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April 23/09 9:23 am - Campione Cycles Maydays Memorial Race IMPORTANT Information

Posted by Editoress on 04/23/09

There have been a few misundestandings regarding the upcoming Campione Cycles Maydays Memorial Race.  Please read the following information carefully and I will try my best to be specific in my explanation.

There is only 1 Sprint Omnium.  It is an Open race but the calibre of riders coming are the kind that run sub 13sec for 200m.  I believe most will be around the 12.49 and better timing.  That Omnium will last the whole 3 days.  Friday will have you racing the Chariot races.  Saturday you race the 200m, Sprint rounds, Win&Out, and Snowball.  Sunday is the Kilo and Keirin.

Karelo has a B Sprint Omnium listed.  I am sorry for the mix up but there is NO B SPRINT OMNIUM.

For Friday and Saturday there are 4 different Endurance Omniums. (A, B, C, Women).  Dependng on the amount of entries in B and C we will of course run qualifying races on the Friday night.
This year there will be a big decrease in the size of the A field as many local and frequent racers to Burnaby will be heading south for the Pan Ams.  I might be upgrading some strong B riders to A in lieu of running two B packs, but I iwll let riders know ahead of time on that.

The Open Madison Omnium is for riders comfortable with the art of that race and will be run Friday and saturday as well.  We also have a B Madison Challenge for new comers to the event on saturday.
We are of course also running Fixie and New Riders on the Saturday.  As well there is a Karelo registration for a swap table, so please feel free to bring your unused bike related stuff to sell.

SUNDAY is an Omnium onto itself.  It is going to be a Weorld's Omnium and I will be running 5 different categories. A, B, C, Women, and 50+.  There will be a minumum of 6 riders per category.  Again if we run into maximum numbers for the B and C categories a strategy will be figured out to simplify that issue.  The 50+ category is being created to attract riders who have raced before but might have been out of competition for a few years.  So please no Elite A or strong B 50+ aged riders register for this category.

There is a chance that Karelo will be fixed and entry will be extended until Tuesday evening now.  I will send out a follow up email if and when Karelo is fixed.  If we can't get it fixed please email me all your information and I will handle pre reg myself, but PLEASE wait until Friday for that.  If you have registered for anything other than the above categories email  ( me and we can place you appropriately.

Scott Laliberte
Campione Cycles MayDays Memorial Race
Race Organizer


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