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April 18/09 12:58 pm - Sea Otter Classic: Super D Ash 2nd, Simms 4th, Allison wins Junior Men

Posted by Editoress on 04/18/09

Carl Decker and Kelli Emmett, both of team Giant, scored their second Super D wins in today's third annual Sea Otter Classic Super D. Despite an odd start, which found racers kneeling in the dirt with their foreheads to the ground a short distance from their overturned bikes, it was the experience from the last three years of Sea Otter Super D that earned them victory.

Men's race favorite Decker, having won last year's Super D, tailored his race strategy to the course's contours. A specific choice of eyewear helped boost his confidence and raise his speed to an untouchable velocity, which his rivals could not reach. Motocross goggles provided extra wind and noise protection, which also helped insulate Decker from the harrowing reality of going 50 mph. over water bars in today's race.

Decker's plan was simple: get to the front first and try to stuff everyone else as far behind him as possible.

"You have to sprint to the top of the hill and get over it first," Decker explained. "From there it's just a matter of getting a gap because if someone sits on your wheel, there are chances to pass lower on the course."

Decker finished in 6:21.7 with an eight-second lead over second place, Aaron Bradford (Onsite Ultrasound).

Emmett, who won the inaugural Super D two years ago, pulled out a late-race strategy that she learned the hard way during last year's race, when she was edged out of the lead by Lea Davison.

"Last year I lost on the hill," Emmett said. "On that third roller, you've got to be the first person, so I just sat on Rachel's wheel 'til that last hill and passed her."

Current national Super D champ, Rachel Lloyd (PROMAN), set a bruising pace from the start that Emmett matched over the first two rollers. Emmett's recent sprint training paid dividends on the bottom third of the course when she forced a speed that outpowered Lloyd near the end. LGBRC's Mary-Ellen Ash succeeded in working her way up front and even managed to overtake Lloyd to finish second.

Emmett hopes to repeat another Sea Otter win on Sunday when she defends last year's first place finish in the cross-country race.

Sea Otter press release

Pro Women
1 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant MTB Team 07:15.5
2 Mary-Ellen Ash (Can) Sugar CRM 07:17.2
3 Rachel Lloyd (USA) PROMAN 07:18.7
4 Wendy Simms (Can) Kona 07:23.2
5 Maureen Kunz (USA) Lost Coast Brewery 07:42.3
6 Jamie Stamps (USA) Bicycle Planet 07:45.4
7 Anina Aaron (USA) 07:47.0
8 Shannon Holden (USA) 07:49.5
9 Rebecca Rusch (USA) 07:52.1
10 Philicia Marion (USA) Kenda/KMC/Hayes 08:34.8
11 Rachel Throop (USA) 08:56.4
DNF Jean Ann McKirdy (Can) Local Ride Elite Women's MTB Team
Pro Men
1 Carl Decker (USA) Giant MTB Team 06:21.7
2 Aaron Bradford (USA) Onsite 06:30.2
3 Nate Byrom (USA) Northstar 06:30.9
4 Jason Sager (USA) Jamis 06:32.7
5 Travis Livermon (USA) Champion System 06:34.7
6 Sam Benedict (USA) Specialized 06:35.1
7 Robert Marion (USA) Kenda/KMC/Hayes 06:35.6
8 Christopher Everist (Can) 3 Rox Racing 06:39.5
9 Wes Dichson (USA) 06:40.1
10 Scott Leland (USA) 06:40.7
11 Robert Bender (USA) 06:48.1
12 Jordan Lopez (USA) 06:50.3
13 Ian Massey (USA) 06:50.8
14 Adam Parke (USA) 06:51.4
15 Timothy Carson (USA) 06:58.6
16 Joel Baty (USA) 06:58.9
17 Matt Wittler (USA) 07:04.5
18 Allan Laframboise (USA) 07:05.3
19 Chris Brown (USA) 07:13.8
20 Ray Storm (USA) Pronghorn 07:19.5
21 Rich Houseman (USA) 07:35.7
22 Michael Males (USA) 07:36.4
23 Tyler Thompson (USA) 07:36.9
24 Naish Ulmer (USA) 07:59.5
DNF Ross Schnell (USA)
DNF Joe Lawwill (USA)
18 & Under Men
1 Tyler Allison (Can) Cycling BC 06:53.7
2 Casey Sanchez (USA) 06:56.9
3 Chase Dickens (USA) 06:57.9
4 Brady Adams (USA) 07:12.4
5 Riley Predum (USA) 07:15.5
6 Trevor Thomassen (USA) 07:16.0
7 Noah Hanagan (USA) 07:21.2
8 Colby Pastore (USA) 07:23.4
9 Tommy Bitner (USA) 07:27.5
10 Anthony Goryl (USA) 07:43.1
11 Casey Williams (USA) 07:46.1
12 Matthew Prout (USA) 07:49.9
13 Gene Capinas (USA) 07:52.7
14 Bryce Semonian (USA) 07:57.8
15 Colin Kenny 1.06.90 08:00.6
16 Jason Hadsell (USA) 08:02.1
17 Jacob Stowe (USA) 08:02.5
18 Matt Atwood (USA) 08:06.5
19 Richard Schoenfelder (USA) 08:08.3
20 Avery Cook (USA) 08:15.4
21 Peter Woolley (USA) 08:19.9
22 James Schmidt (USA) 08:26.1
23 Liam Earl (USA) 08:26.5
24 Ian Stowe (USA) 08:27.0
25 Reilly Hohman (USA) 08:36.4
26 Andrew Henn (USA) 08:40.2
27 Miles Lim (USA) 08:44.3
28 Brian Twiggs (USA) 08:45.5
29 Ethan Cook (USA) 08:46.6
30 Andrew Clifton (USA) 08:53.6
31 Jimmy Lucchesi (USA) 09:25.1
32 Zach Williams (USA) 09:27.1
33 Bryce Zaffarano (USA) 09:39.2
34 Matteo Jorgenson (USA) 09:46.2
35 Anthony Reardon (USA) 10:35.0
36 Michael Beck (USA) 12:11.0
DNF Tyler Oreilly (USA)
DNF Antonio Enriquez.V (USA)
U18 women
1 Cayley Brooks (Can) 7:57.7
2 Kjersten Lone (Can) 7:59.2
3 Christine Weir (USA) 8:00.0
4 Nicole Rehder (USA) 8:49.9
5 Kristin Brooks (Can) 9:48.4



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