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May 19/97 20:29 pm - Jackson Takes l'Aude, Giro, UCI Rankings

Posted by Editor on 05/19/97

Jackson Wins

Thanks to Frank Stanley of the USCF we have confirmation that Linda Jackson has won the Tour de l‚Aude in France. Apparently, there was a major crash 5km from the finish that took down a number of riders, including Jackson and American time trial champ Mari Holden, but Jackson was able to finish.

Giro d‚Italia, Italy

Stage 3, Santarcangelo to San Marino - 18 km ITT

1.Pavel Tonkov (Russia) Mapei 31:42
2.Yevgeny Berzin (Russia) Batik at 0:21
3.Roberto Petito (Italy) Saeco 0:32
4.Luc Leblanc (France) Polti 0:37
5.Piotr Ugrumov (Russia) Roslotto 0:53


1.Tonkov 8:20:05
2.Berzin at 0:01
3.Petito 0:12
4.Leblanc 0:37
5.Colombo 0:42

More Canadian in Europe News (provided by Val Davidge)

Sunday 18th May was another successful but frustrating day for Piers Davidge (from Oakville, Ontario). In an event just outside of Wevelgen, Lauew, he finished a creditable 9th place. However, the frustration came with a few kms to go when he was away on his own, to be caught by eight other riders. Not having the early season form of the locals, he was unable to stay with the 4 riders who then broke from the group and became the winning break. He stayed with the remaining 4 with nothing left for the kind of sprint required in Belgium and finished 9th well in front of the main pack.

UCI MTB DH Rankings (as of May 18)


1 Vouilloz, Nicolas FRA 427 points
2 Ronning, Michael AUS 409
3 Bonanomi, Gianluca ITA 384
4 Palmer, Shaun USA 381
5 Herin, Corrado ITA 376

70 Shandro, Andrew CAN 80
90 Watson, David CAN 42
105 Poulin, Frederic CAN 32


1 Chausson, Anne Caroline FRA 527 points
2 Giove, Missy USA 486
3 Donovan, Leigh USA 453
4 Bonazzi, Giovanna ITA 451
5 Gonzalez, Mercedes ESP 445

13 Brown, Elladee CAN 243
84 Skelton, Damiann CAN 39
108 Chyplyk, Tania CAN 24
111 Letarte, Marie Claude CAN 22


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