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September 19/09 5:13 am - Schladming World Cup: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/09

Another beautiful day in Schladming.  The forcasted weather had been for rain, with thunderstorms, but that was oh so wrong.


Cool misty for start of jr races, but sun came up and quickly burned off mist, beautiful sunny day... will be warm in the open.  Track is drying out very quickly, although still some muddy sections back in woods.  4 laps women (no start loop) for the 72 women taking the start


World Champion Irina Kalentieva (Topeak Ergon Racing Team) is still having problems with her knee that she damaged last week in Champery.  CC spoke to her yesterday and she said it appeared that she damaged a tendon and it is slowly to healing.  She cannot put a lot of pressure on it, so not to expect her to ride hard today.


Lap 1


As they head up the climb for the first time, Marie-Helene Premont is leading ELisabeth Osl and they have a small gap on the chase group. Lene Byberg  (Specialized Factory Racing) and Eva Lechner  (Colnago Cap Arreghini) leading chase.


2/3 way through the lap and Osl has attacked and taken the lead.  Premont has been joined by Catharine Pendrel   (Luna Pro Team) on the climb.  Osl's small and only 44 kg, so she easily pulls away from Premont on the  climbs, but Premont is gaining on her on the descents


At the end of the lap, Osl is leading with Pendrel 2nd at 17 seconds and Premont at 19 sec.  Cécile Rode Ravanel    (Lapierre International) 4th, Anna Szafraniec    (JBG-2 Professional Mtb Team) 5th at  51 sec.  Byberg 5th 37 sec back , Mary McConneloug    (Kenda Seven NoTubes) is 10th, Spitz  12th already 1:19 back.  Amanda Sin 21st, Emily Batty  24th at 2:06 back


Lap 2


Osl leading on the climb, but Pendrel is not giving her much of a gap (~ 6 sec).  Premont another 6 sec back.

The chase group has Byberg, Kalentieva with Cécile Rode Ravanel dropping off the pace.   Emily Batty has caught and passed Amanda Sin


Not much change.  Osl opening gap on climb and Pendrel closing on descents. Premont has been joined by Byberg and  Kalentieva.

McConneloug holding down 10th spot


Lap 3


As they start the 3rd lap, Osl has a 30 sec lead on Pendrel.  Byberg now 3rd at 1:02. Premont 4th at 1:06. Szafraniec 5th at 1:07, Kalentieva 6th at 1:10. Aleksandra Dawidowicz  (CCC Polkowice) 7th,


Batty 27th, Sin 29th, Sandra Walter 36th, McKirdy 61st, Beaumont 62nd


Up  the climb, no changes to positions


Lap 4 Last lap


Os leading with Pendrel 2nd at 1:11, Byberg 3rd at 1:35, Szafraniec 4th at 1:38, Premont 5th at 1:44, Kalentieva 6th at 2:21, Dawidowicz 7th at 2:38

Lea Davison (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles) has caught and passed McConneloug moving into 12th.

Batty 25th, Sin 29th, Walter 37th


Up the climb for the last time and this climb is taking a lot out of the riders


Byberg is closing the gap on Pendrel on the climbs


It is going to be close for Pendrel.  Byberg is still closing in


Osl wins the World Cup final and takes the overall World Cup



1 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Central Ghost Pro Team, 1:19:10

2 Lene Byberg (Nor) Specialized Factory Racing, at 1:05

3 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team , 1:13

4 Anna Szafraniec  (Pol)  JBG-2 Professional Mtb Team , 1:41

5 Marie-Helene Premont  (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles , 1:53








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