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July 9/99 11:08 am - Apex Vertical in B.C., Women's Giro, W.O.W. Enduro

Posted by Editor on 07/9/99

Apex Vertical, B.C.
(courtesy Ron Hayman)

Apex Vertical is a multi-event mountain bike festival at the "new" Apex Mountain Resort. The mountain is under new management since it's last major competition - the 1993 Canadian Mountain Bike Championships. A new hotel, restaurant, grocery store and saloon were added recently. Best of all, the resort is excited to host mountain bikers - and the quad chairlift is open for cyclists all summer - Thursday to Sunday!

Think about staying in BC for another week - after the Silver Star Canada Cup Finals. Gain the benefits of altitude and experience the warm southern interior. If you are flying from Kelowna - Penticton is only 1 hour south. Penticton also has an excellent airport with daily connections to Calgary and Vancouver.

$1000 cash! How you win:

Our results team will sort all male and female results from first to last for both cross-country and downhill. First place gets 1 point, second place 2 point,etc. We add the two event totals together for each racer, and lowest combined tally wins $1000 cash. The cool thing is - everyone is eligible - regardless of category!

Dual Slalom

We have a challenging course right in the village - qualifying on Saturday evening, finals Sunday evening.


A brand new course based on the old "Championships of the Universe" (not the 1993 nationals route) beginning and finishing in the village. In this mass start event you'll traverse to the Apex plateau - and complete 2 gently rolling laps - all at 6000+ft, before returning the village on a pristine single track decent.


Try this test from the 7,300ft peak to village centre. A revamped version of the 1993 nationals course - with new sections cut into the high alpine. Expect an interesting combination of heart stopping speed and loamy single track.

Youth Camp

Open to all riders from ages 11-18. This camp runs three days (July 29-31). We have expert coaches on hand to teach all aspects of mountain biking. Registration includes food, accommodation, three days of instruction and free entry into the cross-country (only $199). Almost full.

For more info or to register on line - www.apexvertical .com

Giro Feminnile, Italy

Stage 9 - Montebelluna to Tambre 107 km

1. Zoulfia Zabirova (Rus) Acca Due O Lorena Camice 2:56:41
2. Joane Sommariba (Esp) Alfa Lum-William Aurora at 0:39
3. Svetlana Boubnkova (Rus) Alfa Lum-William Aurora 2:16
4. Tatiana Stiajkina (Ukr) Selene Rama Mista
5. Tamara Polikova (Ukr) Slovakia
6. Pia Sundstedt (Fin) Gas Sport Team
7. Yuliya Murenka (Ukr) Ukrainian National Team
8. Daniela Veronesi (Smr) Alfa Lum-William Aurora
9. Edita Pucinskaite (Ltu) Acca Due O Lorena Camice all s.t.
10. Roberta Bonanomi (Ita) Acca Due O Lorena Camice 2:19


1. Joana Sommariba (Esp) Alfa Lum-William Aurora 23:47:24
2. Svetlana Boubnkova (Rus) Alfa Lum-William Aurora at 2:11
3. Daniela Veronesi (Smr) Alfa Lum-William Aurora 2:40
4. Edita Pucinskaite (Ltu) Acca Due O Lorena Camice 4:28
5. Zoulfia Zabirova (Rus) Acca Due O Lorena Camice 5:02
6. Tatiana Stiajkina (Ukr) Selene Rama Mista 5:43
7. Pia Sundstedt (Fin) Gas Sport Team 6:00
8. Heidi Van de Vijver (Bel) Vlaanderen 2002 6:58
9. Yuliya Murenka (Ukr) Ukrainian National Team 7:40
10. Cindy Pieters (Bel) Vlaanderen 2002 8:43

W.O.W. Enduro Final Edition - July 18th

It's almost here. The end of a legend. After 10 years of organizing the most unique mountain bike ride in Ontario, W.O.W. is retiring this event. (We repeat - the event is retiring, not W.O.W.!) Long before anyone else tried an Enduro or a Raid in Ontario, we were there providing one of the toughest and most enjoyable rides to be had in Ontario. For this 10th and final W.O.W. Enduro we return once again to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre northwest of Toronto.

From the beginning we've stuck to 4 principles. The first is that none of the trail is repeated. We've never done any of that wussy crap of repeated laps of a short course. That ain't an Enduro! We've got routes of 60 km and 30 km, and a 10 km guided tour. The 60 km route is 85% off road, with most of that as the fantastic single track of the Mansfield Outdoor Centre and the Dufferin County Forest. You can race the 60 km in a time trial format. Racers depart in groups of 4 at one minute intervals. The fastest time last year was 2:58. We're using most of the route from last year, so you're in for a challenge of tough climbs, rough trails and even a river crossing. If you're not into the competitive thing, then you can cruise the same 60 km route that the racers do. The 30 km tour route is almost all single track. So is the 10km tour. There are checkpoints along the way with food, water and XLR-8 energy drink.

The second principle is that you get fed awesome food. No subs or junk like that. Chicken or veggie wraps, pasta salad and Joan's Killer Home-made Brownies for dessert. If you don't pre-register then we can't guarantee you get fed.

Third, great swag. If you pre-register you get an awesome Bruzer t-shirt. Don't pre-register, no shirt. Waterbottles for everybody too.

Fourth, incredible draw prizes. The Grand Draw Prize is a GT Zaskar LE Frame! This is their top aluminum frame with a value of almost $1000. You've got to be there to win. We've got over a hundred draw prizes with great stuff from our sponsors Sport Swap, Bruzer and Canadian Cyclist. Yeah, there are prizes for the fastest times, but the really neat stuff, as always, is available for everyone.

You get all of the great stuff above for $30 pre-registered! One heck of a deal. Registration for the Final Enduro has been very strong, and well ahead of last year's turnout. Pre-registration closes Monday, July 12th at 6pm. Get your registration in now! If things go as we think registration will be closed before the event so you won't be able to show up on the day of the Enduro and register. Check our website at or call 905-567-7593 for updates and registration forms. We would rather provide a quality day for those that take the time to pre-register than just take anybody who shows up. Don't be left out of the last chance to ride a truly legendary mountain bike event!


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