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September 2/09 0:03 am - MTB World Championships: U23 Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/09

The U 23 women will do 4 laps of the course.  There are 35 starters.  There are 2 Canadians: Emily Batty and Mikaela Kofman.


Batty is considered to be a favourite along with Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland) who won the European Championships, and Julie Bresset   (France)


Lap 1

The U23 women have started.  Julie Bresset  (France) got the holeshot and is in the lead


They hit the feedzone for the first time.  Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland) is now leading, followed by Alexandra Engen  (Sweden).  Emily Batty  (Canada) is 3rd at  35 seconds back.


2nd time through the feedzone and Alexandra Engen  (Sweden) has taken the lead followed by Aleksandra Dawidowicz  (Poland) at 2 sec.  Julie Bresset  (France) is 3rd.  Emily Batty 4th, but is having some mechanical problem and has had to stop at the Tech area for some help.  Now nearly 2 min back


Lap 2


Heading out to the 2nd lap, Engen has the lead with Dawidowicz on her wheel. Bresset 3rd at 1 min.  Annie Last    (Great Britain) is 4th, Vera Andreeva    (Russian Federation) 5th


Batty 13th at 1:47 back.  She has been having shifting problems.  Mikaela Kofman    (Canada) 25th at 3:46


Up the climb Batty is 15th


Through the Feedzone, Engen leading Dawidowicz by 2 sec..  Bresset 3rd at 40 seconds.  Batty still having problems it seems and is now 3 min back


Through the 2nd feed and  Dawidowicz has caught Engen and they are together. Julie Bresset still 3rd at 50 sec back


Batty has stopped again for gear adjustments at the Tech area and is back on her bike.


Lap 3


Starting lap 3 it is Engen leading, but Dawidowicz is on her wheel. Bresset is 3rd at 46 sec.  Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland) 4th, Last 5th

Emily Batty 17th at nearly 4 min back.  Mikaela Kofman 21st at 5:40


Near the top of the climb, Engen and Dawidowicz still batling it out.   Bresset 3rd at 1:10.  There is a group of 7 at 2:50.  Batty 18th at 4:30 back.


Through the 1st feedzone and Dawidowicz has dropped Engen and has a 15 sec lead.  Bresset at 1 min.


Batty came through just under 5 min down


Mikaela Kofman is also having shifting problems


2nd feed and Dawidowicz is steadily opening the gap to the Swedish rider.  Now nearing 30 sec


Lap 4 (last lap)


Aleksandra Dawidowicz hits the line to start her final lap with a 33 sec gap over Alexandra Engen. Julie Bresset still  3rd at 1:35 back. Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland) 4th, Annie Last    (Great Britain) 5th, Barbara Benko  (Hungary) 6th


Batty came through in 13th - 5:12 back.  Bike seems to be ok now and she is really flying


Mikaela Kofman DNF after a crash on the Hammerhead descent.  She has a mild concussion and has injured her shoulder.  She was able to walk to the medical station.


Aleksandra Dawidowicz has just gone through the first feedzone with nearly a minute on Alexandra Engen.  Julie Bresset is now nearly 2 min down, Kathrin Stirnemann 4th at 4 min.  Batty now 11th at 6 min





1 Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland), 1:24:32

2 Alexandra Engen (Sweden) at 1:13

3 Julie Bresset   (France), 2:31






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