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August 16/97 15:38 pm - Jackson 3rd in Tour, Canadians 1-2 at Australian Track World Cup, Adrenalin

Posted by Editor on 08/16/97

Tour Feminin Stage 3, Montbard to Montbard - 31.1 km ITT 1.H.Wittig-Kupfernagel (ger) 46:12 2.Z.Zabirova (rus) @0:01 3.F.Luperini (ita) @1:00 4.A.Cappellotto (ita) @1:11 5.L.Jackson (cdn) @1:14 6.M.De Bruijn (ned) @1:20 GC 1.A.Cappellotto (ita) 7:05:50 2.F.Luperini (ita) @0:06 3.L.Jackson (cdn) @0:20 4.B.Heeb @0:29 5.H.Wittig-Kupfernagel (ger) @0:34 6. Zulfia Zabirova (Rus) @ 0:43 Track World Cup, Australia Session 3 Mens Sprint Quarter Final Heat 1 Kiksis (Lat) def Panasenko (Ukr) Arrue (USA) def Eadie (Australia) Trebski (Pol) def Peden (Australia) (Peden relegated) VanZyl (RSA) def Kojima (Jap) Heat 2 Panasenko UKRR def Kiksis LAT Eadie (Australia) def Arrue (USA) VanZyl (RSA) def Kojima (Jap) Peden (Australia) def Trebski (Pol) Heat 3 A Kiksis def Panasenko Eadie (Australia) def Arrue (USA) Pedon (Australia) def Trebski POL Womens Individual Pursuit 3000m Qualifying B Guerro (Mex) 4:07.46 K Kurrow (USA) 3:43.20 A Belutti (Ita) 3:39.26 K Barrow (Australia) 3:45.81 Men's Team Pursuit 4000m Qualifying Korea 4:27.08 Mexico 4:49.75 New Zealand 4:14.97 Poland 4:23.23 Australia 4:15:30 Denmark 4:21.62 USA 4:14.97 Session 4 Women's Sprint - Semi Final Heat 1 T Dubnicoff CAN def. T Reed USA Muenzer CAN def. E Shim Heat 2 T Dubnicoff CAN def. T Reed USA Muenzer CAN def. Shim Men Sprint - Semi Final Heat 1 Kiksis LAT def. Peden AUS Van Zyl RSA def. Eadie AUS Heat 2 Kiksis LAT def. Peden AUS Van Zyl RSA def. Eadie AUS Men Sprint 9th To 12th Places 12th Hyun 11th Craig 10th Simton 9th Denchenko Men Sprint 5th to 8th Place 8th Kojima 7th Trebski 6th Pansenko 5th Arrue Women's Individual Pursuit Final 3rd Barrow AUS caught B Guerra lap 8 1st A Bellutti ITA 3:38.51 2nd K Kurrek 3:46.4 Men's Team Pursuit 3rd Australia 4:11.46 4th Denmark 4:17.06 1st New Zealand 4:12.73 2nd USA 4:14.24 Men's Elimination Race 1. S Pate AUS 2. B Aitken AUS 3. M Friedick USA Womens' Sprint Final Heat 1 Reed USA def. Shim KOR Dubnicoff CAN def. Muenzer CAN Heat 2 Reed USA def. Shim KOR Women's Sprint Placing 1 Dubnicoff CAN 2 Muenzer CAN 3 Reed USA 4 Shim KOR Men Sprint Final Heat 1 Eadie AUS def. Peden AUS (Peden Relegated) VanZyl RSA def. Kiksis LAT Heat 2 Peden def. Eadie VanZyl RSA def. Kiksis LAT Heat 3 Eadie def. Peden (Peden Relegated) Men Sprint Placing 1. van Zyl RSA 2. Kiksis LAT 3. Eadie AUS 4. Peden AUS Men's Point Race (30km) 1. S O'Grady AUS 34 2. V Piil DEN 32 3. G Thomson NZ 31 Whistler International Classic Mountain Bike Race Dual Slalom Women 1 Aleisha Cline 29.38 seconds 2 Daamiann Skelton 29.52 3 Tera Meade 29.67 Junior Men 1 Tony Perjil 25.85 seconds 2 Jordy Buckles 27.18 3 Colin Stewart 27.46 Senior Men 1 Cody Begon 24.37 seconds 2 Pete Zablotny 24.48 3 Andrew Shandro 25.35 Still to come - Cross-country and Downhill Kokanee 24 hours of Adrenalin The 24 Hour race at Hardwood Hills (north of Barrie) is underway (started at noon). Some updates from the race: 300 teams began the Lemans style start. One rider started the race for his team in the nude (and completed his whole lap in the buff). Given the extremely hot and humid conditions, that might not be a bad idea... Steve Bauer and Curt Harnett are riding with two squads (there was a Celebrity Draft last night) Among the teams in contention: the Austin Powers (last year known as the Singing Elvis‚s) and the Fem Bots. The race continues until noon tomorrow (Sunday). We will provide more updates through the evening.


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