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October 2/09 18:50 pm - Caracol de Pista Track Race: Day 1 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 10/2/09

Gran Caracol de Pista: Day 1

The start of a new month signaled the start of the 2009 Caracol de Piste Classic. The Canadian crew of David Boily, Monique Sullivan and Laura Brown grew restless hanging out at the hotel waiting for the 4:30 pm departure as the day was only broken up by meals. A nice surprise arrived at 3pm when the organizers showed up with two custom skinsuits for each rider. We are racing for local sponsors Shimano and GW bikes and the skinsuits for every rider here has their National flag on the bottom cuff of each leg. This has become the norm here in Colombia. We have been looked after at all times. The food has been excellent, accommodations are very nice, and transfers to the track for training and racing are an adventure in themselves. We are taken by mini vans that are the size of a North American minivan but with 20 seats in them. Each van is escorted by armed traffic, district, tourist, and National police all on motorcycles and we drive in a convoy at breakneck speeds in rush hour traffic, the motos guarding our passage with flashing lights, sirens and blowing whistles. Sitting near the front of the vans is like experienceing a real life version of Grand Turismo with some very close calls and even a small rear ender between two of our vans the other day (only minor damage and a lot of laughing on our parts).

The races on the first night for both men and women consisted of flying 200m ( which is a separate event and qualifying for the sprints ), sprints ( 1 heat only until finals ), scratch race, and a points race with 4 sprints every 4 laps, points going 3,2,1. The organizers here not only look after us very well but they have provided excellent prize money. $500 for the winner of each event, $300 for second and $200 for third for both men and women. Points, while we race for a sponsor's team are individually tallied for the overall title which awards the winner $3500, $2500 for second and $1500 for third. In addition there is more prize money for the feature events of keirin and Madison later in the program.

The evening started off with an excellent performance in the 200m by Monique who clocked an 11.945. This placed her in 3rd overall and they had raised the prize money on the day with Monique pocketing $400. Monique then faced Colombian Martiza Ceballos. Monique rode a strong race but was relegated on a highly questionable call that was not even posted in the results. Monique was then just finished her cool down when she was called to the line for her 3 up rep. Thinking she had won the first ride Monique gathered her composure quickly and then easily dispatched her two Colombian opponents in the rep to advance to her rightful spot in the quarter finals.

David and Laura both raced well in the 4x4 points race but positioning for sprints proved difficult for David who finished safely in the bunch. Laura scored a point in the first sprint and had some good gas for the final sprint but was too far back. Laura ended up tied on points for 6th but 9th based on final sprint position. These two were also in the final events of the evening with David contesting the 7.5 km scratch race. David had good positioning for the early and late portions of the race but was swarmed with 3 laps to go. Colombians finished first, second, and third. Laura's 24 lap 6km scratch race was the final event on the evening and Laura rode the perfect race until 2 laps to go when a near collision in front of her lost her position. She recovered a little to place 7th. All in all an excellent start to the three day competition.

On the way home we were treated to some acrobatic motorcycle riding by the police escort. These guys are pretty amazing. One of our escorts with two riders on the bike did a front wheelie for a good 100m at 70-80 km per hour. All this amidst raging traffic. Very insane but amazing bike handling.

Report by Jeremy Storie - team coach

Note: These are the official results as supplied by the organization


Women's Sprint
200 metre
1 Simona Krupeckaite (Ltu) Indeportes Antioquia 11.356
2 Diana García (Col) EPM 11.719
3 Monique Sulivan (Can) Shimano 11.945
4 Clara Sánchez (Fra) Inder Medellín 12.00
5 Lisandra Guerra (Cub) Bocherini 12.172
6 Elisa Frisoni (Ita) Coordinadora 12.194
7 Sindy Claire (Fra) Dian 12.206
8 Milena Salcedo (Col) Coldeportes Nacional 12.393
9 Arianna Herrera (Cub) El Colombiano 12.484
10 Maritza Ceballos (Col) Juegos Suramericanos 12.630
11 Juliana Gaviria (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo 13.205
12 Angie Roa (Col) Caracol 13.487
1/8 Finals
Heat 1
1 Simona Krupeckaite (Ltu) Indeportes Antioquia
2 Angie Roa (Col) Caracol
Heat 2
1 Diana García (Col) EPM
2 Juliana Gaviria (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo
Heat 3
1 Maritza Ceballos (Col) Juegos Suramericanos
2 Monique Sulivan (Can) Shimano
Heat 4
1 Clara Sánchez (Fra) Inder Medellín
2 Arianna Herrera (Cub) El Colombiano
Heat 5
1 Lisandra Guerra (Cub) Bocherini
2 Milena Salcedo (Col) Coldeportes Nacional
Heat 6
1 Elisa Frisoni (Ita) Coordinadora
2 Sindy Claire (Fra) Dian
1st Repechage
1 Sindy Claire (Fra) Dian
2  Arianna Herrera (Cub) El Colombiano
3 Angie Roa (Col) Caracol
2nd Repechage
1 Monique Sulivan (Can) Shimano
2 Juliana Gaviria (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo
3 Milena Salcedo (Col) Coldeportes Nacional
Men's Sprint
200 metre
1 Azizul Awang (Mas) Bocherini 10.352
2 Teun Mulder (Ned) Juegos Suramericanos 10.393
3 Gregory Bauge (Fra) Dian 10.445
4 James Watkins (USA) El Colombiano 10.459
5 Jonathan Marín (Col) Coordinadora 10.501
6 Leonardo Narváez (Col) EPM 10.558
7 Michael Dalmeida (Fra) Dian 10.559
8 José Antonio Escuredo (Esp) Caracol 10.641
9 Cristian Tamayo (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo 10.682
10 Craig Maclean (GBr) Coldeportes Nacional 10.725
11 Hernán Sánchez (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo 10.770
12 Tomas Babek (Cze) Shimano 10.784
13 Hersony Canelon (Ven) Indeportes Antioquia 10.788
14 Fabian Puerta (Col) EPM 10.821
15 Barry Ford (Bar) Shimano 10.866
16 Joshia Ng (Mas) Bocherini 10.931
17 Yondi Schmidt (Ned) Coordinadora 11.022
18 Juan Sivira (Ven) Inder Medellín 11.148
1/16 Finals
Heat 1
1 Azizul Awang (Mas) Bocherini 11.897
2 Juan Sivira (Ven) Inder Medellín
Heat 2
1 Teun Mulder (Ned) Juegos Suramericanos
2 Yondi Schmidt (Ned) Coordinadora
Heat 3
1 Gregory Bauge (Fra) Dian 11.205
2 Joshia Ng (Mas) Bocherini
Heat 4
1 James Watkins (USA) El Colombiano 11.092
2 Barry Ford (Bar) Shimano
Heat 5
1 Jonathan Marín (Col) Coordinadora 11.3
2 Fabian Puerta (Col) EPM
Heat 6
1 Leonardo Narváez (Col) EPM 13.981
2 Hersony Canelon (Ven) Indeportes Antioquia
Heat 7
1 Michael Dalmeida (Fra) Dian 11.001
2 Tomas Babek (Cze) Shimano
Heat 8
1 José Antonio Escuredo (Esp) Caracol 11.658
2 Hernán Sánchez (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo
Heat 9
1 Cristian Tamayo (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo 11.091
2 Craig Maclean (GBr) Coldeportes Nacional
1st Repechage
1 Jerson Canelon (Ven) Indeportes Antioquia
2 Craig Maclean (GBr) Coldeportes Nacional
3 Juan Sivira (Ven) Inder Medellín
2nd Repechage
1 Tomas Babek (Cze) Shimano
2 Yondi Schmidt (Ned) Coordinadora
3 Fabian Puerta (Col) EPM
3rd Repechage
1 Joshia Ng (Mas) Bocherini
2 Barry Ford (Bar) Shimano
3 Hernán Sánchez (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo
Women's Points race
1 Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) EPM 8 pts
2 Elizabeth Agudelo (Col) Indeportes Antioquia 6
3 Lorena Vargas (Col) El Colombiano 4
4 Serika Gulumá (Col) Caracol 3
5 Yesenia Narvaez (Col) Caracol 2
6 Trine Schmidt (Den) Inder Medellín 1
7 Laura Lozano (Col) Juegos Suramericanos
8 Andreina Rivera (Col) Coldeportes Nacional
9 Laura Brown (Can) Shimano
Men's Points Race
1 Leonardo Duque (Col) Indeportes Antioquia 8 pts
2 Evan Oliphant (GBr) Coldeportes Nacional 6
3 Carlos Urán (Col) EPM 4
4 Juan Pablo Suárez (Col) Coordinadora 3
5 Edwin Avila (Col) Federacion Colombiana De Ciclismo 2
6 Carlos Alzate (Col) Inder Medellín 1
7 Walter Pérez (Arg) Juegos Suramericanos
8 Weimar Roldán (Col) Juegos Suramericanos
9 Carlos Ospina (Col) Shimano
10 Austin Carrol (USA) El Colombiano
16 David Boily (Can) Shimano
Women's Scratch Race
1 Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) EPM 8
2 Trine Schmidt (Den) Inder Medellín 6
3 Laura Lozano (Col) Juegos Suramericanos 4
4 María Luisa Calle (Col) Indeportes Antioquia 3
5 Kate Kullen (GBr) Coldeportes Nacional 2
6 Lorena Vargas (Col) El Colombiano 1
7 Laura Brown (Can) Shimano
Men's Scratch Race
1 Carlos Urán (Col) EPM 8
2 Juan Esteban Arango (Col) EPM 6
3 Leonardo Duque (Col) Indeportes Antioquia 4
4 Juan Pablo Suárez (Col) Coordinadora 3
5 Weimar Roldán (Col) Juegos Suramericanos 2
6 Walter Pérez (Arg) Juegos Suramericanos 1


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