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October 10/09 16:36 pm - Cross Nationals: Women's and Junior Men's UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 10/10/09

The women have started and will do 40 min


Lap 1


3 away: Alison Sydor (BC) Maxxis Rocky Mountain,  Pepper Harlton (AB) and Natasha Elliott (ON) Garneau Club Chaussure Oglivy and they have a gap of 7 sec on Mical Dyck (AB) Trek Toronto/Terrascape


4:39 pm: As they near the end of the first lap,  Sydor has gone into the lead and is followed by Harlton.  Elliot has been dropped and is at 7 sec.  Elliot is having problems in the technical section, that Sydor is flying though.  Dyck is at 8 sec back of Elliot.


Lap 2


There are 3 leaders in the Junior men's race:  Mackenzie Carson (AB) Juventus, Kris Dahl (AB) CMC / Bow Cycle and Conor O'Brien (ON) Specialized-EMD Serono and they have a gap of 8 seconds on a string of chasers


4:48 pm

Sydor and Harlton have extended their lead over Elliot to 12 seconds.  Sydor is much smoother throught the technical sections, while Harlton seems to be struggling.  Dyck is 4th but is over 20 sec back


Lap 3

4:51 pm.  Junior Men's leaders are the same. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride with Rendall is sitting 4th and is closing the gap


4:56 pm:  Women: Late in lap 3 and Sydor has attacked.  Harlton now at 5 sec.  Elliot at 18 sec and Dyck nearly 1 min back



Lap 4 


5:01 pm:  Women:  Sydor has a 20 second gap on Harlton, Elliot is at 40 sec, Dyck over 1 min and Sarah Stewart (BC) Total Restoration is 5th, but well back


Lap 5


5:06 pm

Junior men have just started their 5th and final lap.  Kris Dahl  and Conor O'Brien, are now the 2 leaders with Mackenzie Carson chasing at 8 sec.  Kiernan Orange is closing on Carson


5:09 pm:  Women have started their final lap:  Sydor leading with a gap of 37 seconds on Harlton.  Elliot 3rd at 55 sec. Dyck 4th at 1:15







Junior Men

1 Kris Dahl (AB) CMC / Bow Cycle

2 Conor O'Brien (ON) Specialized-EMD Serono

3 Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride with Rendall

4 Mackenzie Carson (AB) Juventus



1   Alison Sydor (BC) Maxxis Rocky Mountain
2   Pepper Harlton (AB) Juventus
3   Natasha Elliott (ON) Garneau Club Chaussure Oglivy
4   Mical Dyck (AB) Trek Toronto/Terrascape



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