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July 24/09 23:03 pm - Pan am Championships: Road Races report, photos and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/24/09

The Canadian National Cycling Team scored gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2009 Pan American Continental Championships in Tlaxcala, Mexico.


The Individual Time Trial on July 23rd was successful for both the men and women. Tara Whitten placed second picking up a silver medal and 11 UCI points on the 19.8 kilometre course that featured a double switchback decent. Moriah Jo MacGregor followed that up with a fifth place and 4 UCI points.

The Elite and U23 men used the same course as the women but with an additional lap for 39.6 kilometres. David Veilleux was fifth overall and third in the U23 category and picked up a bronze medal and 6 America Tour UCI points. Ryan Roth was right there in sixth place, picking up 5 points. The competition was fierce with the top seven separated by less then 60 seconds.

The road race was run the following day. The men faced an epic climb at altitude that topped out over 3000 metres followed by a long decent into a lively Mexican town called Huamantla where the race finished with 7 laps on a 9 kilometre loop. David Veilleux and David Boily put in strong rides and finished ninth and tenth respectively in the U23 category.

The women’s race used only the Huamantla circuit, that favoured sprinters over climbers. Laura Brown and Moriah Jo MacGregor helped cover early attacks that lead to a 12 rider break with Tara Whitten and Joelle Numainville. Tara and Joelle were outnumbered by three riders each from Mexico and Colombia, but drove a hard pace and didn’t let any solo attacks get away.

The break stayed together right into the final corner with Tara and Joelle positioned at the front. With a strong lead out Joelle was able to take the sprint and win the Continental Champions jersey, the gold medal and 80 UCI points. After the podium ceremony Joelle was mobbed by the friendly crowd seeking photos and autographs. Tara Whitten finished in sixth, scoring 16 more UCI points.

Report Courtesy CCA

Women - 99 km
1 Joelle Numainville (Canada) 2:34:57
2 Paola Muñoz (Chile)
3 Veronica Leal (Mexico)
4 Janildes Silva (Brazil)
5 Giuseppina Grassi (Mexico) all s.t.
6 Tara Whitten (Canada) 0:02
7 Lorenza Morfin (Mexico) 0:06
8 Laura Camila Lozano (Colombia) s.t.
9 Evelyn Garcia (Salvador) 0:07
10 Yeima Torres (Cuba) 0:10
11 Lorena Maria Vargas (Colombia) 0:20
12 Jessica Jurado (Mexico) 9:21
13 Mayra Rocha (Mexico)
14 Valquiria Pardial (Brazil)
15 Marcela Rubiano (Costa Rica)
16 Daniela Guajardo (Chile)
17 Laura Brown (Canada)
18 Serika Mitchel Guluma (Colombia)
19 Moriah Jo Macgregor (Canada)
20 Adriana Rojas (Costa Rica)
21 Claudia Aravena (Chile)
22 Jenny Jenny Rios (Mexico) all s.t.
23 Aline Paroliz (Brazil) 9:31
24 Edith Guillen (Costa Rica) 9:45
25 Olga Cisterna (Chile) 9:46
26 Sarah Hammer (USA) 13:43
27 Maria Alejandra Carvajal (Costa Rica) 14:04
DNF Yumari Gonzalez (Cuba)
DNF Dalila Rodriguez (Cuba)
DNF Yudelmis Dominguez (Cuba)
DNF Kimberly Geist (USA)
DNF Camila Ferreira (Brazil)
DNS Melissa Lorian (Costa Rica)
DNS Maria Eugenia Parra (Ecuador)
All Men - 157 km
1 Gregorio Ladino (Colombia) 3:44:11
2 Juan Pablo Viillegas (Colombia) at s.t.
3 Jose Cayetano Sarmiento (Colombia) 0:56
4 Arnold Alcolea (Cuba) 1:03
5 Patricio Almoncid (Chile) s.t.
6 Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia) 1:06
7 Alfredo Cruz (Mexico) 1:08
8 Gregory Brenes (Costa Rica)
9 Jorge Camilo Castiblanco (Colombia)
10 Ignacio Sarabia (Mexico)
11 Alvaro Algiro (Argentina)
12 Gonzalo Garrido (Chile)
13 Jhon Fredy Parra (Colombia)
14 Matias Medici (Argentina)
15 Carlos Oyarzun (Chile)
16 Raul Granjel (Cuba)
17 Danny Morales (Guatemala) all s.t.
18 Marlo Salas (Costa Rica) 1:17
19 Rafael Escarcega (Mexico) 1:19
20 Carlos Lopez (Mexico) 1:21
21 Alexander Sanchez (Costa Rica) 1:22
22 Alex Arseno (Brazil) 1:27
23 Juan Carlos Lopez (Colombia) 1:28
24 Jairo Perez (Colombia) s.t.
25 Alfredo Gabino (Mexico) 2:09
26 Manuel Rodas (Guatemala) 3:07
27 Thiago Nardin (Brazil) 3:49
28 David Veilleux (Canada) 9:27
29 David Boily (Canada) 9:28
30 Paulo Vargas (Costa Rica) 9:30
31 Moises Hernandez (Costa Rica)
32 Gonzalo Aravena (Chile) both s.t.
33 Jose Alberto Montero (Costa Rica) 9:33
34 Itavio Bulgarelli (Brazil) 9:39
35 Cody O'Reilly (USA) 12:16
DNF Jorge Contreras (Chile)
DNF Jonh Fredy Garcia (Colombia)
DNF Bairon Guama (Ecuador)
DNF Segundo Navarrete (Ecuador)
DNF Jorge Gallegos (Ecuador)
DNF Jorge Montenegro (Ecuador)
DNF Bernardo Colex (Mexico)
DNF Eder Arenas (Mexico)
DNF Julio Alberto Perez (Mexico)
DNF Crisitna Mcnish (Panama)
DNF Sydney Charles (Santa Lucia)
DNF Arnmando Camargo (Brazil)
DNF Oscar Valencia (Chile)
DNF Lanell Rockmore (USA)
DNF Juan Gaspari (Argentina)
DNF Roman Mastrangelo (Argentina)
DNF Ryan Roth (Canada)
DNF Pedro Palma (Chile)
DNF Manuel Sanchez (Dominican Republic)
DNF George Winterdal (Aruba)
DNF Gerardo Fernandez (Argentina)
DNF Raymond Hodge (Aruba)
DNF Guillaume Boivin (Canada)
DNF Fernando Urena (Panama)
DNF Zabala Jose (Argentina)
DNF Jhonny Morales (Guatemala)
DNF Londy Morales (Guatemala)
DNF Diego Yepez (Mexico)
DNF Mario Wilfredo Contreras (Salvador)
DNF Jonathan Guzman (Chile)
DNF Pablo Alarcon (Chile)
DNF Marcos Chistian Novello (Brazil)
DNS Luis Sepulveda (Chile)
U23 Men
1 Juan Pablo Viillegas (Colombia) 3:44:11
2 Jose Cayetano Sarmiento (Colombia) at 0:56
3 Alfredo Cruz (Mexico) 1:08
4 Gregory Brenes (Costa Rica)
5 Jorge Camilo Castiblanco (Colombia)
6 Raul Granjel (Cuba) all s.t.
7 Rafael Escarcega (Mexico) 1:19
8 Thiago Nardin (Brazil) 3:49
9 David Veilleux (Canada) 9:27
10 David Boily (Canada) 9:28
11 Moises Hernandez (Costa Rica) 9:30
12 Cody O´Reilly (USA) 12:16
DNF Jorge Montenegro (Ecuador)
DNF Oscar Valencia (Chile)
DNF Lanell Rockmore (USA)
DNF Roman Mastrangelo (Argentina)
DNF Pedro Palma (Chile)
DNF Manuel Sanchez (Dominican Republic)
DNF Guillaume Boivin (Canada)
DNF Londy Morales (Guatemala)
DNF Diego Yepez (Mexico)
DNF Mario Wilfredo Contreras (Salvador)
DNF Jonathan Guzman (Chile)
DNF Pablo Alarcon (Chile)



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