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August 3/99 11:43 am - Kelly Third in Italy, Atlantic Championships, Euro Results

Posted by Editor on 08/3/99

Letter From Italy

Hi everyone, Paul here with the race report from Italy...

Firenze - Modena (GP LEA Ceramiche Artistiche) Aug. 1, 1999. Modena, Italy.
UCI Category: 1/12 Km: 162 No. of Riders: 190 Average: 36.8km/h

Volodimir Gustov (VELLUTEX-COLNAGO), has already signed for Fernetti's new pro team in 2000, but that did not mean he'd sit on his laurels at this classic event. After 162km, and close inspection of the photo finish film, he was declared the winner in a sprint over Massimo Cigana (GS Resine BresciaLat). I finished third, beating the rest of the chasers to the line after a jump at 400m to go.

It was Nathan O'Neil from the Australian National Team who first threw down the gauntlet, and was out on his own for 30km, at a 2-minute gap, much before the rest of the bunch got moving. Once the climbs started, the gap was gradually dropped until O'Neil was finally caught by a chase group of four, that had come clear on the longest and most difficult of the climbs: the Abetone Pass. Shattered by the previous 7km uphill, the dwindling main group strung out over the 16km Abetone, and at the 1400m summit, four riders (myself included) had come clear of the group, caught the Australian, and had ridden to a 50 second lead. The descent, and series of 2-3 km climbs saw this lead diminish until the the final "mountain points" sprint, at the top of the 5km Barigazzo pass (1225m elevation), when we were swallowed up by a group of 15 riders.

Attacks flew constantly in the remaining 75km of rolling hills that led us towards Modena. At 25km to go, Gustov, Cigana and Mexican Julio Perrez broke clear and gained quickly gained a 1 minute lead on a disorganized chase group. 15km to go, a struggling Perrez returned to the group, leaving his two breakaway companions to fend for themselves (and that they did!). With the chase group more content to attack and slow and counter attack, rather than settle into a productive pursuit, the break still had 35 seconds with 5km to go. At that point, a group of 3 set out to reel them back, but lingered about 10 seconds ahead of the other chasers, and still well behind the Gustov-Cigana duo. At 1.5km to go, I jumped and bridged to these riders, and at 400m, jumped again, staying clear for third.

Until next weekend!

Paul Kelly.

Atlantic Mountain Bike Championships

Ski Martock, Windsor, Nova Scotia, July 31-August 1

Cross Country

PeeWee - Max Keller
Minime - Jean Luc Pilote, New Brunswick
Cadet - Steven Savvy, PEI
Junior Sport Men Tyler Waugh, Nova Scotia
Senior Sport Men - Patrick Sewell, New Brunswick
Veteran Sport Men - Shawn Skelhorn, Nova Scotia
Master Sport Men - Peter Campbell
Junior Expert Men - Cory Jay, PEI
Senior Expert Men - Terry Tomlin, Nova Scotia
Veteran Expert Men - Randy Gray, Nova Scotia

Dual Challenge - Eric Goss, New Brunswick


Junior Men - Cory Jay, PEI
Senior Men - Geof Pendrel, New Brunswick
Senior Women - Karen Murray, PEI

Bicycle Nova Scotia Provincial Mountain Bike Champions

Minime- Jamie Lamb
Peewee - Adam Foster
Cadet - Doug Smith
Junior Sport Men - Tyler Waugh
Junior Sport Women - Laura Kindervader
Senior Sport Men - Jason Eagles
Veteran Sport Men - Shawn Skelhorn
Master Sport Men - Peter Campbell
Senior Sport Women - Joanna McIntyre
Senior Expert Men - Terry Tomlin
Senior Expert Women - Sherry Huybers
Veteran Expert Men - Randy Gray


Junior men - Andrew Walker
Senior Men - Craig Crocker

Randy Gray
mountain biking guy.

Local Nova Scotia mountain biking info is available at:

Trofeo Matteotti, Italy

Pescara 188 km

1. Francesco Casagrande (Ita) Vini Caldirola 4:47:24
2. Ivan Basso (Ita) Riso Scotti-Vinavil at 0:43
3. Fabio Sacchi (Ita) Team Polti 1:20
4. Luca Scinto (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step
5. Flavio Zanardin (Ita) Riso Scotti-Vinavil
6. Massimo Donati (Ita) Vini Caldirola
7. Gianni Faresin (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step all s.t.
8. Enrico Cassani (Ita) Team Polti 3:07
9. Christian Auriemma (Ita) Navigare-Gaerne
10. Alain Turicchia (Ita) Riso Scotti-Vinavil all s.t.

Tour of Castilla-Leon, Spain

Stage 1 - Valladolid to Riano 191 km

1. Scott Sunderland (Aus) Palmans-Ideal 4:44:02
2. Alberto Elli (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom at 0:01
3. Glenn Magnusson (Swe) US Postal
4. Elio Aggiano (Ita) Vitalicio Seguros both s.t.
5. Oleg Pankov (Ukr) Ipso Euroclean 0:03

49. Jonathan Vaughters (USA) US Postal 0:25
65. Marty Jemison (USA) US Postal 1:04
83. Jan Ullrich (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 9:47

Note: Laurent Jalabert crashed and broke his collarbone.

Stage 2 - Riano to Bembibre 185 km

1. Leonardo Piepoli (Ita) Banesto 5:23:51
2. Alberto Elli (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom at 1:29
3. Jose Maria Jimenez (Esp) Banesto 2:06
4. Guiseppe Guerini (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom 2:23
5. Aitor Osa (Esp) Banesto 2:37

22. Marty Jemison (USA) US Postal 7:38
71. Jonathan Vaughters (USA) US Postal 17:47
93. Jan Ulrich (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 28:20


1. Leonardo Piepoli (Ita) Banesto 10:07:48
2. Alberto Elli (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom at 1:27
3. Jose Maria Jimenez (Esp) Banesto 2:15
4. Guiseppe Guerini (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom 2:34
5. Aitor Osa (Esp) Banesto 2:48

22. Marty Jemison (USA) US Postal 7:49
61. Jonathan Vaughters (USA) US Postal 18:17
96. Jan Ulrich (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 38:12


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