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September 2/09 20:31 pm - MTB World Championships: Junior Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/09

The weather is overcast and damp from rain earlier in the morning. There are 71 men on the start line with the favourites being the European Champ Gerhard Kerschbaumer  (Italy).  Others to watch will be Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands), Martin Gluth    (Germany) as well as Matthias Stirnemann  (Switzerland) and Hugo Drechou  (France).


Canada has 4 starters:  National Champ Evan Guthrie, Mitchell Bailey, Antoine Caron and Tyler Allison.


They will do 5 laps


Lap 1


Not a super fast start. At the beginning of the climb Matthias Stirnemann (Switzerland) is at the front.  Guthrie sitting 18th


Through the feed zone for the first time. there is a group of 5 forming at the front: Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro    (Portugal), Gerhard Kerschbaumer    (Italy), Michiel Van Der Heijden    (Netherlands), Matthias Stirnemann    (Switzerland) and Reto Indergand    (Switzerland).

Evan Guthrie has crashed - has broken his handlebars and torn his shorts.  The Pit Tech crew is working to get him back in the race

Antoine Caron 31st, Mitchell Bailey 33rd


Guthrie is back on the bike and chasing hard


Lap 2


First across the line is Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro (Portugal) with a lap time of 18:18, 2nd is Gerhard Kerschbaumer  (Italy), 3rd Matthias Stirnemann  (Switzerland), 4th Reto Indergand  (Switzerland)  all at same time.  Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) is 5th at 1 second, Hugo Drechou  (France) 6th at 14 sec, Martin Gluth    (Germany) 7th at s.t..


Russell Finsterwald    (United States Of America) 28th


Baily first Canadian in 32nd at 1:40, Antoine Caron 36th, Tyler Allison 54th and Guthrie 69th



Up the climb: as the near the top it is Gerhard Kerschbaumer at the front followed by Reto Indergand then Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro, Matthias Stirnemann and Michiel Van Der Heijden. 


Mitchell Bailey is  38th, Antoine Caron 41st, Tyler Allison 55th, Guthrie near the back.


Through the feed it is the same 3 at the front. Michiel Van Der Heijden at 17 sec, Matthias Stirnemann at 28 sec.


Canadians are moving up at bit. Baily 31st at  3:12 back, Baily 4:35 back,   Antoine Caron has a slow leak in tire


Lap 3


Heading out for the 3rd lap, Gerhard Kerschbaumer leading with Reto Indergand on his wheel.  Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro  3rd at 1 sec. Michiel Van Der Heijden 4th at s.t. Matthias Stirnemann 5th at 20 sec, Julian Schelb    (Germany) 6th at 40 sec.



Baily 28th at 3:13 back. Finsterwald (USA)  31st,  Allison 48th, Caron 57th, Guthrie 59th


At the top of the first climb, it is Kerschbaumer, Indergand and Reis Marinheiro.  Van Der Heijden at 30 sec. then Stirnemann and Schelb right behind.


Baily now 27th, Allison 45th


Through the 1st feedzone: Kerschbaumer and Indergand have dropped Reis Marinheiro (at 9 sec).  Van Der Heijden, Daniel Vesely    (Czech Republic) and Matthias Stirnemann (looks like he crashed)  together at 36 sec.


Baily now 28th, 4:23 back


Lap 4

Reis Marinheiro has charged back to the front and is leading Kerschbaumer and Indergand as they head out for the 4th lap. Van Der Heijden 4th at 16 sec.  Stirnema 5th at 20 sec.



Baily 25th at 4:23 back.  Finsterwald (USA) 33rd, Allison 44th, Guthrie 46th, Caron 54th


Through the 1st feedzone, Gerhard Kerschbaumer is alone at the front with a gap of 10 sec on the 1 chaser Indergand.  Reis Marinheiro at 36 sec.   Stirnemann now 4th at 1:03. Van Der Heijden has had a mechanical and stopped to get a quick fix -  it has cost him 10 spots.


Lap 5 - last lap

Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Italy) crossed to start the final lap with a gap of 44 sec on David Miguel Costa Rodrigues (Portugal).  Reto Indergand  (Switzerland) is 3rd at 1:02, Matthias Stirnemann (Switzerland) 4th at 1:08.  Luca Braidot    (Italy) in 5th is at 2:40


Baily now 26th (still top N. American)  Guthrie 35th (it will be interesting to see his lap times!!)  Finsterwald (USA) 36th.  Allison 44th,   Caron has crashed on the Hammerhead but is back on his bike, sitting 54th


At the 1st feed, Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita) has a  1:18 gap on Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro (Por) .  The 2 Swiss  - Matthias Stirnemann and Reto Indergand are together at 1:40 back fighting for that last medal.  There is a battle on for 5th too, between Julian Schelb (Ger) and Hugo Drechou (Fra)






1 Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Italy), 1:31:01

2 Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro  (Portugal), at 1:19

3 Reto Indergand (Switzerland), 1:34

4 Matthias Stirnemann (Switzerland), 1:38

5 Tobias Ludvigsson (Sweden), 3:19

6 Hugo Drechou  (France), 3:32

7 Julian Schelb (Germany), 3:38

8 Luca Braidot  (Italy), s.t.

9 Tomas Paprstka (Czech Republic), 4:57

10 David Miguel Costa Rodrigues (Portugal), 5:26


28 Mitchell Bailey    (Canada), 9:04

30 Evan Guthrie    (Canada), 9:45

52 Antoine Caron    (Canada), 16:46

55 Tyler Allison    (Canada), 19:32







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