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May 3/09 4:42 am - Houffalize World Cup: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/09

It is a cool morning that saw heavy fog earlier on, but that has now burned off.


The women are about to start, doing 3.5 laps of the7.4 km course


Start Loop

Up the climb on the start loop it is Marga Fullana leading a long line with Chengyuan Ren close behind.


Down the descent, it is Margarita Fullana Riera    (Massi) still leading through the twists followed by Marie-Helene Premont    (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles),  Chengyuan Ren    (Chinese National Team) 3rd as they hit the line to complete the start loop.  Catharine Pendrel    (Luna Pro Team) sitting 8th at 11 sec back, Emily Batty 22nd .  Mical Dyck (CDN national) 53rd, Jean Ann Mckirdy (CDN national) 58th


Lap 1:

5:05 am -  Down the first descent, Fullana still leading with a 5 sec gap on Premont with Ren on her wheel followed by Eva Lechner (Colnago Cap Arreghini)


5:08 am - Fullana, Premont and Ren all together at the front


5:10 - Up the main climb Fullana has gaped the 3 chasers by 5 sec Ren, Premont, Catharine Pendrel    (Luna Pro Team).  At another  6 sec are Lechner, Elisabeth Osl    (Central Ghost Pro Team), Anna Szafraniec    (JBG-2 Professional MTB Team) and Irina Kalentieva    (Topeak Ergon Racing Team).  The next bunch are Maja Wloszczowska    (CCC Polkowice), Georgia Gould    (Luna Pro Team), Magdalena Sadlecka    (CCC Polkowice), Sabine Spitz    (Central Ghost Pro Team), Katrin Leumann    (Goldwurst-Power / Sputnik)   at another 25 sec


5:20 - They are hitting the final climb as they head to the finish, with Fullana stiall at the front with Ren and Pendrel following at 2 seconds.  Premont 4th  at 10


Lap 2  As they cross the line to start it is Fullana, Ren and Premont all together.  Lechner is 4th at 32 sec.  Premont 5th at 42 sec, Osl 5th


Gould 10th, Batty 16th


5:30  Partway through the 2nd lap.  Fullana still leading, with Ren and Pendrel at 20 sec.  Premont and Osl together.  Kalentieva  and then Anna Szafraniec.   Batty up to 15th


5:35:  Fullana leading.  Pendrel 2nd at 3 sec, Ren now 3rd at another 3 sec.  Osl, Premont and Lechner together  at nearly 1 min


5:44  Heading down the 2nd last descent and on their way to the finish, it is Fullana and Pendrel together.  Ren Chengyuan is nowhere in sight. 



Lap 3  As they start the 3rd lap (FINAL LAP) , Fullana and Pendrel together.  Ren Chengyuan 3rd at 17 sec.  Lechner (4th)  Osl (5th)at 1:11, Premont in 6th at 1:24, Kalentieva 7th at at 1:57, Spitz 8th  2:03, Maja Wloszczowska 9th at 2:04.  Batty 16th.  Irmiger (21st) Koerber (23rd) ,  McConneloug (26th), Dyck (47th), Sin (48th) McKirdy (55th)


5:59 - Fullana has gapped Pendrel up the climb


6:01 - Fullana heading  to the Arsenal climb with ~ 2 km to go and has a good gap (20 sec) on Pendrel, Ren Chengyuan another 30 sec back.


6:07 - Down the Arsenal, Fullana leading, Pendrel at 3 sec as they start the final climb




1 Margarita Fullana Riera (Esp) Massi, 1:24:59
2 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team, at 0:14

3 Ren Chengyuan  (Chn) Chinese National Team, 0:47

4 Eva Lechner (Ita) Colnago Cap Arreghini
5 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Central Ghost Pro Team
6 Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles


13 Emily Batty  (Can) Trek Store Toronto  (top U23)







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