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November 7/09 19:34 pm - Paracyling Track World Championships: Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 11/7/09

Day 2 results from the Paracyling World Championships in Manchester UK


It was an exciting day for Canada, here in Manchester.  Marie-Claude Molnar (CP4) qualified for the final in the pursuit by riding a strong and consistent race.  Molnar is participating at her first Para-cycling Track World Championships and came here with 2 bronze medals from the Para-cycling Road World Championships, being held two months ago in Italy.  In the evening, she maintained her second position and it is with emotions that she stood proud on the second march of the podium, winning Canada' first medal of theses Championships.

The B&VI impaired gave us the highest emotions of the day while the two Canadian Teams were trying to qualify for the final.  Chalifour-Dionne qualified in 5th, putting a strong ride but missing the finals by 4 seconds.  However, Cowie-Smibert finished in 4th and earned themselves a shot at the bronze medal.  It was late in the evening that Canada lined up against Spain and both teams shared the lead for half the race before Cowie-Smibert gaining advantage a few tenses of seconds at the time.  They took bronze by 1.3 seconds bringing Canada his second medal of the Championships.

Mathieu Parent (LC3) posted a personal best time by 2 seconds at the kilo, finishing in 7th, while Brayden McDougall (CP3) finished in 6th at the pursuit.

Report courtesy CCA


Men B&VI 4000m Pursuit
1 Clark Rachfal/David Swanson (United States) 4:27.133
2 David Llaurado/Christian Venge (Spain) 4:27.251
3 Miguel Angel Clemente/Diego Javier Muñoz (Spain) 4:27.354
4 Brian Cowie/Devon Smibert (Canada) 4:30.477
5 Daniel Chalifour/Luc Dionne (Canada) 4:34.552
6 David Blanco/Jaume Morales (Spain) 4:39.854
7 Laurant Delez/Christophe Grenard (Switzerland) 4:40.277
8 Eliecer William Orjuela Prada/Giovanni Rojas Agredo (Colombia) 4:40.671
9 Andrew Fitzgerald/Paul Giblin (Ireland) 4:43.437
10 Przemyslaw Wegner/Arkadiusz Garczarek (Poland) 4:43.718
11 Marek Moflar/Jiri Chyba (Czech Republic) 4:44.262
12 Adrian Juszczyk/Przemyslaw Kusztykiewicz (Poland) 4:53.819
DSQ Arnold Polderman/Dennis Raadtgever (Netherlands)
Michael Delaney/Con Collis (Ireland)
1 Clark Rachfal/David Swanson (United States) 4:26.472
2 David Llaurado/Christian Venge (Spain) 4:31.502
3 Brian Cowie/Devon Smibert (Canada) 4:31.171
4 Miguel Angel Clemente/Diego Javier Muñoz (Spain) 4:32.433
Men CP3 3000m Pursuit
1 Darren Kenny (Great Britain) 3:40.384
2 Rik Waddon (Great Britain) 3:43.608
3 Javier Ochoa (Spain) 3:51.230
4 Juan Emilio Gutiérrez (Spain) 3:56.764
5 Maurice Far Eckhard (Spain) 4:04.009
6 Brayden Mcdougall (Canada) 4:16.398
7 Jaco Nel (South Africa) 4:31.215
Women LC2 – CP4 3000m Pursuit
1 Jennifer Schuble (United States) 4:01.344
2 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) 4:24.785
3 Roxanne Mathieson Burns (South Africa) 4:32.483
1 Jennifer Schuble (United States)
2 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) Caught
3 Roxanne Mathieson Burns (South Africa) 4:44.291
Men LC2 1000m Time Trial
1 Jody Cundy (Great Britain) 1:05.414*
2 Carol Eduard Novak (Romania) 1:09.746
3 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic) 1:10.198
4 Simon Richardson (Great Britain) 1:12.100
5 Samuel Kavanagh (United States) 1:14.444
6 Amador Granado (Spain) 1:14.550
7 Diego German Dueñas Gomez (Colombia) 1:14.719
8 Roberto Alcaide (Spain) 1:14.899
9 Tino Käßner (Germany) 1:14.910
10 Eric Bourgault (Canada) 1:15.026
11 Morten Jahr (Norway) 1:16.461
Men LC3 1000m Time Trial
1 Masaki Fujita (Japan) 1:15.307
2 Tobias Graf (Germany) 1:18.037
3 Carmelo Sanchez (Colombia) 1:18.095
4 Michal Stark (Czech Republic) 1:21.180
5 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy) 1:21.648
6 Antonio Garcia (Spain) 1:22.135
7 Mathieu Parent (Canada) 1:23.640
8 Roger Bolliger (Switzerland) 1:24.165
9 Victor Hugo Garrido Marquez (Venezuela) 1:25.956


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