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September 13/09 8:37 am - Champery World Cup: Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/13/09

The men's race has been reduced from 7 to 6 laps (plus start loop) and 176 men are taking the start today.  The track has been quite beat up with races yesterday and


The cloud has descended further from the mountains, but it should stay clear of rain until later in the day.


Absalon looked uncharacteristically nervous on the start line - no longer invincible?  Adam Craig and Geoff Kabush are the only riders to be running a single chainring




At the end of a very fast start loop, it is Alexis Vuillermoz (Lapierre International) at the front with many of the favourites lagging behind

José Hermida (Multivan Merida Biking Team) 2nd at 3 sec, Florian Vogel (Scott-Swisspower Mtb-Racing) 3rd at 4 sec, Cédric Ravanel (Lapierre International) 5th


Lap 1

As they head up the climb, There is a group of 5 forming at the front with  Vuillermoz leading with a gap on Hermida, Vogel, Absalon, Sauser with bunches of chase groups forming behind.  Kabush is sitting in high teens right now.  Zandstra  32nd


As they hit the line to finish the first lap, Vuillermoz has a 13 second gap on Hermida. Absalon 3rd at s.t.. Vogel 4th at 15 sec, Ravenal 5th, Stander 6th, Lindgren 7th, Fluckinger 8th, Sauser 9th, Näf 10th.

Kabush 12th at 45 sec back


Lap  2


As they head up to start the main climb, Vuillermoz still leading, but Absalon and Stander are together chasing at ~ 5 sec.  Hermida has dropped back to 4th, Sauser 5th


Up the climb Absalon has caught and passed Vuillermoz and has ~ 5 sec, Stander now 3rd, but only 1 second behind


Kabush is in a large chase  group (9 or 10) with Hermida, Sauser, Moritz Milatz and more


On the descent, Absalon has opened the gap to well over 20 seconds on the 2 chasers


Lap 3


As they head out to start the 3rd lap.  Absalon leading with Stander in 2nd at 14 sec back.  Vuillermoz 3rd at s.t.. Cédric Ravanel (Lapierre International) 4th at 36 sec. Emil Lindgren (De Brink-Ten Tusscher) 5th at 42 sec. Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing) 6th at 43 sec. Christoph Sauser (Specialized Factory Racing) 6th at 59 sec. Mathias Flückiger (Trek World Racing) at 1 min. Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing) at 1:01,

Adam Craig (Giant Mountain Bike Team Gmt) is 11th at 1:16

Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles) 16th at 1:31 back

Derek Zandstra 33rd


Up the climb and Absalon has a 35 sec gap on Stander and Vuillermoz.  A large  group at 50 sec that has Hermida, Vogel and Kabush dropping off the back


Lap 4


Absalon finishing lap 3 with a gap of 42 sec on Stander and Vuillermoz. Lukas Flückiger 4th at 1:18, Mathias Flückiger (Trek World Racing)  5th, Emil Lindgren 6th, Maxime Marotte (Bh-Suntour) 7th, Cédric Ravanel (Lapierre International) 8th, Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing) 9th, Adam Craig  10th at 1:35.  Sam Schultz 16th

Geoff Kabush 22nd at nearly 3 min back.  Wells 29th, Zandstra 33rd


Heading up the climb for the 5th time, Absalon looking solid in the lead position. Stander in 2nd spot leading Vuillermoz, both at 45 sec back.  Fluckiger brothers next, followed by Ralph Näf, then Adam Craig, Fontana and Marotte


Heading to the end of the lap now, Absalon (who won on this course in 2007) is still leading.  Stander has gapped Vuillermoz.


At the end of the lap Absalon's gap to Stander is 55 sec, Vuillermoz 3rd at 1:00, Lukas Fluckiger 4th  1:16 Mathias Fluckiger 5th at 1:19, Näf 6th 1:30, Craig 7th at 1:45, Fontana  8th 1:46, Marotte 10th, Sauser 11th both at 2:22


Schultz 17th, Kabush 23rd, Wells 29th, Zandstra 32nd


Lap 5


Absalon heading up the climb with a comfortable gap of over 1 min on Stander. The Fluckiger brothers are 3rd and 4th who are ~ another 10 sec .  Vuillermoz is 5th, but tiring in 5th, then Näf, Craig, Fontana


Absalon is heading to the line to start the final lap


Lap 6 - Last Lap

Across the line - Absalon, followed by Stander who has closed the gap to 39 sec.  Lukas Fluckiger 3rd at 55 sec, Mathias Fluckiger 4th at 58 sec, Näf 5th at 1:08, Vuillermoz now 6th at 1:29, Craig 7th at 1:34, Fontana 8th at 1:43


Schultz, 19th, Kabush 25th, Wells 28th, Andrew Watson 49th


As they head toward the final climb of the race, Adam Craig has moved into 6th and is chasing Näf


Hermida and Vogel have both been having mechanical issues this race


Absalon hits the climb with a gap of  20 seconds on Stander


Naf has caught the Fluckigers and passed them for 3rd spot

Fontana has passed Craig for 6th


On the descent and Stander has caught, passed and dropped Absalon




1 Burry Stander * (RSA) Specialized Factory Racing, 1:41:06

2 Julien Absalon (Fra) Orbea, at 0:15

3 Ralph Näf (Sui) Multivan Merida Biking Team, 0:24

4 Lukas Flückiger (Sui) Trek World Racing, 0:28

5 Mathias Flückiger (Sui) Trek World Racing, 0:41

6 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Mountain Bike Team Gmt, 1:06








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