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November 9/09 9:43 am - Velo NB Pumpkinhead Cyclocross

Posted by Editoress on 11/9/09

November 8th, Fredericton, NB

Riverview's Stuart Wight again took the top spot in the A category race in the 7th annual Pumpkinhead Cyclocross event held at the Hugh John Fleming Forestry Complex in Fredericton. Second place went to Brian McKeown of Fredericton and 3rd place to Dieppe's Jean Richard Cormier. The B category race winner was Neil Symington of Sussex, 2nd place went to Andrew Arsenault of Saint John and 3rd place to Jon Spinney also of Saint John. In the C race top spot was taken by Fredericton's Shawn Hamilton and 2nd by Rob Arseneau of Saint John.

A total of 26 riders competed. The final race of the Velo NB Cyclocross race will be held on Nov 15 in Nauwigewauk starting at 11:00 AM at the Nauwigewauk Community Centre.

Wight will be heading south this week to compete in cyclocross races in the eastern US starting with the Mercer Cup race in New Jersey on Nov 14th.

Courtesy Velo New Brunswick

Cat A (8 laps)
1 Stuart Wight (Hot Tubes) 49:25:00
2 Brian McKeown (Radical Edge) 50:01:00
3 Jean Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) 51:44:00
4 Ryan MacDonald (Garneau) 52:34:00
5 Shaughn Smith (Bike Works) 52:59:00
6 Ian McAvity (Bikes and Beans) 53:16:00
7 Justin Theriault (Radical Edge) 53:46:00
8 Mike Davis (Radical Edge) 53:50:00
9 Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) 54:05:00
10 Mike LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop) 55:14:00
11 Jeff Sparkes (Radical Edge) 55:29:00
Cat B (7 laps)
1 Neil Symington (Outdoor Elements) 49:30:00
2 Andrew Arsenault (Independent) 49:49:00
3 Jon Spinney (Sea Level Cycling) 50:46:00
4 Joshawa Lamkey (Fitworks) 51:17:00
5 Anna Healy (Radical Edge) 51:26:00
6 Bill Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop) 51:42:00
7 Rene Julien (Mike's Bike Shop) 52:41:00
8 Stephen Martin (Bike Works) 55:27:00
9 Julien Roussel (Fitworks) - 1 lap
10 Kelly Murray (Radical Edge) - 1 lap
11 Thomas Emerson (Darling's Island CC) - 1 lap
DNF Nick Russon (Radical Edge)
DNF Mark Mosher (Independent)
Cat C (7 laps)
1 Shawn Hamilton (Radical Edge) 53:30
2 Rob Arseneau (Independent) 56:58


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