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May 3/09 8:35 am - Houffalize World Cup: Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/09

Men are now racing and will complete 5.5 laps (5 laps plus a shorter start loop) of the 7.5 km circuit


Jochen Kass    (Multivan Merida Biking Team) has a clear lead as they hit the Arsenal Climb for the first time on the shortened start loop. Alexis Vuillermoz  (Lapierre International) is sitting 2nd


Lap 1

8:45 am  as they finish the start loop and head out for the first full lap, Ralph Näf    (Multivan Merida Biking Team) has the lead followed by Stéphane Tempier    (Tx Active Bianchi) at 4 seconds, Jean-Christophe Peraud    (Massi) at 7 seconds, and Man Fumic.  Geoff Kabush sitting 26th at 45 seconds. Zandstra 55th, Raph Gagne  89th, Sneddon 136th


Up the Arsenal climb, Näf still leading. followed by Perraud and Fumic, Absalon, Hermida, Stander


9am:  Heading up the final climb before the end of the lap, Näf still leading but it is a steady line chasing


Lap 2

9:05:  At the end of the first full lap, Perraud crosses just ahead of  Näf.  At 8 seconds is a group of 5 chasers lead by Fumic, Hermida, Absalon, Paulissen and Tempier.  Stander  is 9th, Fontana 10th, Vogel 11th.  Sauser not having a good day on this course is sitting 21st at over a minute down.  Kabush 54th, Zandstra 56th


Filip Meirhaeghe, who will be retiring after this race, is getting a lot of support from the spectators.


9:13 Näf back at the front with Perraud just behind.  It is just started to rain a bit (spitting)


9:20 heading down the up the final before lap's end, Perraud leading Naf, chase group at 25 seconds ~


Lap 3

9:25 - Naf and Perraud cross together to start the 3rd lap.   Absalon and Hermida at 15 seconds.  Wolfram Kurschat, Manuel Fumic and Roel Paulissen at 27 seconds, Tempier at 29 seconds.  Stander now 9th


Zandstra 49th, Kabush 58th,


9:30 - Partway through the lap Naf and Perraud still leading, with Naf gapping Perraud on the straights. Rain has backed off


9:40 - Naf has gapped Perraud by a good 5 sec + on the descent.  As they hit the  final climb before the end of the lap, Perraud has caught Naf.


Absalon, Hermida and Kurschat are at 22 sec.  Paulissen is at 35 sec.  Sauser has fought his way up into the top 20 in a bunch.


Lap 4


9:45 -  As they had out for the 4th lap, now there are 4 leaders as Absalon and Hermida have caught Perraud and Naf.  Wolfram Kurschat is at 6 sec.  Then it is a good gap to Tempier in 6th


Adam Craig 35th, Zandstra 50th, Kabush 57th


9:53 - Up the climb, Absalon has taken the front position and Perraud is dropped


Stander is moving up, now 8th


10am - Absalon has attacked and Naf has gone with him up the last climb of the lap.  Perraud and Hermida are chasing but the gap is 10 sec with Kurschat right behind


Last lap


10:05  Absalon leading Naf as they cross the line to start the final lap.  Kurschat has taken the 3rd spot at 16 seconds back.  Perraud and Hermida are now well back at 1:06 down.  Stander now 6th at 1:29

Zandstra  45th, Kabush 52nd, Morka 131st


10:09  Absalon has attacked and dropped Naf on the climb


10:12 -  Up over the top of the climb, Kurschat has caught and passed Naf and is chasing Absalon at ~ 5 sec.  Perraud 4th, Stander 5th, Hermida 6th


10:16 - On the descent, Absalon has opened the gap to 16 sec on Kurschat.





1 Julien Absalon (Fra) Orbea, 1:51:34
2 Wolfram Kurschat (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team, at 0:15
3 Ralph Naef (Sui) Multivan Merida Biking Team, 0:52
4 Burry Stander *(RSA) Specialized Factory Racing, 1:15
5 Jean-Christophe Peraud (Fra) Massi, 1:26







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