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August 2/09 9:03 am - Bromont World Cup: Junior XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 08/2/09

Another sunny day in Bromont, temperature in the mid teens but very humid, and the Junior XC is about to start.

The women and men will be on the course at the same time, with the women doing 3 laps and the men doing 5.

The women's field consists of 7 riders (6 Canadians and one American) and the men's field has 22 with the main nationalities represented being Canadian and American.

Junior Men


Lap 1

Nicolas Prudencio (Chile) attacked right from the gun and is being followed by Evan Guthrie (Canada - A).  Dirk Peters (New-Zealand) is 3rd at 8 seconds


Lap 2

Evan Guthrie (Canada - A) comes across the line to start the 2nd lap in 1st position, followed by Zach Mcdonald (United States Of America) at 39 seconds then Dirk Peters (New-Zealand) at 41 seconds back


Up the climb Guthrie has 40 seconds on Peters followed by Mcdonald who has Kemp on his wheel. Andrew L'esperance (Canada - A) is at 50 seconds. Mitch Bailey (Canada - A) and Carlos enrique Moran Manzo (Mexico) are together at 1:10


Lap 3


As they start the 3rd lap Guthrie leading Peters by 1:21, Andrew L'Esperance 3rd at 1:29, McDonald 4th at 1:48, Kemp 5th, Bailey 6th, Moran Manzo 7th, Alison 8th, Martin 9th, Jesus Eduardo Martinez Aguilar (Mexico) 10th, Russell Finsterwald (United States Of America) 11th


Lap 4


Guthrie has just come through to start the 4th lap.  He has caught all the Junior women except for the top 2 and will catch them on the climb.  Peters in 3rd at 1:54, L'Esperance in 3rd at 2:32.  McDonald 4th, Kemp 5th, Moran Manzo 6th, Baily 7th, Alison 8th


Lap 5


Guthrie has just gone through to start the final lap.  Peters in 2nd at 2:34 back. L'Esperance 3rd at 4:05, McDonald 4th at 5 min.

Allison 5th at 6:19, Moran Manzo 6th at 6:16, Kemp 7th at 6:20






1 Evan Guthrie (Can) Canada - A , 1:37:51
2 Dirk Peters (NZl) New-Zealand , 3:03
3 Andrew L'esperance (Can) Canada - A , 5:45
4 Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States Of America , 7:00
5 Carlos enrique Moran Manzo (Mex) Mexico , 7:34
6 Tyler Allison (Can) Canada - A , 7:55
7 Seth Kemp (USA) United States Of America , 8:25
8 Mitch Bailey (Can) Canada - A , 9:56
9 Jeremy Martin (Can) Canada - B , 10:23
10 Nicolas Prudencio (Chi) Chile , 13:32
11 Jesus Eduardo Martinez Aguilar (Mex) Mexico , 14:47
12 Nicolas Tremblay (Can) Canada - A , 17:19
13 Russell Finsterwald (USA) United States Of America , 19:21
14 Eric Emsky (USA) United States Of America , 20:11
15 Adrian Retief (NZl) New-Zealand , 22:58


Junior Women


Lap 1

Laura Bietola (Canada - A) has jumped away from the gun and has a gap already as they start the climb


Samantha Grover (Canada - A) has abandoned after a crash


Lap 2

Kristina Laforge (Canada - A) has crossed the line in 1st spot, Natasha Oldcorn (Canada - A) is 2nd at 58 seconds back. Cayley Brooks (Canada - A) 3rd at 1:20 and Laura Bietola (Canada - A) 4th at  1:53


Up the climb no change in positions


Lap 3


Starting the last lap, Laforge has 1:05 on  Oldcorn.  Jill Behlen (United States Of America) is now 3rd over 3 min back, with Brooks now 4th, Anna Schappert (Canada - A) 5th, Laura Bietola (Canada - A) 6th,






1 Kristina Laforge (Can) Canada - A, 1:24:24

2 Cayley Brooks (Can) Canada - A , at 5:00

3 Anna Schappert  (Can) Canada - A , 6:03

4 Jill Behlen (USA) United States Of America, 6:49

5 Laura Bietola (Can) Canada - A , 8:43

6 Natasha Oldcorn (Can) Canada - A, 15:40


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