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April 26/09 4:51 am - Offenburg World Cup: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 04/26/09

A beautiful sunny day in Offenburg as the women set out.  They will do a start loop plus 6 laps of the course.


The Women have just completed the start loop with Katrin Leumann in the lead.  Marie-Helene Premont (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles ) and Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team ) have moved up from there start position of 5th row to top 40 spots.


Lap 1:  There are 3 leaders as they complete the first lap, Lene Byberg    (Specialized Factory Racing ), Margarita Fullana Riera    (Massi ) and Irina Kalentieva    (Topeak Ergon Racing Team ).  Elisabeth Osl    (Central Ghost Pro Team ) is 4th at 3 seconds, Willow Koerber    (Subaru-Gary Fisher ) 5th  4 seconds and Catharine Pendrel 6th at 10 seconds.  Marie-Helene Premont is sitting  24th at 1 min and moving up


5:15am (EST)  Lap 2: Up the main climb, Fullana has taken the lead and is alone with a good gap over Irina Kalentieva (5 sec) and Lene Byberg (10 sec).  Pendrel still sitting 6th


Heading to complete the 2nd lap, Fullana still leading with Kalentieva chasing at 6 seconds. Then a group of 4 chasing:  Osl, Pendrel, Byberg and Eva Lechner (Colnago) 8 seconds .  Koerber 7th


Lap 3: As they start the 3rd lap. Fullana,  with Kalentieva at 23 seconds, then the group of 4 at 30 seconds.  Premont up to 14th and Emily Batty 15th both 1:40 back.  Amanda Sin 43rd, Mical Dyck 56th, McKirdy 59th, Walter 76th, Surprenant 86th


5:35:  Through the feed zone:  Fullana still leading but the group of 4 has caught Kalentieva and dropped Lechner and are moving up.  Premont and Batty sitting 13 and 14 now


Lap 4:   Fullana starts the lap with a 40 second gap on the chase group of 5, Pendrel leading, Osl, Kalentieva, Byberg and Lechner.  Chengyuan Ren (China) is 7th.  Sabine Spitz    (Central Ghost Pro Team ) 8th and Willow Koerber    (Subaru-Gary Fisher ) 9th are next at 1:30 down.  Emily Batty 11th and Premont 12th


5:50am:  Coming down off the climb and passing through the techzone, Fullana's lead is extending with Osl and Byberg at 50 sec followed by Pendrel, Kalentieva and Ren.  Emily Batty now into the top 10 with Premont in 12th.


6am EST: Heading to the end of the lap, Fullana with a gap of  on 3 chasers:  Ren, Pendrel and Byberg at 45 sec.  Osl and Kalentieva at 8 sec.  Lechner at another 25 seconds.  Spitz and Koerber at 1 min +


Lap 5:   As they start the lap Fullana with chase group of 3 (Ren, Pendrel, Byberg) at 46 seconds.  Kalentieva and Osl still together at 51 seconds, Lechner 7th, Koerber 9th,  Schneitter 10th, Batty 11th, Anna Szafraniec    (Jbg-2 Professional Mtb Team ) 12th, Premont 13th, Georgia Gould (Luna) 14th, Mary Mcconneloug    (Kenda Seven) 26th, Amanda Sin 37th, Mical Dyck 54th, JeanAnn McKirdy 55th.


6:11am EST - Partway around, Fullana, but Ren alone in 2nd has picked up the pace and is closing the gap to ~ 20 sec.  Pendrel 3rd at 40 seco, Byberg 4th at 45 sec.  Kalentieva and Osl at 1 min.  Batty 9th, Premont 11th


Lap 6:  As they head out for the final lap, Fullana's gap to Ren is just 12 seconds.  Byberg and Pendrel at 58 sec. Kalentieva and Osl at 1:10.   Batty 10th, Koerber 11th, Gould 12th, Premont 15th


6:25 am EST:  Ren has now taken the lead having caught Fullana at ~ the half way point and now has a 10 sec gap.  Byberg in 3rd, Kalentieva 4th and Pendrel 5th





1 Chengyuan Ren    (Chn)    Chinese national,    1:49:56
2 Margarita Fullana Riera    (Esp)    Massi,     at 0:51

3 Lene Byberg    (Nor)    Specialized Factory Racing

4  Irina Kalentieva    (Rus)    Topeak Ergon Racing Team

5  Elisabeth Osl    (Aut)    Central Ghost Pro Team

6 Catharine Pendrel    (Can)    Luna Pro Team



10 Emily Batty  (Can)    Toronto Trek Store  *U23 winner






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