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September 2/09 16:12 pm - Kitchener's Ryan Atchison and Forest City Velodrome welcome $110,000 in Ontario Trillium Funding

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/09

Ryan AtchisonRyan Atchison who last week won 2 silvers at the Track Nationals, today represented London's Forest City Velodrome, which, in partnership with the Ontario Cycling Association,  has received $110,000 in Ontario Trillium Foundation funding.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Supports Provincial Sports Organizations

$1.47M Invested to Train Coaches, Volunteers, and Strengthen Organizational Capacity

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is helping seven provincial sports organizations provide a better sporting experience to their members through training of volunteers, expansion of programs and services and long- term organizational planning.

Province-wide grants were provided to the following organizations:

• Golf Association of Ontario (Uxbridge) – $210,000 over 2 years
• Karate Association of Ontario (Richmond Hill) – $81,600 over 3 years
• Ontario Cycling Association (Toronto) and Forest City Velodrome (London) – $110,000 over one year
• Ontario Minor Roller Hockey Association  (Burlington) – $166,000 over 3years
• Ontario Soccer Association (Vaughan) – $400,000 over 2 years
• Softball Ontario (North York) –$224,100 over 3 years
• Special Olympics Ontario (Toronto) – $282,000 over 3 years

“Volunteers will always be the very lifeblood of community sports. This support will help introduce the sports to a wider audience of children and adults across Ontario,” said Brian Hutchings, Chair, Province-Wide Grant Review Team, Ontario Trillium Foundation. “Helping volunteers become better coaches, officials or league organizers makes for a better experience for players – and a better sports experience often leads to lifelong participation in physical activity.”

“The Ontario Trillium Foundation is pleased to help sports organizations build their volunteer capacity and increase the programming available to sports enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds,” said Ontario Trillium Foundation board member Alex Waugh.

• The Ontario Trillium Foundation this summer allocated $1,473,700 to seven provincial sports organizations. The grants will benefit more than 60,000 children and adults across the province.

• Sports and recreation is one of the four sectors OTF supports with a wide range of funding. Over the last decade more than $219 million or 22% of OTF funds have been allocated to support sports and recreational activities to help make Ontarians healthier and more physically active.

• These grants will help the organizations
- Attract, train and retain more volunteer coaches and referees
- Introduce the sports to a wider audience of children and adults
- Create long-term strategies for developing and promoting the sports across Ontario.
- Host regional clinics, workshops and fitness expos

Press release by The Ontario Trillium Foundation


Ontario Cycling Association & the Forest City Velodrome

Track cycling gets into high gear

Indoor track cyclists of all ages, including disadvantaged youth new to the sport, will have access to new equipment, additional programming and coach training, thanks to OTF support.

The Ontario Cycling Association has partnered with the Forest City Velodrome, Ontario’s only indoor cycling track, to introduce more people to the sport, train additional coaches and volunteers, purchase 18 new training cycles, and develop an operating manual and  long-term plan for track cycling in Ontario. The Foundation has provided $110,000 over one year.

The new bikes are already in place and ready for the fall track cycling season. Disadvantaged youth from Windsor to Ottawa, Sudbury to Toronto will be able to try out the sport. Several new track coaches will be trained and coaches from other cycling disciplines, including BMX, cross country and road racing, will be invited to the velodrome in London to learn how to incorporate track cycling into the specialized fitness training of their athletes.

Courtesy Rob Good, Forest City Velodrome


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