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October 5/09 12:37 pm - Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic

Posted by on 10/5/09

Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic (Vanouver) held on Sunday October 4th

Photos   by Ryan Morasiewicz


Fantastic weather and a brand new course greeted racers and spectators on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 as West Coast Racing and Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes combined once again to host the Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic, B.C.’s longest-running BC Cup ‘cross event.
156 senior racers, plus a gaggle of future ‘crossers on the kids’ mini-courses took delight in ideal conditions, a new layout directly alongside one of Vancouver’s most popular and scenic beaches, and free BBQ during post-race festivities provided by M&M Meat Shop.  The Vanier event capped off a remarkable weekend for ‘cross in B.C., with the BC Cup double header kicked off the previous day at Team Wedgewood’s New Brighton race featuring a similar turnout, plus the popular Cross on the Rock series running like clockwork as always on Vancouver Island.
In the Men’s A race, Tyler Trace riding for co-organizer TREK RedTruck p/b also had a remarkable weekend individually, sweeping both BC events over the weekend.  While Trace required a sprint finish to take the win the previous day, no such challenge was in the works on this occasion.  An early attempt by Rocky Mountain Bicycles’ Even Guthrie, recently returned from representing Canada at the world junior mountain biking championships, was repelled by the Trek rider who coasted in with a clear 25 second margin.  Craig Richey of Blue Competition Cycles p/b Neverblue, who was on the losing end of the sprint finale at New Brighton, brought home 3rd place honours, with Trace’s team mates Kevin Noiles and Rob Britton rounding out the podium.
For the Women A & B a smaller, very high quality field took the line, but on this day there was no doubt about the victor, as the legendary Alison Sydor of Rocky Mountain-Maxxis navigated swiftly and silently, ever upwards through the B men sharing the course to take a commanding win over Local Ride Racing’s Jean Ann McKirdy.  Sarah Stewart of Total Restoration, Island Racing Club’s Joele Guynup, and Kelly Jones riding for Sugoi filled the 3-5 spots on the podium.  Organizers decided to expand the cash prizing beyond the required top 3, and instead went to 5 deep prizing for the women also, in recognition of the high calibre of riders in attendance and also hoping to provide incentive to further boost women’s participation in the sport.



A & B Women
1 Alison Sydor
2 Jean Ann McKirdy
3 Sarah Stewart
4 Joele Guynup
5 Kelly Jones

C Women
1 Haley Mousseau
2 Melissa Broemeling
3 Ashley Baker
4 Carelle Dunn
5 Johanna Hallas
DNF Janelle Cassidy

35+ Master Women
1 Nicola Mann
2 Heather King
3 Amanda Butler
4 Shera Clement
5 Katherine Warrendorf
6 Stacey Hutton


Youth U17 Men
1 Trevor Pearson
2 Peter Whalen

Youth U17 Women
1 Maggie Lyster
2 Theresa Riley
3  Erin Kinnie


A Men
1 Tyler Trace
2 Evan Guthrie
3 Craig Richey
4 Kevin Noiles
5 Rob Britton
6 Drew Mackenzie
7 Kevin Calhoun
8 Mike Berkenpas
9 Sven Sturm

Men B
1 David Broemeling
2 Tim Abercrombie
3 Colin McArthur
4 Michael Jordan
5 Brian Postlethwaite
6 Joshua Weiss
7 Jonathan Braunstein
8 Niels Steiner
9 Jon Taylor
10 Craig Fabische
11 Devan McClelland
12 Ryan Cousineau
13 Morgan Taylor
14 Manuel Zuppiger
15 Vincent Marcotte
16 Matt Atkinstall
17 Anderew Kerr
18 Christian Hansen
19 Jeff Hanninen
20 Ben Jackson
21 Dave Collins
22 Michael Dolling
23 Mike Koski

C Men
1 Davey Mitchell
2 David Morrissey
3 Matthew Hornland
4 Lucas Gallagher
5 Todd Allison
6 Karu Kalle
7 Matt Barber
8 Ian Bunbury
9 Thomas Pickett
10 Bill Riley
11 Jeremy Wilson
12 Troy Neale
13 Kevin Watt
14 Warren Taylor
15 Chip Schug
16 Sean Ruzicka
17 Gary Tosh
18 Scott Schroeder
19 Geoff Winters
20 Jason Metcalfe
21 Matthew Smith
22 Steven Fedder
23 Tom Wojcik
24 Bruce Hale

35+ Master Men
1 Bob Wellbourn
2 Kim Steed
3 Chris Sayers
4 Sean Howie
5 John Perkins
6 Roy Mcbeth
7 Clayton Salisbury
8 Derek Shiers
9 Brian Griffin
10 Brad Collins
11 Jay Murray
12 Iain Mant
13 Colin Campbell
14 Brent Hambleton
15 Rob Mulder
16 Dave Cressman
17 Sean Clark
18 Michael McArthur


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