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July 8/99 9:55 am - Track in Ontario, Nova Scotia Cancellation, Midweek Results

Posted by Editor on 07/8/99

The Only Ontario Race This Weekend (Non-MTB)
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Ontario Track League - Wind-Del Community Park, Windham Centre, Sunday July 11th.
Start time: 12 noon. Entry Fee: $10.

A one time, refundable, deposit will be charged for a race number to all new track league riders. This will be returned - either at the end of the day or at the last event of the season.

Riders will be divided into two groups depending on ability and experience. This will apply to all events except the handicap and the final distance event. Newcomers welcome.

For further information, call 905-824-8906

Nova Scotia Race Cancellation
(courtesy Randy Gray)

The July 11th mountain bike race, "Urban Assault" in Kentville, Nova Scotia has been cancelled due to the state of the dry forest conditions.

The next race in the province will be 8 Hours of Gore on the 18th, See you all there!

Midweek Club Wednesday Night Crit
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

EVENT # 13, DATE: July 7th. Prestige event # 3
DISTANCE: 60 KM, 27 LAPS, Av. Sp.: 43.7 KPH
WEATHER: Muggy & overcast to start, torrential downpour from laps 12 - 16., then sunny and cooler for rest of event. Strong NNW wind


There were 73 starters in this 3rd race of the prestige series. The first two laps were leisurely, with some of the riders eyeing the ominous thunder clouds to the north west. Then in lap 3, Dan Maggiacomo (Jet Fuel) and Dave Fry (RNH) took a 15 second lead on the still-intact bunch. However, they were hauled back within a lap and everyone stayed together until the first prime at lap 5 which was won by Fry.

At this point, the three Hansen brothers: Matt (Jet Fuel) Christian (KHS) and Jeff (Ital Pasta) took advantage of the slowing group and rapidly established a commanding lead which at one point stretched to 50 seconds.

Towards the end of lap 11 the heavens opened and caused at least a third of the riders to quit and the rest to split into three bunches and a few stragglers. Meanwhile, the Hansen trio continued to ride steadily, well away from the chase group, with Matt taking the second prime.

During the next 5 laps, first Kevin Speacht (Kiro) and then a quartet of the stronger riders, attempted to bring in the Hansens but there was little action from anyone else.

A number of other riders retired from the race and by lap 21, there were only 40 left, with the Hansen brothers still leading a chase pack of 15 by 40 seconds.

The following lap, Dan Maggiacomo jumped clear of this group and valiantly tried to bridge to the break but it was too little too late and the bunch picked up the pace and hauled him in, at the same time cutting the Hansen‚s lead to 20 seconds.

At this point, Christian dropped back some way and Matt and Jeff slowed right down to pick him up. This was nearly their undoing as the bunch was in sight and picked up the pace a couple more notches.

Realizing that they were in danger of being caught, the Hansen train got going again and the last two laps were the fastest of the race.

At the line, it was Christian, Jeff and Matt with Dave Fry winning the bunch gallop only 11 seconds back.

Congrats. to all who finished, including those who have upgraded from the Monday series, who showed that they could stay with the "big boys".

Thanks to our sponsors and to Jack Wierzbicki for donating a one hour sport massage as a prime prize.

1Christian HansenKhs11:21:5612
2Jeff HansenItal Pasta1s.t.11
3Matt HansenJet Fuel1s.t.10
4Dave FryRNH11:22:079
5Malcolm MunroeRacer Sportif1s.t.8
6Matt KingsGary Fisher2s.t.7
7Mike YbanezMississauga Volvic2s.t.6
8James WaddenKiro3s.t.5
9Dan MaggiacomoJet Fuel1s.t.4
10Chad GrochowinaMississauga Volvic1s.t.3
11Blue/White jersey ????2

PRIMES: Dave Fry-2, Jeff Hansen-2, Matt Hansen, Kevin Speacht (Kiro), James Wadden (Kiro)


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