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August 5/02 22:43 pm - Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C., Ontario

Posted by Editor on 08/5/02

Regina Stage Race
Courtesy Denise Eberle

Category 2/3
GC PlaceNamecityClubGCdifferenceStage 1Place - 1Time BonusStage 2Place - 2Stage 3Place - 3Time Bonus
1Robin BaillieSaskatoonCycledelia4:32:120:00:003:09:1620:00:100:17:2411:05:421
3Jimmy OneschukSaskatoonCycledelia4:34:040:01:523:09:0510:00:150:18:2761:06:5720:00:10
2John TolkampVancouver4:34:100:01:583:09:2460:17:4921:06:572
4Stuart HughesCalgary4:34:250:02:133:09:1730:00:050:18:1641:06:572
6Derek McMasterMoose JawMoose Jaw Bike Club4:34:360:02:243:09:1940:18:2051:06:572
5Kevin WeberbauerSaskatoonCycledelia4:38:120:06:003:09:2050:18:1031:10:424
8Jeff SmithCalgary4:43:050:10:533:16:5290:19:1671:06:572
9Ryan SteenbergenCalgary4:43:340:11:223:16:5280:19:3081:07:123
10Sean Huggins-ChanCalgary5:16:390:44:273:43:57100:20:31101:12:115
7Ryan RobinsonCalgary3:16:2070:19:369dnfn/a
11Jason PaquinMoose JawRegina Cycle Clubdnfdnsn/adnsn/a
Category 4
GC PlaceNamecityClubGCdifferenceStage 1Place - 1Time BonusStage 2Place - 2Stage 3Place - 3Time Bonus
1Bill RalphWinnipeg3:43:020:00:002:37:2240:18:5810:46:424
2Patrick DumontWinnipeg3:44:030:01:012:37:2030:00:050:20:0620:46:423
3Rusty WillifordMinot1day3:44:180:01:162:37:2350:20:2360:46:4240:00:10
4Kevin RokoshSt. AlbertERTC3:44:300:01:282:37:1920:00:100:20:1750:47:045
5Jeff HehnSaskatoonCycledelia3:44:320:01:302:37:3470:20:1640:46:424
6Kyle HalsteadSaskatoonCycledelia3:44:480:01:462:37:2660:20:4080:46:424
7Sean KukuraReginaRegina Cycle Club3:45:150:02:132:37:3780:20:0930:47:296
8Ross GlassMinot1day3:46:340:03:322:37:1810:00:150:20:4990:48:427
9Jason ChristbasonReginaRegina Cycle Club3:51:250:08:232:44:04120:20:3970:46:424
10Jim HolstromSaskatoon1day3:53:420:10:402:43:46100:20:58110:48:589
11Albert ChinWinnipeg3:54:050:11:032:45:33140:21:50140:46:422
12Chris CurryReginaRegina Cycle Club3:54:450:11:432:44:21130:21:40120:48:448
13Scott JardineBrandon1day3:57:200:14:182:48:50160:21:48130:46:421
14George J. KokonasReginaRegina Cycle Club4:02:250:19:232:53:32170:22:11160:46:424
15Kevin WoodardReginaRegina Cycle Club2:43:57110:22:1115dnf
16Garry HuculiakSaskatoonCycledelia2:45:36150:20:5610dns
17Bill KinashReginaRegina Cycle Club2:43:039DNS17dns
Phil Andersondnsn/a0:49:2210
GC PlaceNamecityClubGCdifferenceStage 1Place - 1Time BonusStage 2Place - 2Stage 3Place - 3Time Bonus
1Adele GrundahlReginaRegina Cycle Club3:46:020:00:002:37:4510:00:150:20:3510:47:57
2Pamela EggerVancouverEsc Velocity3:52:140:06:122:42:5520:00:100:21:3240:47:57
3Heather HanickSaskatoonHorizon3:53:400:07:382:44:3330:00:050:21:1520:47:57
4Leslie LukanReginaRegina Cycle Club3:54:370:08:352:45:1540:21:2530:47:57
Category 5
GC PlaceNamecityClubGCdifferenceStage 1Place - 1Time BonusStage 2Place - 2Stage 3Place - 3Time Bonus
1Ken OrrChurchbridgeRegina Cycle Club2:46:050:00:001:53:0420:00:100:21:3710:31:4440:00:10
2Ron CooleySaskatoonHorizon2:46:480:00:431:52:5910:00:150:22:2030:31:443
3David BitschyReginaOffRoad2:48:230:02:181:53:1030:00:050:23:3450:31:441
4Roger PlamondonRegina1day2:51:030:04:581:56:2940:22:5040:31:445
5Marie CardinalRegina1day3:37:030:50:582:31:4550:26:5260:38:266
6Steve GermanCalgary1daydnf0:22:0520:31:442

Edmonton Tuesday Night Race Series
Derek Singbeil

The final July Race was held just out of the city at the always fast Weight Scales course. Four laps of the 10km course proved to be an exciting event with two categories needing a photo finish. With a little confusion at the finish of the A's, Taylor Little managed to just bump ahead of Sean Barr to snatch the win. Sean still captured the series win with the most overall points for A's. Third and fourth place were also near impossible to define with hardly any separation between Gregg Menard and Mardy Machacek.

The B's were easy on me separating themselves to a more manageable spread, thanks guys! Dan Hunka took the win with Chris Harrison close behind and Nick Insole for third. I might add that Nick just bumped himself up to B's not too long ago, well done.

In the C's, it was just as aggressive. Brian and Sid passed the line almost simultaneously with the rest of the field bearing down on them.

The top finishers for each of the categories was:
(my apologies if I misspelled any)

Group A:

1.Taylor Little (United)
2.Sean Barr (Velocity)
3.Gregg Menard (Juventus)
4.Mardy Machacek (Synergy)
5.Nick Jendejowsky (Juventus)

Group B:

1.Dan Hunka (Juventus)
2.Chris Harrison (ERTC)
3.Nick Insole (Juventus)
4.Graham Doody (United)
5.Tyler Luchko (ERTC)

Group C:

1.Brian Martensen (EMCC)
2.Sid Mckinney (EMCC)
3.Roger Tetrault (Velocity)
4.Paul Ermontront (Velocity)
5.Kevin Duff (ERTC)

Next week its out to the Alberta Research Park for the start of our final series this year which will be brought to you by Juventus. More calendar info and a map available at

Victoria Cycling League
Courtesy C. Condron

Caleb Pike - July 31 - 3km hilly course

15 laps = 30km

A Group - 17 Starters

1. Sam Whittingham - PVL
2. Daniel Goncalves - Trek VW
3. Dan McDonald - Dr. Walker
4. Tony Zarsadias Dr. Walker
5. Dave McLeod
6. Gregg Harris - Trek VW
7. Ryan McNamara - PVL
8. Murrey Drew - Victoria Wheelers
9. JP Dunlap - Teen Speed
10. Trev Williams - UVIC

B Group 16 Starters

12 laps = 24km

1. Dave Perrin
2. Keith Wilson
3. Kurt Knock
4. Larry Wilson
5. Ryan Clarke
6. Howard Joe
7. George Huml
8. Simon Ciceri
9. Steve Ferris
10. James Pauly

Women - 2 Starters

1. Emily Sandwith
2. Alena Radonsky

La Bicicletta Midweek Time Trial
Courtesy Peter Hurley

Rolling course approx. 15 km, 25 km, 38 km
Date: August 1, 2002
Conditions: warm, humid, SE wind, diminishing

15 km
1Martin DerlackiMidweek22:06
2Paul DeventerMidweek22:29
3Steve HamiltonMadonnas24:34
4Caroline HaillMidweek26:26
5Kimberly ArsenaultGuest27:13
25 km
1Brenden HurleyMidweek37:37
2Tricia OrzeckOCA/UCI37:57
3Holland GidneyMidweek 41:04
4Samera FaresD'Ornellas42:11
5Mia OliverMidweek44:32
38 km
1Darko FickoMidweek51:22
2Nick BradleyMidweek56:54
3Badih Schoueriguest1:00:48
4Davor SalahovicMidweek1:05:48


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