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May 24/09 4:00 am - Madrid World Cup: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/24/09

The Women's race length was reduced this morning to four laps from five after rain overnight kept the course soggy.  It is curently not raining, and patches of blue sky is showing through clouds, so the course will continue to dry and improve considerably for men.  The starts are earlier than usual (normal is 10:45 am / 2:30 pm)  so as not to interfere with the siesta Madrilenos all take a  in the late afternoon...

Fields considerably smaller than last two World cups:  63 women and 125 men.  The top 30 men all here, top 20 women missing one rider:  Ren (ranked 4th).  Adam Craig (USA, Giant) also skipped.  Emily Batty (Toronto Trek Store) is also missing ( she won at the Tremblant Canada Cup yesterday) and will not go for third straight U23 win.

Lots of hardtails.


Lap 1:  As they head up the first climb, Lene Byberg    (Specialized Factory Racing) is at the front. leading the bunch up the 1st climb.  The ground is still wet a nd slipery and most  (all) are off their bikes and pushing it.


4:10 am:  1/3 of the way around for the 1st lap and Byberg continues to lead, followed by Margarita Fullana Riera (Massi), Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) and Marie-Helene Premont (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles).


4:17 am:  Fullana has taken the lead and has a gap of 5 sec on Byberg and Pendrel.  At 20 seconds  is a chase group with Premont, Maja Wloszczowska (CCC Polkowice), Elisabeth Osl (Central Ghost Pro Team) and more.


Lap 2:  As the cross the line to start the 2nd lap, Fullana leading with Premont on her wheel. Byberg 2rd at 1 sec.  Pendrel 4th at 17 sec. Eva Lechner (Colnago Cap Arreghini) 5th 18 sec, Maja Wloszczowska    (CCC Polkowice) at s.t., and Osl at 19 sec. Mary McConneloug    (Kenda Seven Notubes) 18th, Georgia Gould    (Luna Pro Team) 19th


4:30am:  Up the climb the 3 leaders are still together pushing their bikes up the slippery slope


On the 'flats', Premont has moved to the front of the lead bunch


As they descend towards the end of the lap, Fullana back in front, Premont 2nd, Byberg still 3rd  but is being gapped.  Pendrel is slowly reeling the lead bunch back in.


Lap 3:  As they finish lap 2 and start the 3rd, Premont has taken the lead and has a 1 sec gap on Fullana,  Byberg still 3rd at 2 sec,  Pendrel is still creeping forward and is at 15 sec back.  Lechner, Osl, Wloszczowska, Anna Szafraniec (JBG-2 Professional Mtb Team), Nathalie Schneitter (Colnago Cap Arreghini), Sabine Spitz, Irina Kalentieva (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)


4:52am :  Up the climb and the track is now obviously drying up and the 3 leaders stay on their bikes up the lower section on the climb.  Premont still leading

As they hit the tech zone, ~ 1/2 way, Premont still leading, but the 3 are still all together.  Premont has backed off a bit on her charge to catch the leaders.


5am: Byberg takes the lead for a while, but Fullana and Premont right on her wheel.  Pendrel still 4th, but she may be having some technical problems as her gears are very noisy


Lap 4:  As they start the final lap, Premont at the front, Fullana then Byberg at 1 sec.  Pendrel at 1:04.  Spitz 5th at 1:31 followed closley by Osl then Lechner 2:01.


5:15am: Up the climb, Fullana starting to stay on the bike and getting a gap over Premont and Byberg over the top


5:21am:  Premont has caught Fullana.  Byberg is at 10 sec.  Sabine Spitz has taken over 4th spot, Catharine Pendrel and Elisabeth Osl are battling it out for 5th. 


5:26:  On  the flats now heading to the finish and Fullana has jumped in to the lead with a 3 second gap on Premont






1 Margarita Fullana Riera (Esp) Massi , 1:28:24

2 Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles , at 0:04

Lene Byberg (Nor) Specialized Factory Racing , 0:15

4 Sabine Spitz (Ger) Central Ghost Pro Team, 2:17

5 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team , 2:19



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