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August 13/97 21:36 pm - Tour Feminin, Ontario Track

Posted by Editor on 08/13/97

Trophee International, France This race acted as a prologue to the Tour Feminin. The winner (Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany) wore the Yellow Jersey for the first stage of the Tour, however, the times from the race did not carry over to the Tour. As you can tell from the results below, most of the big names - Linda Jackson, Luperini, Polikeviciute, etc. - did not contest the stage, saving themselves for the real race. Epreuve Lac de Medine-Metz - 62.5 km 1. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger), Cratoni-Hawk 1:37:53 2. Cathy Marsal (Fra), ASPTT at 3:53 3. Debby Mansveld (Ned), Dutch Nat 4:11 4. Vera (Ger) 5. Schmidt (Ger) all s.t. Luperini, Zabirova, R. Polikeviciute, Jackson, Sydor, Dunlap all at 4:22 Tour Feminin Stage 1, Saverne to Strasbourg -110 km All we have is that Kupfernagel has won the 1st stage in a sprint, to keep the Yellow Jersey. Results 1.H.Wittig-Kupfernagel (GER) 2.V.Hohlfeld (GER) s.t. 3.B.Matusiak (POL) s.t. General classification 1.H.Wittig-Kupfernagel (GER) 2.A.Cappellotto (ITA) @0'01" 3.C.Richardson (USA) @0'03" Ontario Track News (thanks to Val Davidge) The Ontario Track League has been very active this year, seeing some excitingly close competition and some excellent grass roots development. Of particular note is the growth in women's participation (specifically the Lakeshore Womens CRC) and the welcome interest in track racing by a group of Toronto Bicycle Couriers. Six meets were scheduled for 1997 plus the Ontario Track Championships and the Marcel Thysman Memorial Track Meet. Two of these meets have been poorly attended because of weather conditions so they were replaced by informal training sessions. Results of the 14th June and 5th July meets are below. There are two meets remaining to conclude the season - 16th and 23rd August. On August 8th, 9th & 10th a very special event was held at the Community Park. The Canadian Wheelmen held their First Annual Old Time Bicycle Races. It was billed as a weekend of friendly competition for sporting Gentlemen and Ladies. A number of events both recreational and social were planned for this gathering some of whom came from as far away as California with their 'babies'. There was a tour to Turkey Point and a Breakfast ride which went very well. Highlight of the weekend, though, was the Track Racing. An additional track league event was slotted in as well so that the 'Old Timers' could see modern day action. There were events for High Wheel Bicycles. Early Safety Bicycles (pre WW1), Wood-Rim Era Track Bicycles (pre WW2) and modern Masters Events. The day turned out to be enormous fun. Many of the Wheelmen had never seen a track before, let alone ridden one, yet there were Penny Farthing Handicap Sprints, held without incident, and a hairy finish as 4 High Wheelers came barrelling down the home straight line astern. One particularly interesting event was the Olympic Sprint. Each team of three was comprised of 1 Penny Farthing (High Wheeler), one wood rim bicycle and one regular league rider. The only problem arose at the start. The High Wheelers were not allowed to be held so, whilst the other two riders did track stands to get ready, there was a Le Mans type start as the first rider ran down the track, hopped up onto a step to mount his machine and sprinted off for his lap relying on the remaining team members to latch on. Surprisingly enough, it worked every time. This event was such an enormous success, acclaimed by the League Riders, the Wheelmen and the local community (not to mention the officials!) that it is likely to become an annual part of the calendar. For results and further information on the organizing group, call Larry Strung at 905 - 713 - 0382. ONTARIO TRACK LEAGUE RESULTS 14 June 97 Mens devil take the hindmost 1 Julian Base F.C.C.C. 2 Jeff King G.U.C.C. 3 Mark Forshaw The League 4 Nolan Moffatt St. Catherines C.C. Womens devil take the hindmost 1 Jennifer Pilzecker Lakeshore 2 Sarah Hiseman Lakeshore 3 Kate Archibald Lakeshore 4 Maogosha Pyjor Lakeshore Womens 12 lap Scratch 1 Alyson Fox Independent 2 Julia Bradley Lakeshore 3 Jennifer Pilzecker Lakeshore Mens 12 lap Scratch 1 Julian Base F.C.C.C. 2 Jeff King G.U.C.C. 3 Nolan Moffatt St. Catherines C.C. 4 Mark Forshaw The League Mens Sprint 1 Julian Base F.C.C.C. 2 Jeff King G.U.C.C. 3 Mark Forshaw The League 500 Metre Handicap 1 Julian Base Scr. F.C.C.C. 2 Jeff King 25 mtrs G.U.C.C. 3 Alyson Fox 35 mtrs Independent Womans Sprint 1 Alyson Fox Independent 2 Kate Archibald Lakeshore 3 Julia Bradley Lakeshore 5 July 97 Womens Devil Take The Hindmost 1 Maogosha Pyjor Lakeshore 2 Jennifer Pilzecker Lakeshore 3 Kerry Chapman Maple Lodge Farms Mens Devil Take The Hindmost 1 Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird 2 Terry Rice Ziggys 3 Kevin X Jet Fuel Womens 10 Lap 1 Julia Bradley Lakeshore 2 Kerry Chapman Maple Lodge Farms 3 Maogosha Pyjor Lakeshore 500 Metre Handicap 1 Brookes Rapley 45mtrs Jet Fuel 2 Keith Thorarinson 5mtrs Hummingbird 3 Kevin X 40mtrs Jet Fuel Womens Sprint 1 Kerry Chapman Maple Lodge Farms 2 Maogosha Pyjor Lakeshore 3 Julia Bradley Lakeshore 4 Jennifer Pilzecker Lakeshore Mens Sprint 1 Kieth Thorarinson Hummingbird 2 Terry Rice Ziggys C.C. 3 Kevin X Jet Fuel 50 lap Madison 1 Terry Rice Ziggys C.C. & Scott Bushlin Cyclepath 2 Keith Thorarinson Hummigbird & Chris Helwig F.C.C.C. 3 Brookes Rapley & Kevin X


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