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September 5/09 0:04 am - MTB World Championships: Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/5/09

A beautiful sunny day with almost no cloud.  Warmer now that when the women races in the morning.


75 riders take the start.  Canada has 4 entries: Geoff Kabush, Seamus McGrath, Max Plaxton and Derek Zandstra


Geoff Kabush, Julien Absalon and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski  will all be running a single chainring (we have been told)


Lap 1


The men have just headed out on the first of 7 laps. A big group with Geoff Kabush (Canada) right up front with Absalon.


The Swiss riders Florian Vogel and Nino Schurter took the lead up the climb


Over the climb and through the 1st feedzone  there is now a group of 8 clear: Florian Vogel (Switzerland), Julien Absalon (France), Geoff Kabush (Canada)

Nino Schurter (Switzerland), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy), Daniel Mcconnell (Australia), Emil Lindgren (Sweden), Sven Nys (Belgium)


Noticable, by their absence from this group are Hermida and Sauser.



The 2 Swiss are at the front as they head to the feedzone for the 2nd time.  Abslaon and Kabush are next


They are heading to the line to start lap 2 and it is now a group of 12 or 15


Lap 2



Heading out onto lap 2 - Lap time 17:50

Kabush took the lead position across the line in front of a long line - 18 riders all within seconds of each other.

Schurter, Vogel, Absalon, Lindgren, Nys, Fontana, Tempier, Flückiger, Paulissen, Mcconnell,  Hermida and Sauser are making their way up.  Hermida 12th, Sauser 14th


Plaxton 28th, McGrath 33rd, Zandstra 39th


Lots of crashes on the Hammerhead



Through the 1st feedzone  and the 2 Swiss riders and Abslon are starting to separate from the bunch.  Lindgren has  tacked onto the back.  Kabush 4th at 7 sec followed by Nys



Plaxton 26th at 1:20, Mcgrath 35th at 1:50, Zandstra 39th at 2:15


Through the 2nd feedzone the the quartet at the front is flying as they head to the line to start lap 3


Kabush and Nys have rejoined the lead bunch at the line


Lap 3



9 riders go through within 5 seconds of the first rider across who is Absalon.  then Schurter, Vogel, Lindgren, Kabush, Nys, Hermida, Flückiger,  Fontana.  Sauser 13th at 22 sec back


Up the climb and Absalon is at the front setting the pace 


Hermida is starting to move up.. bumping Lindgren for 4th


Down through the Hammerhead, Absalon still at the front followed by the 2 Swiss.  Kabush has dropped back into 5th


Hermida is just making contact with the lead group.  Kabush still 5th with Nys at 13 sec. Fontana  is just behind them



Heading through the 2nd feed and going toward the end of the lap -  the 4 at the front have a 20 sec gap on Nys and Fontana who have gapped Kabush



Lap 4


Through the finish, Schurter, Absalon, Hermida, Vogel all s.t., Nys at 9 sec, Fontana at 10 sec and Kabush at 13 sec.  Sauser 8th at 58 sec, 


Wells 12th, Craig 23rd, Plaxton 24th, McGrath 36th



Filip Meirhaeghe (Belgium) who RETIRED for a 2nd time after Houffalize has unretired (again) and is sitting in 28th



At the top of climb:  Abslaon, Schurter, Vogel and Hermida.   Nys Kabush and Fontana at 30 sec


Down through the descent Kabush has  passed and dropped Nys and Fontana


 Through the 2nd feed, Absalon gapping the other 3 again, but they come back together gain as they hit a headwind.  Kabush away alone and is sitting 5th at 28 sec.  Nys and Fontana at another 5 sec



Hermida at the front now as they go through the 2nd feed.  Kabush goes through in a solid 5th position



Heading to the line to finish the 4th lap


Lap 5 - 3 to go


Hermida, Absalon, Schurter, Vogel in a time of 1:19:11.  Kabush at 20 sec. Nys at 27 sec, Fontana at 42 sec, Wells up to 8th at 57 sec, Perraud 9th at 1:12, Sauser 10th at 1:15


Craig 21st, Plaxton 22nd


Leaders through the Death Adder and Absalon has gapped the Swiss by ~ 3 sec.  Hermida hanging off the back


Down through the swooping descent toward the 1st feed, and his gap is increasing


Through the feedzone and Schurter jumps away from his teamate and has joined Absalon at the front.  Vogel has been joined by Hermida at 11 sec back, and is letting Hermida lead as the battle the slight headwind.  Kabush 5th at 36 sec.  Nys dropping back, now at 1:16.  Plaxton 19th now at 3:15 back


Michael Broderick (USA) has stopped for his 2nd time today for mechanical assistance



End of lap 5



Lap 6



Absalon leading Schurter.  Hermida and Vogel at 22 sec.  Kabush at 48 sec. 


Group of 5 (Fontana, Perraud,Nys, Wells, Ravenal) chasing at 1:45


Up the climb Schurter is leading with Absalon on his wheel.  25 sec behind Vogel leading Hermida up the climb


On the downhill Schurter still leading Absalon


Through the first feedzone and Schurter still at the front, but as they head to the single track, Absalon moves again to the front.


Vogel and Hermida are at 36 sec.  Kabush at 1 min




Wells in 8th at 2:05



Plaxton 20th at 4:13


Finishing lap 6


Lap 7 - Final lap


Absalon and Schurter go through at the s.t..  Hermida and Vogel at 21 sec.  Kabush  5th at 52 sec. Ravenal, Perraud and Wells at 1:55, Kulhavy  9th, Sauser 10th, Fontana 11th,  Nys 12th , 

Craig 18th, Plaxton 20th, Schultz 32nd


Up the climb Absalon is leading, but Schurter is right on his wheel


Through Hammerhead they are still together.  Behind them the battle for bronze is still on, as Hermida cannot drop Vogel


Through the first feedzone they are still together and Schurter goes to the front as they head to the singletrack, blocking Absalon's attempt to get the lead.  Schurter is pushing the pace


Behind the leaders Hermida leads Vogel and are at 36 sec.   Kabush at 1:20.  Ravanel 6th at 2:14


Through the 2nd feedzone and Schurter is being very aggressive, forcing Absalon to chase and now has a gap of a few seconds clear



Nino Schurter (Switzerland) takes the title over Julien Absalon,  Florian Vogel (Switzerland) takes teh bronze




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