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October 19/09 10:09 am - 'Cross on the Rock #3

Posted by Editoress on 10/19/09

Crosstoberfest, Providence Farm, Oct. 18th, Duncan BC

After an absolutely horrendous downpour all day Saturday, everyone was fairly surprised that race day dawned bright and sunny. Not even a mud puddle to show for all the rain. Hmpf. Not very cross-like. But most of the 93 racers that rolled into Providence Farm seemed pretty happy with the change in weather. Experience Cycling Club had done a great job setting up the venue, with the smell of bratwurst in the air, pumpkins lining the course, and registration set up on a hay ride trailer at the epicenter of the site. Crosstoberfest, indeed.

Race #1 (3 laps, 14 racers)

Beginner Men & Women

Many of the beginner racers didn't have a chance to pre-ride the course before the 11am start time. Probably best, as the pre-ride reports had many riders out of breath commenting on the amount of climbing required per lap. Good to let the beginners start well rested.

In the men's race, Aaraon Grant (Independent) took the early lead and did not look back, easily taking first place after his closest competitor, Rob Williamson (OBB) flatted and had to abandon. For the rest of the podium, experience proved superior as second time racer Greg Olson (OBB) overtook newbie Dan Brown (Independent) halfway through the race to claim second place. Of special note were performances by 12 year olds Tyson Black (Independent) who had the smoothest remounts of the bunch and Brody Hay (Healthy Habits) who gutted himself to make sure he was not lapped by the leader. The 22 minute Lighthouse Brewery beer prime went to Kim Cameron.

In the women's race, Rita Wania (Organic Athlete) chewed up most of the beginner men to take the women's win while a mechanical saw Monica Birch's (Independent) podium dreams slip away. Charlene Stewart (Independent) had a clean ride to take second place and Glenda Harling (Nanaimo Bicycle Club) had a consistent race to finish third.

Race #2 (5 laps, 30 racers)


The biggest field of the day was at high noon as 30 intermediate racers toed the line. With his wanna-be- Dik-Cox -locks flowing in the wind, Dylan Tremblay (OBB) made it look easy to take yet another win in the 'Cross on the Rocks series. Behind him, young Michael Brinton (Independent) was frothing at the mouth but could not close the gap and had to settle for second. The race for third place was a battle for all five laps but it was Roland Rabien (Tripleshot) who made a last lap move to take third place. Chris George (PT Performance Training) was so beer thirsty that he waited on the finish line for a minute and a half, allowing other racers to pass him so that he could claim the Lighthouse Brewery beer 22 minute prime. Not that's a dedicated beer drinker.

Race #3 (6 laps, 26 racers)

Master Men & Open Women

Fluffy is back! Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hayes) has been on the injured list for the entire cross season but must have been doing some secret workouts on the trainer because he was back with a vengeance to take the win in the Master men category. Dusseault took the hole shot and the Lighthouse Brewery 22 minute beer prime and never looked back to see David Holden (Procity Racing) trying to chase him down. Holden tried valiantly but could not close the gap and came second. Bill McMillan rode his mountain bike consistently to round out the podium in third. Much of the Masters field were a little embarrassed after being "chicked" by Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith/Helly Hansen), who looked like she was playing ping pong with their egos. Kelly Jones (Sugoi) almost closed the gap when Magnusson flatted last lap, but had to settle for second place. Dawn Anderson (OBB/Everti) looked to be out for a sub-130 heart rate spin as she rolled across the line third place. Michelle Lantaigne (Independent) won the Lighthouse Brewery 22 minute beer prime.

Race #4 (8 laps, 23 racers)


There were many ooh and ahhs in the crowd as newly crowned Masters National Champion John Fokkema (Procity Cycles) unveiled his red and white jersey on the front row. But it was Craig Richey (Blue Competition Cycles) that took off from the gun to lead from wire to wire for the win. With a second to last call-up, Rob Britton (Trek/Procity) had to sift through the debris before he could hunker down and focus on the chase. But by then Richey was long gone, Britton had to settle for second. Third place looked to be a battle between Fokemma and Russell Anderson (Everti/OBB) until Fokemma was attacked by killer bees and had to abandon. More carnage followed as the DNFs continued. The Lighthouse Brewery 32 minute beer prime was won by Jeff Riemer (Arrowsmith) who strategically crashed, ensuring the closet competitor did not snake his suds.

Dave Shishkoff already has his photos posted here:


Beginner Women - 3 Laps
1 Rita Wania (Organic Athlete) 0:33:03
2 Charlene Stewart (Ind) at 2:35
3 Glenda Harling (Nanaimo Bike Club) 4:22
4 Monica Birtch (Ind) 7:49
5 Danielle Stevens (Ind) -1 Lap
22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Rita Wania
Beginner Men -3 Laps
1 Aaron Grant (Ind) 0:30:22
2 Greg Olsen (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo) at 1:45
3 Dan Brown (Ind) 2:28
4 Kim Cameron (Ind) 6:29
5 Tyson Black (Ind) 0:13:01
6 Brodie Hay (Healthy Habits) 0:15:32
7 Ben Wardill (Ind) -1 Lap
DNF Rob Williamson (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)
DNF Chad Willick (Ind)
22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Kim Cameron
Intermediate Men - 5 Laps
1 Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) 0:41:52
2 Michael Briton (Ind) at 0:52
3 Roland Rabien (Triple Shot) 1:36
4 Matt Dilay (IRC-Cameron Law) 1:42
5 Guy Gensey (Russ Hayes) 2:11
6 Kevin Knock (Everti ) 2:12
7 Andy Pitre (Me Team) 3:07
8 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete) 3:09
9 Jordan Duncan (Kona Grass Roots) 3:09
10 Morgan Harker (Ind) 4:10
11 Haldor Dunnarsson (Riders Cycle) 4:19
12 Justin Wolfe (Riders Cycle) 4:22
13 Shephard Stewart (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo) 4:28
14 Gavin Eaton (Triple Shot) 4:38
15 Scott Mitchell (Pro City Racing) 4:38
16 Ian Beveridge (Ind) 4:49
17 Erik Madson (Ind) 4:52
18 Kent Duncan (CVCC) 5:47
19 Ian Ross (Organic Athlete) 6:05
20 Taylor Smith (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo) 6:09
21 Fergus Lavelle (Devo Escape Velocity) 6:09
22 Mike Sevcov (Everti ) 6:18
23 Mark Allison (Ind) 6:19
24 Rob Williamson (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo) 8:02
25 Paul Kane (Ind) 8:22
26 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith Bike Club) 8:29
27 Derek Prout (Ind) 8:30
28 Chris George (PT Performance Training) 9:38
29 Patrick Burnham (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo) -1 Lap
30 Dave Lantaigne (Ind) -1 Lap
22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Chris George
Master Men - 6 Laps
1 Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hays) 0:49:40
2 Dave Holden (Trek-Pro City Racing) at 0:47
3 Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club) 1:37
4 Peter Wellsman (Pro City Cycles) 1:42
5 Brent Stubbs (Schwalbe) 2:06
6 Michael Harvey (U-Roc Simon Cycles) 2:40
7 Paul Brend (IRC-Cameron Law) 3:04
8 Barry Remple (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) 3:23
9 Jamie Emery (Pro City Cycles) 3:24
10 Guy Ridler (Ind) 4:30
11 Jeremy Hart (IRC-Cameron Law) 4:51
12 Ron Hewitson (Nanaimo MTB Club) 5:11
13 Normonster Thibault (Frontrunners) -1 Lap
DNF Christian Jensen (Cycledelia)
22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Aaron Dusseault
Women - 6 Laps
1 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Cycling Club) 0:54:02
2 Kelly Jones (Sugoi) at 0:22
3 Dawn Anderson (Oab Bay Bikes-Everti) 1:38
4 Tanya Berg (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) 2:26
5 Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Local Ride Racing) 3:25
6 Jen Erlendson (OrganicAthlete) 4:01
7 Glenowyn Carlson (Team Alliance) 4:40
8 Shannon Baerg (Russ Hayes) 7:29
9 Michelle Lantaigne (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) -1 Lap
10 Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits) -1 Lap
11 Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) -1 Lap
DNF Amanda Wakeling (Trail Bikes-CVCC )
22 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Michelle Lantaigne
Expert - 8 Laps
1 Craig Ritchey (Blue Competition Cycles) 0:59:37
2 Rob Britton (Trek-Pro City Cycles) at 1:20
3 Russel Anderson (Everti-Oak Bay Bikes) 2:25
4 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners-Nanaimo) 5:16
5 Jeff Riemer (Arrowsmith Cycling Club) 5:28
6 Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) 6:21
7 Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) 6:40
8 Jason Eagles (Six Up Cycling) 7:19
9 Steve Doreen (Ind) 8:13
10 Robin Dutton (Frontrunners-Nanaimo) 8:27
11 James Cameron (Pro City Racing) 8:28
12 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling Club) -1 Lap
13 Matt Dawes (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) -1 Lap
14 Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycles) -1 Lap
15 Dave Huntley (Experience Cycling Club) -1 Lap
16 Graham Cocksedge (Frontrunners-Nanaimo) -1 Lap
DNF Jean Sebastion Lareau (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria)
DNF Steve Bachop (Island Racing Club)
DNF Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes)
DNF Brad Collins (Sugoi)
DNF Michael Jordon (Ind)
DNF John Fokkema (Pro City Racing)
32 Minute Lighthouse Brewery
Riptide Pale Ale Prime: Jeff Reimer


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