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November 26/09 14:09 pm - Security Firm Announces Vetting & Threat Assessment Services for Pro Sports

Posted by Editoress on 11/26/09

Be the first cycling team in your province to sign up for Threat Assessment Services ... (and it's not even April 1st)

Global Security Capital Group, LLC (GSCG) announces a strategic partnership with Threat Assessment Resources International, LLC (TARI) to provide professional sports enterprises with an array of investigative and protective intelligence services to vet potential team members, evaluate threats, intervene to reduce risk, and coordinate specialized executive protection resources where necessary. Provided by national experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the federal law enforcement and Homeland Security arenas, these services are designed to protect athletes as well as maintain brand and league integrity. "Strategic vetting of athletes can identify their strengths and weaknesses with regard to compliance issues and propensity to violate policies, including engaging in illegal or violent acts," according to GSCG CEO Thomas Panuzio. "Management can now utilize this critical behavioral service when judging athletes, executives and the overall safety of the team and facilities."

Vetting services include strategic interviewing and background information analysis of team member candidates to enhance decision-making about hiring and contracts. Threat assessment and personnel protection services include consultation on threats to athletes, athletes' families, and other franchise personnel, management of stalking and harassment situations, and team training on threat assessment, risk reduction, and personal safety enhancement - including situational awareness and kidnapping prevention. "Professional sports teams can utilize GSCG and TARI to identify credible threats against their personnel and facilities," notes Dr. Marisa Randazzo, president of TARI. "Now more than ever, it is more important for professional athletes and sports franchises to have quick access to threat assessment and protective strategies in the event they need them. Our threat assessment experts can respond quickly to assess current threats anywhere in North America and Europe."


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