peloton as it rollercoasters through the Westover-Strabane Drumlin Field. For the rouleurs...the Flamborough Plain is there for them to drive the train.

Note: Start Times...9am...11:15am...1:30pm (see Technical Guide at for detailed Category information)

2009 Upgrades...

Prizes: Minimum $3 000.00 through Cooper Tires / Brant Cycle / HCC cash prize bond.(HCC Medals also guaranteed)

Parking, Registration and Event Central: Contracted at McCann Professional Dog Trainers. Please see Technical Guide for parking and facilities information. Thank you to Marti McCann for sharing his experience with national events and for connecting us further with the local community.

Food Service: The Rockton Lions Club will be providing food service from their Fall Fair Rig. Breakfast stuff on buns (I'm talking back bacon) as well as the hot dog burger thing...lots of coffee etc. The type of community group every cycling club wants to get to know. Menu and prices will be posted on line.

Volunteers: Our core Hamilton CC volunteers are supported this year by the students of Barton Secondary School as they accummulate community service hours and raise money for their graduation. HCC is already making a donation...and we suggested asking for spare change as they park the cars. Please do not feel obligated...give as you see fit.

We always look forward to putting on our big show...and would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Tires Direct (Cooper Tires). For many years they have partnered with us and have been part of the growth and success that we have enjoyed.

Come on out and enjoy the day...the pieces are in place. Racer, volunteer or fan (we need all three to have an event)'re sure to have a good time. For more info re: Sponsorship (cash for prizes), Volunteering (need knowledgable caravan drivers) or racing e-mail the Race Director asap.

Chris L Kiriakopoulos
Race Director, Hamilton Cycling Club


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