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April 7/09 0:30 am - CCA's Pan Am Track Trials: Day 2

Posted by on 04/7/09

The National Track program has just wrapped up day 2 in Los Angeles of trials for the Pan Am Championship to be held in about a month in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Day 2 saw competitors in sprint disciplines compete in the standing 250m and standing 500m. Lawrence Leroux clocked a 18.27 and Joe Veloce a 18.55, both eclipsing the 18.70 standard. In the 500m Veloce also met the standard ( 33.45 ) running a 32.99.

The endurance riders were also out today getting reruns at the mass start test and trying for the individual pursuit standard. No riders met the pursuit standard but Jean-Michel Lachance and Lisa Perlmutter met the mass start test times and other riders crept closer.

Tomorrow will be trials for team pursuit and team sprint.

Standing 250m
Stephane Cossette 19.43
Allan Leparskas 19.24
Lawrence Leroux 18.27
Scott Mulder 19.79
Joseph Veloce 18.55
Mass Start test re-rides
Laurie-Ann Dupont-Renaud 500m 2km
Lisa Perlmutter 34.94 2.41:50
  33.68 2.36:04
  500m 3km
Ryan Aitcheson 31.88 3.36:78
David Boily 31.90 3.33:88
Daniele DeFranchesci (first ride) 31.72 3.38:90
Jean-Michel LaChance 31.06 3.29:09
Mark MacDonald 30.82 3.32:35
Stephen Meyer 30.50 3.32:87
Matt Potma 32.08 DNF
Tim Sherstobitoff 30.94 3.32:23
Pursuits 3km/4km
Steph Roorda 3.46:61
Trevor Gunderson 4.53:83
Jean-Michel LaChance 4.47:79
Matt Potma 4.42:24
  Standing 500m
Stephane Cossette 34.99
Allan Leparskas 34.75
Lawrence Leroux 34.42
Scott Mulder 35.26
Joseph Veloce 32.99
Karin Cote 37.32
Monique Sullivan 36.22

Courtesy Jeremy Story


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