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April 20/09 19:04 pm - Tour of the Battenkill

Posted by Editoress on 04/20/09

Jordan Cheyne, who is riding for, went to the junior race down in Cambridge, NY for the first race on Saturday.  He attacked with about 5km to go and took the win by 47 seconds.  I'm coaching him. (courtesy Mark Walters)

Junior 17-18 Men (April 18th)
1 Jordan Cheyne (
2 Joseph Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles/Trakkers)
3 Luke Keough (CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast)
4 Wes Kline (Young Medalists / Team Dual Tem)
5 Jacob Gorke (CRCA Junior Development)
6 Elliott Craddock (Seigler Sports)
7 Nathan Piche (Farm Team Cycling)
8 Juan Carmona (Young Medalists / Team Dual Tem)
9 Collin Huston (CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast)
10 Robin Carpenter (Main Line Cycling Club/ Bikyle/)
11 Bill Golembieski (CRCA Junior Development)
12 Synjen Marrocco (CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast)
13 Cooper Ray (GS - Gotham/Toga Bikes)
14 Jesse Keough (CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast)
15 Matt Muney (Young Medalists / Team Dual Tem)
16 Jordan Strober (CRCA Junior Development)
17 Zack Noonan (Young Medalists / Team Dual Tem)
18 Eli Robinson (Finger Lakes Cycling Club)
19 Manny Goguen (CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast)
20 Lucas Harville (Seigler Sports)
21 Zane Dordai (Colavita Racing)
22 David Stires (Century Road Club of America)
23 Derek Wojtkun (Farm Team Cycling)
24 Samuel Hornberger (Toga Bikes)
25 Theodore Heinz (Unattached)

Pro 1/2/3 Women (April 18th)
1 Evelyn Stevens (CRCA / Radical Media)
2 Karol-Ann Canuel (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
3 Anna McLoon (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)
4 Natasha Elliot (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
5 Silke Wunderwald (Team Kenda)
6 Elena Dale (Anthem Sports Women's Cycling p)
7 Lyne Bessette (October Factory Team)
8 Laura Van Gilder (C3 Sollay)
9 Margaret Shirley (CRCA Radical Media)
10 Patty Buerkle (Zaveta)
11 Kate Veronneau (Kutztown Cutters)
12 Véronique Labonté (Equipe Cascades - ABC Cycles)
13 Mary Zider (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
14 Beth Miller (Anthem Sports Women's Cycling p)
15 Audrey Friedrichsen Scott (Anthem Sports p/b Odyssey Energ)
16 Joanie Caron (Equipe Cascades - ABC Cycles)
17 Karen Mackin (Northeast Bicycle Club NEBC)
18 Lucie Poulin (Equipe Cascades - ABC Cycles)
19 Julie Marceau (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
20 Debony Diehl (Sunapee S&W)
21 Dale Malkames (USI)
22 Isabelle Rodrigue (Iris)
23 Audrey Lemieux (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
24 Rebecca Blatt (Team Kenda Tire)
25 Perri Mertens (Cambridge Bicycle)
26 Elisa Gagnon (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
27 Clara Kelly (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent)
28 Anna Milkowski (Unattached)
29 Lisa Force (CRCA/comedy central-Sid's bikes)
30 Becky Koh (CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes)
31 Kyla Rollinson (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
32 Kristy Swope (Team EPS / CSS p/b Brielle Cycl)
33 Veronique Bilodeau (Equipe Cascades - ABC Cycles)
34 Janel Bedard (Preferred Care Elite Cycling)
35 Kathleen Billington (Anthem Sports Women's Cycling p)
36 Nancy Ford (USI)
37 Michelle Paiement (Unattached)
38 Carola Berger (Webcor/Alto Velo)
39 Kathryne Carr (Sunapee S&W)
40 Katherine Papillon-Rodrigue (Willams Cycling)
41 Cheryl Wolf (Bethel Cycle)
42 Maria Elena Collazo (Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's/Victor)
43 Robin Sheedy (Blue Hills Cycling Club)
44 Amy Mcguire (Hub Racing)
45 Sue Kuenstner (Cafeteros Cycling Club)
46 Cecelia Pleva (Radical Media)
47 Maria Quiroga (CRCA/Radical Media)
48 Margaret Thompson (Mission in Motion Cycling- Tiog)
49 Ashley Prine (CRCA/Radical Media)
50 Lenore Pipes (Zaveta)
51 Karla Labbe (Unattached)
52 Karen Franzen (CVC/Subaru of New England)
53 Bess Arendall (Unattached)
54 Évelyne Gagnon (Unattached)
55 Catherine Couture (Equipe Cascades - ABC Cycles)


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