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September 26/09 8:07 am - Road World Championships - U23 Men's Road Race UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/26/09

Coverage of the 2009 World Championships made possible with the support of Shimano


The U23 men are now taking centre stage in Mendrisio Switzerland.  They will race 13 laps of the 13.8 km circuit for a total of 179.4 km.  There are 166 names on teh start list, with Canada having 4 entries: Ryan Anderson, David Boily, Guillaume Boivin and David Veilleux.


Lap 1


Alex Howes (USA)  attacked and was soon joined by Jonathan Fumeaux (Switzerland) and then Sarmiento tunarrosa Jose Cayetano (Colombia) and at the end of the first lap had a gap of 1:04


Canadians still in the bunch: Boily 6th, Boivin 44th, Veilleux 70th, Anderson 71st

Lap 1 completed in a time of 21:21


Lap 2


8:10 am EDT

They are currently on the 2nd lap and the trio has been  joined by Alexandre Shushemoin (Kazakhstan)


8:15 am -  end of lap 2 and they are all together.


Boily sitting up near the front in 15th, Boivin 20th, Veilleux 24th, Anderson 119


Lap 3

8:21 am

They are heading up the climb for the 3rd time and lots of attacks and counter attacks are taking place.


8:30 am EDT

An attack has been successful and Martin Schöffmann (Austria) has gone away and quickly established a gap that is approaching 1 min as he heads up the 2nd climb


Lap 4

8:39 am

Schöffmann is well clear as he starts his 4th lap, gap to peloton 1:35

Veilleux sitting 43rd, Boivin 49th,Boilly 61st and Anderson 109.  Peloton still has 155 riders.  A few are starting to tail off - 8 have dropped off and one DNF


8:45 am


Gap still increasing.  Peloton not too interested at this point


8:55 am

No change


Lap 5

9am EDT 


Schöffmann still away and hits the line with a gap of 1:17 on Betancur gomez Carlos Alberto (Colombia)

 The pelton is at 1:39 and is still 142 strong.


Boily 48th, Veilleux 51st, Boivin 84, Anderson 133.  MTB U23 World Champ Burry Strander has dropped off and is 5 min back


9:19 am

Halfway and a chase group of 4 or 5 has formed.  Veilleux is in it



Chasers have caught the breakaway riders and now have a gap of just under  1 min on peloton as they head out onto lap 6


Lap 6

The break is now 5 and consists of: Martin Schöffmann (Austria), David Veilleux (Canada), Michael Matthews (Australia), Nico Keinath (Germany) and the rider wearing #1 Darwin Atapuma Hurtado (Colombia)


Peloton is slowly getting smaller.  126 riders now in the main bunch


Boily 110th, Boivin 132 at 1:19 back and Anderson 148th at 7:56 back.  12 are DNF


9:29 am


Up the climb and Veilleux is at the front of the break, powering the break up the climb.  There is a chase group of 6 now chasing them at 50 sec.  Peloton at 1 min. Boilly and Boivin are struggling on the climb, coming off the back of the peloton


This is a good showing for Veilleux, whose early season form was stalled by injury.  Maybe it was for the good, as he is now showing that a slow start has left him fresh for the Worlds.


9:45 am


The leaders are approaching the end of lap 6 (still 7 to go).  The chase group is getting bigger and starting to get  organized, but is still ~ 1 min back.


At the end of Lap 6, Veilleux hits the line first.  The chase group of 14 is at 1:13 and the peloton at 1:31.  Peloton is still 93 riders strong


Lap 7

9:52 am

Leaders now heading up the 1st  climb and the gap to the chasers is nearly 2 min.


Boily and Boivin are nearly done?  at 3:20 back.  Anderson already out.


At the end of the lap the peloton  is all back together and is still over 100 strong.  Boivin and Billy are still soldiering on at 8 min back.  27 DNF's and another 22 have been dropped off the back of the bunch


Lap 8


10:13 am


The leaders head up the climb with Atapuma Hurtadois at the front setting the pace.


The chase group is at 1:40 with Team Australia at the front -  but they are not chasing


10:22 am


Up the 2nd climb and the lead group has really settled in to working together.  The gap to the chase group is now over 2 min .  The Danish and Polish teams have gone to the front, trying to pick up the pace by attacking off the front.


At the end of the lap the peloton is still huge - still 100


Boily and Boivin have quit


Lap 9



Leaders headed up the 1st climb with a gap of 1:45 on the peloton. 


The peloton now has Italy and Australia at the front and by the time they hit the top of the climb the gap is 45 sec


10:45 am


The leaders are just about caught


10:51 am


They are going to cross the line to start Lap 10 shortly. ... 


As they hit the line the gap between the leaders and the peloton is just 8 seconds.




Lap 10


4 laps to go


The leaders are caught just as they start up the climb


A flurry of attacks after the catch and riders have been going away  in 1's and 2's


11:05 am

At the 2nd climb (midway up), there is now a group of 10 with a gap of 10 seconds.


Veilleux is struggling now to stay on the back of the peloton


As they cross the line to start the next lap only 52 riders cross at the same tome.  At 36 seconds is another group of 30.  The a samll bunch at 1:36 and then all the stragglers.

From the break group: Hurtado and Mathews is still in the bunch sitting 25th and 46th,

Veilleux is 73rd, 36 sec back.  Keinath 98th at 6 min and Schöffmann has really blown and is now over 10 min back


Lap 11

 11:10 am

With 3 to go the Italians have chased down the break and brought it all together again. The front of the peloton is blue as they take control and set the pace.




Another small group has formed off the front with a 12 sec lead on the peloton.


11:25 am

The peloton has shrunk considerably since the first lap.  It is now only about 1/4 the size it was on lap 1




On the 2nd climb and a group of 5: Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Colombia) Alexandre Geniez (France) Gianluca Brambilla (Italy)  Leigh Howard (Australia) and Blaz Furdi (Slovenia) have been successful in getting free and have a 37 sec gap on a chase group.


Peloton getting even smaller now .

David Veilleux  is hanging in there, but is now 64th at 3:35 back


Lap 12




Break caught, but another attack goes.  A French and a Dutch rider have gone clear on the climb, and are being chased down by another French rider



A couple others bridge up, but it is not working.  Some riders will work, some won't, so they are being caught




Last lap


11:55 am

There are 2 away, as they cross the line to start the final lap. Romain Sicard (France) and Michel Kreder (Netherlands).  They have 30 seconds on a small chase group of 4: Sep Vanmarcke (Belgium) Arthur Vichot (France) Anatoliy Kashtan (Ukraine) and Thibaut Pinot (France) and 34 sec on the peloton, now ~ 32 riders.


Veilleux is 57th at 6:48 back


11:59 am

Up the climb and they are being chased by a group being led by and Italian and a couple Colombians.



Sicard  has attacked and gone clear, but he still has over 1/2 a lap to go on legs that have already ridden 170 km




He's over the top of the last climb ~ 2 km to go and he is still clear and no one is even close.


Finish Unofficial

1 Romain Sicard (France)

2 Betancur gomez Carlos Alberto (Colombia)

3 Egor Silin (Russian Federation)



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