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July 6/99 9:44 am - Shep Report, Mississauga Monday Night Results

Posted by Editor on 07/6/99

The Shep Report

Chris Sheppard, Catera/Klein pro, files his report from Canmore...

Well it was about time the world cup truly endured hellish conditions - for the first time in a long while. The women suffered through hypothermia, near freezing temperatures, and the same mud that we went through. Much of the time was spent worrying about making it through each technical section without breaking any body parts, let alone worrying about who was behind you. The men enjoyed slightly warmer temperatures, although during the early morning races snow was mixed in with the rain. As I waited for the start I pondered how long it would take before the mud permeated my shorts and turned them into sandpaper!

From the gun the racers bottlenecked on the bridge, then were strung out on the ensuing drag race for the next muddy hill. Between these two points was a field with 4 inches of water, mud pits, and power zapping long grass that crushed our hopes of staying dry at least for the first climb. Shamoe ganked everyone when the riders ground to a halt on the steep climb before entering the stadium...the result was 5th starting the first of four laps. The usual suspects again dominated the front with Van Dooren having an off day for the first time in two years (24th)....Frischknecht got a massive gap on the first leg of the one km of running a lap, and then maintained for the rest of the race. Evans challenged on lap three but was crushed by the long striding Swiss. On the North American side Dre climbed up to 14th on the third, squashing many a rider in the technical, unfortunately he blew and then fell back on the last lap. Tinker worked his way up, as did Shamoe, and Weins but all came back on the last lap (shamoe suffered shifting problems till 1km left when his rear der blew apart)....Peter Wedge had a strong race, posting a 27th, while I stayed steady on the last lap, moving up eight places to finish 30th (I worked with yankee Jimi Killen to motivate each other and reel in the competition). Rolli worked up to 32nd and hell froze over when Matt Toulouse (the french flatter) didn't flat and finished 37th!

Kudos to the women who had to go through hell on Saturday and then were out cheering with the other thousands of spectators that paid $5 to watch the suffering!

Shamoe - Seamus McGrath
Dre - Andreas Hestler
Rolli - Roland Green

Mississauga Monday Night Series
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

EVENT # Novice 10
DATE: July 5th, 1999

1Gord McFarlaneInd.3blue1/4/5312
2George FraserHamilton C.C.MCblack1/5/2011
3Fernando BagnascoInd.3greens.t.10
4Chris KiriakopoulosInd.MBblues.t.9
5Alex PondInd.MBblacks.t.8
6Michael McGonegalInd.3greens.t.
7Andrew SzafranskiInd.3blues.t.6
8Anita WaymanSchwinn CanadaWgreens.t.5
9Dave ValentiBrampton C.C.3greens.t.4
10Dave PinderInd.MBblues.t.3
11Pat MalaviInd.3red1/5/392
12Phil MooreInd.3blue1/5/531
13Nadia El NesrBrampton C.C.Wblack1/5/581
14Ryan De BoerMississauga VolvicCADred1/6/001
15Duncan NewmanInd.MBgreen1/6/041
16Derek PeelingInd.3blue1/6/181
17Graham MillsBrampton C.C.MBredAt 1 lap1
18Barb BrzeckiFly GirlsWredAt 1 lap1

PRIMES: Gord McFarlane 18 pts., Duncan Newman 10, Andrew Szafranski 5, Chris Kiriakopoulos 2, Dave Valenti 1

Team winners BLUE (1ST. 4TH. 7TH. )

Upgraded to Wednesday handicap group: Gord McFarlane


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