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November 19/09 12:44 pm - 'Cross on the Rock CrossVega - Vancouver Island

Posted by Editor on 11/19/09

The Island Championships are at Shawnigan Lake School!

This Sunday, you’ll be paying for the whole seat, but will only need the end!!
Weighing in at over 3 kilometers, with mild climbs and relatively long straight-away and road sections, this will be one of the faster ‘Cross on the Rocks courses in recent years! Starting off on a roadway, racers will sprint off in a battle for positioning and funnel into a rough and twisty grassy field. The end of the field dumps you into a downhill thrill-ride through the forest, with a small technical section in the trees.

The course will continue downhill around the Shawnigan Lake School’s new gymnasium, to the bottom of a long stairway run-up. Once remounted, the gradual ascent winds through more of the grounds, past Hogwart’s Castle, into another short wooded and rocky section. This opens to the top of the grounds, circling an active rugby field, where the barriers reside. Another few twists and a steep drop and you’re back at the start/finish - rinse and repeat!

Event Schedule for Race
Registration: Opens at 10:00 and goes to 1:30

Pre-Riding: Course open for pre-riding from 10:00-10:55. You can also pre-ride RIGHT after previous races as long as you DO NOT PASS any rider still racing OR cross the finish line.



10:00-1:30: Registration
10:20: Beginner Pre-ride (Beginners only please).
11:00: Beginners (race approx 30min for 1st person).
12:00: Intermediate (race approx 40 min for 1st person)
1:00: Masters (race approx 45 min for 1st person)
1:01: Women (race approx 45 min for 1st person)
2:15: Expert (race approx 60 min for 1st person)

Awards as soon after the Expert race as possible.

Parking and use of the Facility

Parking is available adjacent to the Hyde-Lay Pavilion (bldg 12), which is located beside rugby pitch #1.

Refer to the attached map to locate the parking and pavilion

Please refrain from riding your bikes on any of the fields. You will be in immediately disqualification.

We have been given the use of the pavilion. You will be required to remove your shoes when entering the main part of the building.

There are washrooms on the main floor of the pavilion and the locker rooms below.

When riding about the campus please respect the students and staff.

NOTE: race entry includes a bowl of chili and slice of corn bread from Green Cuisine vegan restaurant (while supplies last, there should be about 60 servings…) Can be purchased for $1 by non-racers as well.

Directions to Shawnigan Lake School - 1975 Renfrew Road

From Victoria:

* Take HWY-1 North over the Malahat
* Turn left at Shawnigan - Mill Bay Rd
* Turn right at Shawnigan Lake Rd
* Shawnigan Lake Rd turns slightly left and becomes Renfrew Rd
* The school is marked by both a sign and large stone gates on your right.

From Up Island:

* Take HWY - 1 South
* Turn right at Cobble Hill Rd
* Continue onto Shawnigan Lake Rd
* Turn right at Renfrew Rd
* The school is marked by both a sign and large stone gates on your right.

Everyone is welcome at our events!

Our series will have an option for those that do not have any Cycling BC affiliation or license as we did in 2008. This will be available for a higher price than the regular price of the race. In 2009 it was $5 as the events were subsidizing those that did not have a GRMBA license. This year it will be $10. SO those without ANY LICENSE can race cross our events in 2009

You can do our events without paying any extra:

* If you have purchased a full UCI race license for 2009 for EITHER Road OR Road with MTB
* If you have purchased a Cycling BC citizen license for 2009 for ROAD
* If you have purchased a Cycling BC citizen license for 2009 for MTB you have to pay $9 to upgrade your license add road/cyclocross…do it NOW!

For a description of Cycling BC licensing options, go to:
The Citizen License allows you to race any event in the Provincial calendar for Road, MTB and Cross.
A Citizen License does NOT allow you to race at the National Championships or outside of B.C.
I hope that is kind of clear? If not fire questions to me and we will try to get them sorted.

* There will be no pre-registration for this race.
* All registration will be done on-site up to 20 minutes before each event or 45 minutes before the Expert race
* Entry fee for this race is $25 for Masters, Women, Expert and Intermediate.
* For Beginners the race entry fee is $10 with or without a cycling BC License.
* No license needed to race in Beginner category but if you have one please bring it.
* Learn to race cyclocross clinic is Free for all registered racers in the beginner category.
* NOTE: You must be registered before you do the clinic.


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